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Monday, April 14, 2008

Leelas of Sai Baba Before His Mahasamadhi

This book has been written by Ramalingaswamy, Life Member of Shri Sai Baba Sansthan, Shirdi at Munja Baba Sthan, Shirdi
And with the grace of Baba, I wish to produce the articles written in this book to the devotees.
The Title of the Section is Devotees Experiences of Shri Sai Baba, Shirdi, When Baba was embodied.
On one evening Shri Kakasaheb Dixit was returning from his Office. A strong, young and able bodied beggar came to him and begged him. On seeing his face he was convinced and gave some coins in these hands. After the receipt of the money, he went away laughing without asking anything from anybody. Dixit seen him off till he disappeared. Dixit started to Shirdi on the day. When he met Baba in Shirdi, he enquired Him about the matter. Baba replied “Yes” I verily came in that disguise. Dixit was much pleased on hearing this.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Shri Vasudeo Sadashiv Joshi of Sitharam Co., accompanied by Shri Chidambara Rao Keshv Gadge Patil went to Shirdi to have Baba's darshan. They sta­yed in Sathe's wada. Arati was being done to Baba's photo in Sathe's wada and Shri Vasudeo Sadashiv Josh! Also attended the Arati. For him Baba has given dar­shan as Narasimhamurthy in the Photo. He got this kind of darshan during the three consecutive days. On one day, both of them went to Baba for darshan and the latter gave them prasadam. They felt that the pra-sadam was insufficient to distribute it to their men in their native place. Then Baba gave Re. 0-8-0 to them and directed them to buy Prasadam in any shop in Shirdi and take it with them and added that any Prasad purchased in Shirdi is His Prasad. On another occa­sion Baba gave them burfi as Prasad. As it is very tasty, they wanted more and they went to the shop to buy it. Baba called them back and told that three baskets of Prasad was there, take two maunds from them. They went away to their place with Baba's Udi and Prasad. After some days, Shri Joshi sent his friend with Rs, 10/-as dakshina to Baba and requested him to take Baba's photo and return with Baba's Udi and Prasad. His friend went to Shirdi offered Rs. 10/- as dakshina to Baba and kept silent as he had no courage to take the photo of Baba. Baba, knowing this, He Himself asked Him to take His photo as requested by Joshi. Then he took one Baba's photo in sitting posture and one in standing posture, Baba has ordered him that the photos should not be sold in excess rate, they should sell only at reasonable rate and gave him permission to go with His Udi and Prasad. That is how Baba has fulfilled the desires of His devotees.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

When Shri Raghuvir Bhaskar Purandare had first started to Shirdi, he requested his mother to accompany him. On the previous day of his departure, his daugh-ter has suffered from severe fever. Even then, he did not drop his visit and came to Shirdi with his mother leaving his wife and disceased dau­ghter at home. On the third day of his arrival at Shirdi, Baba appeared in his wife's dream in his house and applied Udi on the forehead of his diseased daughter. From that time, his daughter began to improve and became alright when he reached home. He knew this Leela of Baba and ever felt grateful to Baba.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Shri Vaman Chintaman Munge, Vakil of Pimpal-gaom Baswanth, Nasik District when plague was pre­vailing in Pimpalgaom Baswanth, he shifted his residence to his house in his estate (i.e.) in his lands. One day night, thieves came there, made a whole and entered the house particularly in the place where Munge, was sleeping in a cot. Baba's photo was also hanging on the wall. The thief has lifted a small box under the cot and passed on to another thief stand­ing outside the house. The small box contained a cash of Rs. 2CO/- (Rs. Two hundred only) and some promis­sory note worth Rs. 4, OOO/- (Rs. four thousand only) The thief again came and was about to lift a big tiunk in front of the cot which contained jewels worth about Rs. 10, OOO/- (Rs. ten thousand only). In the meanwhile Baba appeared in his dream and woke him up stating that theives have lifted his belongings. His sister in-law also wake and they cried out loudly as "Thieves", "Thieves”. Then all the servants and watchmen woke up and chased the thieves. However, the thieves have escapped leavirg the big trunk. The next day the small trunk was found in a field nearby. The thieves have taken away the cash and left the promisory notes-During that day night, he got a vision in his dream that Shri Sai Baba, Shri Abdul Baba and another Fakir with strong personality appeared before him. Aftej some days, he visited Shirdi and took da.rsh.an of the same three persons of whom he has seen in his dream and he himself ascertained that the third Fakir was the Master of Shri Abdul Baba. After some days, one Shri Datta Brahmachari of Kopergaom has visited his house for meals and he told him that the lost properties will be available. Accordingly, Rs. 60/- and the other proper­ties were seized aiid haridedover to him by police. The police have stated that the cmouut was seized and han­ded over by them from a Marwadi along with some other theft articles. This clearly shows that Sai Baba was not only safeguarding the interest of His devotees but also their belongings.