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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Shri Sai The Superman By Swami Sai Sharan Anand-Part 21

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7. MATERIAL GAINS - Continued...

Through Baba’s grace His devotees were able to secure necessary loans for their personal use for business, for getting a so educated and trained I foreign countries. So also through his grace loans were returned unasked to Shri’s devotees to enable them to go to Shirdi. Bapusaheb Jog had a loan of Rs. 1,400/-, advanced to his wife’s relative returned to him after a lapse of 14 years. We quote here only two such instances out of the innumerable that are extant.

A farmer was very anxious to obtain from Govt. a loan of Rs. 500/- for a well on his farm and he applied twice to the Government but both his applications were refused. The farmer approached Baba in the matter and he spoke to Nanasaheb the then collector’s chitnis about it. Nana said he would certainly present his application as required by Baba, though he had no hope of the application being granted. The farmer therefore applied to the Collector again and Nanasaheb presented the application to the collector informing him at the same time that two similar applications of his were rejected previously. The Collector thereupon asked the farmer, "Why do you press the Govt. for a loan?" The farmer himself clearly put his case before the Collector. He said, "Sir, I owe s. 500/- to Government. I am anxious to repay the loan. I cannot do this until I have a well to water my land and to get better crops. I have started digging the well but the work had to be stopped owing to the intervening beg rocks; unless they are fired by Dynamite and removed, the well work cannot be completed and I can’t have water. Without water, I can’t have crops enough to return the Government loan and so I press this application. The Collector at once granted the application and the farmer obtained the loan be badly required through Baba’s grace.

In another case Baba enabled a disciple of Gadge Maharaj to pay to his Master (Guru) a sum of Rs. 100/- he had promised him. The disciple Shri Ramchandra Maharaj was required by his master to defray a day’s expenses of the Yagna a sacrifice the Guru was performing; so Ramchandra went to Belapur and Round-about places performing Kirtans (recitations of God’s glory accompanied by music etc.) and obtaining promises of the sum required. More than the sum required had been promised, so he thought he had nothing to worry about; when therefore a very few days were left for sending the promised amount to the Guru, Gadge Maharaj, he once again repaired to Belapur, for it was from that place that he had received promises for the largest portion of the required amount; but as usually happens the Belapur people evaded payment of the promised sums. This set Ramchandra thinking; he could not understand how to make up the amount required; he therefore offered up an earnest prayer to Baba to help him keep his to grant the just prayer to Baba to help him keep his promise to Gadge Maharaj and Baba ever ready to grant the just prayers of his devotees, inspired one man to pay the whole of the promised sum of Rs. 100/- to Ramchandra during the Kirtan the next morning. Need it be said that this strengthened Shri Ramchandra’s attachment to the ever kind Sai Baba?


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