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Once it so happened in Shirdi that a bull dedicated to God Shivji roamed about in the village gardens and fields and destroyed the plants, standing crops etc. So people met together and decided to send away the bull to Panjra Pole (an asylum for old beasts) at Yeola and collected some fund for the purpose. They entrusted this work to Bhikoo Marwari of Shirdi in all good faith but the said Bhikoo Marwari proved treacherous. He did go Yeola as directed, but instead of taking the bull to that asylum, he sold it to a butcher for a sum of Rs. 14/- and returned to Shirdi and calmly reported that he had taken the bull to Panjra pole and left it there. Baba knew how the bull was dealt with. So he appeared in one Shri Bayaji's dream and said, "You have been enjoy­ing sound sleep of rest. Have not you placed me in a butcher's hand?" Bayaji reported this to the village people, who, growing suspicious of the bonafides of the Marwari, deputed Bayaji to Yeola for investigation. Bayaji went to Yeola Panjra Pole, took complete search of it. Not finding the bull there, he went to the but­cher's lane and looked about here and there. Fortuitou­sly at this very time, the bull had raised up its head above a butcher's compound wall. Shri Bayaji saw this, he at once recognised it (the bull), so he approached the butcher and requested him to return the bull, but the butcher would not part with it as he has purchased it for Rs. 14/- and then took it (the bull from the butcher to the old beasts asylum and kept it there. On his return to Shirdi he acquainted the people with what Bhikoo had done and so to set a lesson to such sinful, faithless people as Bhikoo, Baba inspired them to prosecute him. Bhikoo had to undergo in jail for two months for his treacherous act. From this, it is seen that Bab had His protective eyes not only on human beings but also on all creatures.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

In 1914, Sakarwadi (near Shirdi) Sugar Mill doctor Shri M. R. Tagare was proceeding to Kopergaom Post Office in bullock cart to encash his own war bonds of Rs. 2500/- while he was talking busily with a fellow passenger, the bag containing war bonds slipped down from the cart unnoticed by the doctor. As soon as he noticed that the bag had dropped down on the way, leaving the cart helter and shelter a mile or two in search of it, but without success. Uneasiness on account of this loss allowed him no sleep till about midnight when he thought of sitting near Sai Baba's photo which he had in his house and praying, he seemed to hear someone telling him “cease worrying”. This brought him peace of mind and he could then sleep. Nest morning, he had to attend upon an ill friend at a nearby village, so he went there, examined his friend, gave him medicine and casually talking to him about the loss of bag conta­ining the said war bonds. A girl who standing nearby listening sympathetically to the docto'r's talk, ran at once and returned with a bag saying that it was found lying on the road the previous day. Looking up the bag, the doctor found that the papers had all been dis­turbed and turned up and down, the finder find nothing from the bag and that the war bonds were in tact. The doctor was over pleased and heartily thanked Baba for His favour and grace.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

A devotee clerk in the customs office once got into a fix when some custom bills once seen and checked by the customs office were recalled and could not be found in the office in spite of all round search he made for these. The Clerk therefore, feared not only for his superior’s reprimands but also dismisal from service and prosecution as well. A day passed away and though the bill bundle could not be found. Somehow or the other, his superiors soon forgot this matter and made no in­quiry naturally the clerk was worried much and so he prayed to Baba to save him. The next morning when he went to the office, he found the required bundle of bill on his table. The clerk was very much surprised for he was always the first to attend office and the last to leave office. Who could have kept it after the office was closed? But Baba, he rightly thought. He there­fore thanked Baba from the bottom of his heart for saving Him.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Once a grandson of Baba's devotee Shri Hari Bhau Keshav Karnik by name Keshav was returning from a festival of the Godess Mahalaxmi. He had to stay in the river side of a village which is about 10 miles from his place. He went to the river for bathing and swam in the river. During swimming he lost his 1£ tolas gold ring in the river. He went home with a sad heart. After six months, a Takore came to his house and told them whether any child has lost his ring in the river and he handed over the ring to them after ascertaining its ownership. It is not the Leela of Baba?
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Shri Jahangir Framji Daruwala served as a Captain. During the Russo-Japansese war, when his steamers except three sunk by the enemy and that the rest of the steamers including his own would soon meet the same fate. He took out Baba's photo from his pocket and with tears in his eyes prayed to Baba to save him and his three ships. Baba atonce appeared on the scene and towd all the sinking steamers to the bank. Just at the time Daruwala offered up his prayers, Baba balled OutHq. and then seated as He was in his usual place in the Dwarakamayee. He had his Kafni and head cloth completely drenched dripping with water more than half an hour, with the result that the Dwarakamayee trans­formed into a pool of water. The devotees in Dwaraka­mayee simply removed water from the Dwarakamayae and dried Baba's clothes. On the third day after this inci­dence, Baba received a telegram from Jahangir narrating how Baba had saved him and offering Him a thousand thanks for His marvelous leela and rescue of himself and the three steamers with passengers. Immediately on his return to India, he came and paid his respects to Baba He had retired now from his ser­vice. But in appreciation of his services, the Govern­ment had provided him with job. He has taken keen interest in Baba's affairs. Lately he donated about two thousand and two hundred rupees in two instalments and got the Mantap of Dwarakamayee repaired to his satisfaction.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there


Shri Babu Rao Aurangabadkar when he was in Shirdi, he often compelled Baba for permission to return to his home. Baba told him to wait. As he went on compelling Baba every now and then for permission, Baba was vexed with him and told him "Do whatever you like and I will not bear anything". Without know­ing the significance of Baba's words, he started his journey. After he had gone a mile, there came heavy rains and blocked his further journey. He had to stay there in the middle and preceded his further journey on the next day. Then he realised Baba's advice.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Shri Madhavarao Deshpande (Shama) has to go to Kopargaom to attend a call by the office of the Mamlatdar. Baba asked him not to go. Even then, he has proceeded to Kopargoam to Mallatdar's office. After passing Neemgaom the Mamlatdar himself came to Shirdi, from Kopargaom. Madhavarao met the Mamlat­dar and accompanied back to Shirdi. He felt very much for not adhearing Baba's advice.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Shri Marthand a Tailor, Shirdi was once suffering very much and there was nobodody to look after him. He laid down helpless in the way in which Baba used to pass through to the Lendi. Baba on seeing him told him to go to Neemgaom and meet Shri Nanasaheb Den-gle who will look after him willingly. Accordingly ha had gone to Neemgaom and met Shri Nanasaheb Dengle. He told Marthand "That Baba had already told him in his dream about his arrival and requested him to treat him in his house as his own and be there without any trouble". After receiving very good treatments, he fully recovered and came to Shirdi back and felt ever grateful to Baba.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Shri Venkat Rao of Mulkl, South Kanara was in receipt of one Baba's photo in the year 1916. His son-in-law was serving as an advocate in the High Court. All on a sudden he disappeared from the house and news also came to the effect that he was dead. Shri Venltatrao searched him but in vain. He made a thor­ough search in all the places familiar to him. A friend of him told him that he should first go to Shirdi and take darshan of Shri Sai Baba. But Baba's Photo and udi were available at Bombay during X-mas time. He completely surrendered to Baba's photo. At this par­ticular time, his daughter at Mulki felt a Divine change in her person. This was written by her to her father about his worship in any of the place of the Divinity. He replied that at that time, he had surrendered com­pletely to Shri Sai Baba's photo. From this time, he used to pray Baba when he was in calamity and got over the same by the grace of Baba. After somedays he fell uncons-cience, he has been Baba with two others by his side. He overlooked the obstruction of two persons and went through and messaged the legs of Baba. Afterwards all the three disappeared. In 1918, when he was gone to Shirdi he met Baba along with the same two persons by his side whom he met in his uncons-cience state. The main feature of this is that the son of Shri K. Ventata Rao, who is a criticisor of Divinity began to worship Baba after this incidence,
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Shri Vasantrao Narayan, Bombay came to Shirdi for Baba's darshan often. He has given a Baba's photo to Jahangir Patel, a Parsi Criticisor of Baba. This Jahangir has got a subordinate co-worker Shri Limaye in his office who was Baba's devotee. He used to criticisise his co-workers with this Photo of Baba. Limaye asked Shri Vasantrao as to why he has given Baba's photo to this Jahangir, Shri Vasantrao told Limaye that he has given Baba's photo with the aim that Baba would surely set him in the righteous path. Accordingly after somedays Jahangir came weeping to Vasant Rao and handed over some dakshina to him to hand it over to Baba. Then Shri Vasant Rao brought Him to Shri Kaka Seheb Dixit and handed over the dakshina amount. On the Guru Poornima day of 1918, all these went to Shirdi and got Baba's Dar­shan. Thus a criticisor of Baba became stanch devotee of Baba.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Shri Balasaheb Bhate and Shri Nanasaheb Chandor-kar were college friends. Shri Balasaheb Bhate was a sceptic. He first came to Shirdi in 1894. He was a Mamlatdar at SAKORI. A sant by name Bhau Maharaj came to Bhate. The Sant made Keerthan about KABiR and KAMAL. Bhate heard this attentively and patiently with keen interest. Afterwards he came to Shirdi and Baba made him to stay in Shirdi for six months on leave and had not gone to duty even after six months. His Superior (Personal Assistant to the Revenue Commissioner) came to Shirdi and asked Bhate to rejoin duty. Bhate told him "that he put down his per once and it has put down for ever. From that time, he left his post of Mamlatdar. Kakasaheb Dixit, Nanasaheb Chandorkar and Madhava Rao Deshpande (Shama) requested Baba as they were very anxiety about his family after giving up his job. Baba told him to write an application. Bhate filled an applica­tion as he served for 13 years. By the grace of Baba, he got a pension of Rs. 29/- per month without trouble. This shows that a sceptic turned as an Ascetic and a staunch devotee of Baba.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Shri Tatya Saheb Noolkar when he was Sub-Judge atPandharpur had pain in his eye and went to his brother who was a doctor at Jalgaom for treatment. After having known that Gurupournima has to take place within 2 or 3 days he started immediately without any treatment to his eye and came to Shirdi. He lay down in his lodging with pain in his eyes. When he came to Baba for darshan, Baba told Shama in His own characteristic way, "Shama, My eyes are giving trouble and that I am suffering much from pain". From that time when Baba uttered these words, the pain in the eyes of Shri Noolkar has disappeared. Then Shri Noolkar remained in Shirdi, till his death. During the time of his death Baba gave Udi and Thirtham to drink and gave satgati to him thereby.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Mrs. Malanbai daughter of Shri D. R. Joshi Devgaonkar suffered from T.B. After all medicines having failed, she insisted on her being taken to Shirdi. When brought to Shirdi, Baba asked her to He down on a blanket and take nothing, but water. She carefully followed these instructions but after a week or so, she died one early morning. Baba was then in the Chawadi and for the first time in Shirdi History Baba did not leave Chawadi though it was past 8 A.M. The daugh­ter's parents, with heavy hearts were pareparing for the funeral when Malanbai appeared to breathe, opened her eyes and looked round about as if much frightened. Then she said "A black person had been carrying me away, very much frightened, I cried out to Baba for help. Baba took His Satka and gave him good cudgling snached me away and carried me to Cha­wadi." She gave a correct description of Chawadi. Just at this time, "Baba left His Chawadi bed bawling out striking his Satka against the ground and came shouting to Dixit wada where the girl had put up; see­ing Malanbai restored to life, there was joy alround.
Is it not the greatest of all the supernatural powers of Baba (Giving life to the dead) ?
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Shri Janardhan Moreshwar Fanse alias Haribhau Fanse wearied with carrying on the burden of his wordly cases informing his mother left his home for Rameswaram. However Shirdi is on the way and with a view to have blessings from the far famed Shri Sai Baba, he came to Shirdi. He felt so much attracted by Baba that he stayed at ghirdi for one week. When he asked Baba's permission to go to Rameswaram, Baba ordered him to go home. Saying his mother had left food since the day he had left home, she might die. He gone home. The mother was very much pleased to see her son back at home and was convinced that Baba was omniscent. In the meanwhile a person of his village being attached with cholera approached him, he administered to him Baba's holy ashes and he was cured. This led to people to think that he was a pysician. The holy ashes however soon exhausted and so Haribhau was embrasced as to how he should deal with another cholera case if he got one. But luckily for him the cholera left his village and casually met one Marwari merchant known to him. The merchant seeing that a simple devotee had come to meet him told Haribhau "Look here, my brother is seriously ill, all physicians and doctors have tried their utmost to cure him, but they have all failed now since you are Shri Sai Baba's devotee, if your Sai Baba is really a saint, he must cure my brother through you. Haribhau saw the patient found the case to be serious, was therefore anxious to slip away but as it was night; he could not leave for home. At night when Haribhau bha-jan (prayer) time became due, the patient himself made the necessary preparations for bhajan and through out the Bhajan sat concentrating on Baba's Photo. This surprised all and the Marwari now said "whether the patient dies or survives I will have his medicines from none but you." To avoid the responsibility, Haribhau purposely quoted his fees in excess of those of the Civil Surgeon at Rs. 200/- The marwari agreed to that. That night Baba appeared in Shri Haribhau's dream and told what the disease was and the medicine to be prescribed for it. Haribhau prescribed the said medicine and the patient started taking this medicine. The patient fully recovered after a time and so the marwari offered Rs. 200/-, the stipulated fees for Shri Haribhau, but Haribhau would not accept it stating that he had done nothing it was his Guru's Work. Marwari could not rest satisfied till he made good Haribhau's labour in some form or other. So he bought a scarf worth Rs. ?00/- and going to Haribhau's hours, when he was out and left it there. Haribhau could not refuse the acceptance, but he felt that the price amount of the scarf should be sent to Baba. However he was pennyless and Baba had also left off His body in the meanwhile, offering his night prayers, tears rolled down his eyes. That very night Baba appeared in his dream and said "There is famine allround at present, so sell the scarf and purchase rice from this amount of Rs. 200/- and sell it under price for the present. Carry on this busine till the amount of Rs. 200/- runs out. Then sell lice at profit and you will be able to made a living." Following these instructions, Haribhau prospered and became 'nappy and then never thought of deserting home.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Shri Moreshwar Pradhan and his wife Chottubai loved Baba from the bottom of their hearts and care­fully followed every word of Baba; Baba in His turn took care to look after their welfare. Once all their children had Chicken pox, all of them except the youn­gest got over that illness, but the youngest who was the weakest of all did not cure and one day his illness took a serious turn. Doctors gave up all hopes of child's recovery. All the symptoms of collapse appeared on the child's face, parents sorrowfully waited upon the child chanting Baba's name. Chottubai suddenly fell asleep and in the dream she saw Baba appearing before her and said what is all this? The child is alright, safe and sound. He would ask something to eat at 6-30 A.M. Give that to him without fear." Chot­tubai woke up and was surprised to see that the child was showing symtoms of good health, the child was fast asleep, his fever had left him and the persons in atten­dance were all in a very good mood. Correctly at 6-30 A.M. the boy asked for his meals as Baba predicted and the mother atonct; gave him all he wanted. A few days after, he fully recovered.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

A boy of Sawantvvadi named Ganesh Gopal Mahajan was very weak and so from time to time he suffered from some illness or other. His devoted mother there­fore, very much wished that if the boy goes to Shirdi and pay respect to Baba, so that his health might improve. The boy was also very anxious to go to Shirdi but he was a mere Clerk of Rs. 15/- per mensum at Khatav Mahajan Mills, The mill Manager R.A.Tarkhad was Baba's Devotee. As a water pump at Shirdi required repair very badly he arranged to send an Engineer to Shirdi. The Engineer determined to utilise this opportunity by taking his family with him. Mrs. Tarkhad also seeing that the Engineer was proceeding to Shirdi with his family joined them, coming to know this, the boy Ganesh went to the Victoria Terminus with some flo­wers and with some fruits to be sent to Baba with the party going. Mr. Tarkhad was there a few minutes before the train was to start, Mr. Tarkhad asked Ganesh that if he would go to Shirdi, he may. On hearing the boy's reply in affirmative, he handed over to him a rail way ticket saying that one member of the party had not turned up and so the ticket was surplus. The boy sent word to his mother about his going with some Thana passengers and proceeded to Shirdi, thanking Baba for the arrangement that he had made for going to Shirdi and paying his respects to Him and there on he was alright.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Shri Krishnaji Narayan alias Chottu Bhaiya Saheb Parulkar was suffering from vomitting as and when he took meals. He consulted all the doctors, but in vain Shri S. R. Pattavardhan, a friend of his father had sent a well known doctor from Nagpur for his proper treatment. The doctor gave him three small packets of medicines for taking them one in the morning, one in the noon and one in the night. After taking it as pres­cribed by the doctor, he went to motion for several times that he was not even able to walk by 8 P.M. and became so weak that all were afraid of him. Then the doctor went to his Puja room and prayed the Almighty and gave medicine to stop the motions. After taking these medicines his motions and vomittings have stopped from 11 A.M. The doctor told his father that no medicine will cure his vomittings except that of the grace of Blessed soul. After 5 or 6 years of this inci­dence, Mr. Parulkar had the chance to come to Shirdi and took darshan of Baba. Neither he nor any­body has spoken to Baba about his affair. During his next trip to Shirdi i.e. on a Guru Pournima day, he again met Baba with his brother and a third person was sitting before Baba by about 4 P.M. At that time one mousibai came there. Baba asked her "why you come late?” Mousi Bai replied "Baba, you made me to vomit much and often and hence I came late". Baba told her "That because you eat much, you have to vomit much". For this Mousi Bai told "Baba I have vexed with my often vomitting and by this I even vexed with my life". Baba told her pointing to Parulkar that this man is also vomittirg for many years. On hearing this Parulkar's brother requested Baba to stop the vomitt­ings of his brother. Baba told him that his brother will not vommit hereafter and from that time Baba uttered these words, his vomittings stopped and he ever felt thankful to Baba.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Shri Bapusaheb Buty was once suffering from severe fever (i.e.) 105° in 1915 for one month. He was not in a position even to walk. Even in this stage, Baba called him to come to Him on some body's back to the Masjid and given to him (Seera) a variety of sweet, Payasam, Bajji and dal oosal and made him to eat all these in His presence and returned him back to his lod­ging. Without any medicine, the fever abated. During this time, Baba was also fell ill. But as soon as Buty recovered, Baba was also recovered. This shows how Baba also suffered along with His devotees in order to relieve them from their sufferings.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Shri Kakasaheb Dixit, on one occasion had suffered from pain in his left leg and he was not able to walk even for a short distance for long. Baba started to go to Neemgaom. Dixit also accompanied Baba and returned back to Shirdi after walking a distance of four miles to and fro with his pain leg. During his walking, he has not felt any pain in his leg. Is this not due to Baba's grace?
Surrender Shri Sai Completely stupendous Delectations and Deliverance be there

In 1917, a Maha Mandal in respect of "Bharadwaja Gotra” was being conducted in Babol village in Vengutla Taluka of Ratnagiri District as it was being done annually. They invited Annasaheb Dabholkar to be its President. He consulted Baba. But Baba refused his permission. Hence he dropped the matter. The same thing happe­ned in the next year also. Then Baba appeared in his dream and ordered to take the Presidentship of the Maha Mandal. Afterwards he became the President of it. Dabholkar's daughter became sane and she adheared only the words of her father and none other else and she would not be in her house without her father even a moment, Dabholkar with Baba's permission went to Dahhol and returned back to his house at Bandra in Bombay within four days. During his absence, she was alright. When he returned back she suffered much. When some sorts of fits came, she would be in nobody's control and had to be locked up in a room. Apart from all these she was a pregnant woman. Three famous doctors have examined her. After thorough examina­tion they told that if the child had to be born safely, an operation is necessary by which the status of the mother would be a doubtful one. On the next day, another doctor came and advised to seek the Divine aid. He prayed to Shri Sai Baba for her safe delivery.
She delivered a child without the help of anybody. After sometime she and her child came to Shirdi and took Baba's darshan. Baba placed his hand on her head saying that all would go well and from that time, all her sufferings have come to an end and never came after­wards.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there
Shri Raghuvir Bhaskar Purandare was a devotee of Shri Sai Baba. Once his wife suffered from continuous vomittings and passing of stools from 3 A.M. and was in such a position till 8 A.M. Her body became cold. The doctor tested her body and told that she will die within one hour. Without knowing her status, Pura­ndare was in the house of a goldsmith from the mor­ning itself who wanted to prepare a jewel for his niece. He was called on to his house. All were mourning about her. On his way home, at Datta Mandir, Baba appeared in the form of a Fakir with a Joli in his hand and totd Purandare "Don't fear for your wife. She will not die. Give her udi mixed with water. She will recover in half an hour. I am safeguarding you all". Accordingly, udi was administered in her mouth with water. All the members waiting on her told that he sho­uld not pour water in the closed mouth. Not adhering to them, he poured the Udi water by opening the teeth with the help of a spoon and applied the remaining Udi all throughout her body. After having done this, he took bath performed pooja with naivedya and took his meals without waiting for anybody. The doctor came again and examined her. He told that the body had got the temparature and the pulse were normal and asked Purandare what you have given her? Purandare replied that he had given nothing but Baba's Udi. Then the doctor has also gave medicine and she became completely alright afterwards by the grace of Shri Baba.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there
The daughter in law of Shri Haribhau Karnik be­came mad at her residence in Andheri (Bombay). After receiving this information in the morning, he started in the train at 11 A.M. The train reached Palghar railway station; He saw a Fakir wearing a Kupni was sitting behind him. He told Karnik the Lord Parameshwar has created all the varieties of trees for their utilisation by the humanity as well as by others. But they do not know the significance of their utilisation. I knew them pretty well. Then pointing out to a particular tree, He said that if the leaves of this tree are grinded and the substance given to a Madman, he will be alright. Karnik was in deep thinking for more than three hours and that he came in his senses only after he reached Bandra. Then he saw the Fakir. But the Fakir was not there in his seat. He went to his daughter-in-law's house. He gave her the substance of the leaves of the tree as told by the takir for three days. She became alright. Again she became mad after two years. Then the same leaves were given and she became alright for ever. Is it not due to Baba's grace?
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Shri Raghuvir Bhaslar Purandare built a house as per Baba's orders at Bandra (Bombay). He then suffered severely from headache that he was not in a position to bear it. Hence, he wrote a letter to Baba that instead of giving such pains, it is better to please finish his chapter once for all and handedover it to Shri Dr. Filial who was going to Shirdi, with a request to give it to Baba. He did likewise Baba then gave Udi and a small packet of snuff like subtance with instruc­tions to Purandare to take it through his nose. Purandare did like that and the headache abated with no trace of it. After somedays he wrote a letter to Baba to inform him when he should perform Grahapravesam in the new house. Baba replied "that you may perform Grahapravesam in the new house on Thursday and I too will come along with you." Accordingly on Thursday he proceeded to the new house with Baba's photo in his hand. On the way, he met Baba in Datta Mandir and He also accompanied him to the new house till Purandare kept Baba's photo in the new house and then disappeared. This shows that Baba is ever ready to fulfill the desire of His devotees.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation ahd Deliverance be there

Shri Ramakrishna G. Kothare was born in 1908. His caste was Pathare Prabhu. His father and mother first came to Shirdi in 1911 and they were worshipping the oil paint Photo of Baba (Dwarakamayee Posture). They used to go to Shirdi at least twice a year.
Baba used to give Ashirwad to His devotees with Udi by standing at the rails of Dwarakamayee by wearing voilet colour edged Peethambaram. He saw this. He loved Baba sincerely. His family was full of Sai devotion. After his first visit in 1911, they started with a group of bhajan and Arati performed there daily which was called as Sai Laj. His father fell sick with Nimonea in 1913 and bacame too serious. One Dr. Naik treated him said that his case is serious and got no belief in survival. His mother made a vow to Baba that if her husband cured from death bed, she would come to Shirdi by walk and take darshan of Baba. Besides this, the people of Sai Laj came and did bhajan in the name of Baba before the patient. His uncle also came with his bhajan Mandali and did bhajan and told his sister that his brother-in-law would not die with Nimonea. Doctor Naik came at 10-00 P.M. and gave an injection to the patient and told to all that the patient will live only upto 12 O' clock midnight. Bhagwat Geeta was read out to the patient to hear it. After 11 P.M. the patient began to suffocate and felt hard to breathe. At this time, patient's wife wailed like any­thing and bawled out "Baba save my husband”. The suffocation lasted till 1 A. M. They told the situation to the doctor. The doctor came and examined the patient and gave one injection and told that crisis was over and now the patient’s status was within his look­out. All the Bhajan went on till 4 AM and all of them told the patient's wife, that Baba has yielded her requ­est and that she should be ready for Shirdi trip on foot. From that time patient improved day by day and cured completely in few months. As per the vow of the patient's wife, patient, patient’s wife and the bhajan Mandal came on foot upto Kopergaom. From Kopargaom all came in 5 carts to Shirdi whereas patie­nt's wife alone followed the cart on foot up to SHIRDI as per her vow. She came to some distance in an uneven stonny and thorny way and felt uneasy with swollen legs and sat below a tree. A man with white beared in shepherd dress straight away came to her and told her that her vow had been accepted by Baba and that there was no harm in getting into the cart and go over to Shirdi. But she did not accept and came away by foot along upto Shirdi. At that time Baba asked Jog to stop the Arati for a little time. In the mean­while all came to Arati. Baba told to Nanasaheb that I met her on the way and told her to come in cart. But she refused and came by foot. See how her legs, are! They will be alright by the evening. They all stayed at Shirdi and went to their homes with Baba's permission safe and sound.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Shri Laxman Abaji Avare, Thajanpur Chehedi near Sinner, Nasik district was suffering from eye pain and water began to ooze from the eyes for about six mon­ths. His eye sight had gone even though medicines were tried. Some one had advised him to go to Shirdi for permanent cure. He came to Shirdi with his mother for Baba's darshan on a Thursday. At that time slabs have been fixed in the "Sabha Mantap" of Dwarakamayee. Son and mother took Baba's darshan. Baba gave them udi and blessed them by saying "Allah Acha Karega" They went to their home. Afterwards the pain and the water in the eyes have been ceased. From that time onwards they used to come to Shirdi on every Thursday for Baba's darshan. Likewise they came to Shirdi for six months. The villagers have insisted his mother and sent him to J. J. Hospital, Bombay for treatment. At the time when they prepa­red to go to Bombay his body became more or like with burning sensation. Without minding that they went to Bombay. There, an English expert doctor exa­mined his eyes and told that the eyes have been spoiled and that the eye sight was however not possible. They returned to the village and determined whether eyesight comes or not, they have to stay with Baba. Thus they stayed at Shirdi for sometime. His mother after some days left him alone in SHIRDI and went to the village. He stayed in Shirdi with firm belief in Baba. He used to wash his eyes with the face washing water of Baba in the morning. After doing this for one month, all of a sudden, his eye sight came. When he took Baba's darshan in Chawadi one evening, Baba gently clapped His hands on his chest. From that time his eye became very much clear. He was in Shirdi till Baba's Mahasamadhi. Then Radhakrishnamai requested him to pump the well water, now in Saranjame Baug and also he will do all the work ordered by her. His firm faith and patience towards Baba gave him perma­nent relief from his blindness.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Shri Govind Rao Gadre of Nagpur felt much pai when his nephew came to his house and suffered from disease. He prayed to Baba, that if his nephew got well, he would send him to Baba for His darshan. Accordingly, his nephew got well in two days by Baba's grace and went to his house. But he was not sent to Shirdi for Baba's darshan as per the vow of Shri Govind Rao. Once again the nephew came to his uncle's house. At that time Govind Rao himself suffered from the disease. On one Thursday, all the family members prayed Baba with Bhajan. Govind Rao joined in the worship. Then he remembered that his vow has not yet been fulfilled by his nephew. Hence, he made another vow that if he would become alright, himself and his nephew would go to Shirdi for Baba's darshan. Then he was relieved off his sufferings. They both went to Shirdi and took Baba's darshan.
Surrender Shri Sal Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

In May, 1916, a lady devotee from Bombay came to Baba for darshan. At that time Baba and two other women Smt. Janabai and Smt. Laxmibai were grinding wheat flower in the grinding stone. She asked Baba that she would grind the wheat. Baba told her that she would feel fatigue in grinding the wheat. She replied that she would grind as much as she possible to grind. Baba asked Laxmibai to leave the grinding stone to her. She began to grind the wheat. She questioned Baba why the wheat was grinding? Baba replied that He would save the devotees at times. She also questioned why Baba was going to the stream side and throwing the wheat flour? Baba told that at times "Akkabai” (Maari Ayi, Maariamma, Cholera and small pox etc.) wanted to enter the village and I prevented them on the other side of the stream and not allow them in the village. That is why I have to feed them and so I throw the flour to them. She again asked Baba whether there is "Jari" "Mari" (Durdevatha). Baba replied there exists "Durdevatha but they won't do anything harm to us". For that she told Baba that some were dying on account of Durdevatha for which Baba told that Durdevatha was scolding me to allow her to enter the village. At that time, I request the Almighty and gave her allotted persons to her. Again she asked Baba, "whether there are evil sprits” Baba told that “there are evil spirits and that they won't do any harm to us". She told when she was in Naigaom in Bombay a figure of an evil spirit used to come from the well side and go to the room in the upstair and disappear. Baba told her that He knows Hhim and he was the house owner of her house and he became an evil spirit and further told her that he used to disappear only in the room where she delivered". She told Baba as to how he knew all these facts? Baba replied that He knows her from her childhood and fur­ther told her you have forgotton me. I will call off my children even if they were one thousand miles away. My care will always be alike towards all. All men good, bad are coming to Me I have to look all of them.
During this conversation, she felt tired in grinding the wheat flour and asked Laxmibai to continue grinding work. All the three finished the grinding work and the Bombay lady knew well about evil spirits.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Delivervance be there

A Cashier of a well known Bombay Firm had made away with a large sum and came to SHIRDI to save himself from arrest etc. A warrant was obtained and the work of executing the warrant was entrusted to the firm Manager, Baba's devotee. The Manager tried his utmost to trace out the culprit cashier, but he could not find him. He was at a loss to understand whether he should continue the search or return to Bombay. So he came to Shirdi to have Baba's darshan in this matter. To his suprise he found there, the culprit cashier seated shampooing Baba's feet. On see­ing the Manager, the Cashier got nervous, prostrated before Baba, and enrnestly prayed to save Him. Baba advised him to accompany the Manager to Bombay to confess his crime to his masster and to requ­est him to pardon him. The Cashier carried out Baba's instructions and was saved from criminal prose­cution and the Manager also received his master's tha­nks for dexterourly handling this affair.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there
Shri Chidambar Rao Keshav Gadgil was acting as Personal Assistant to the Collector of Ahmednagar Dis­trict and then as Mamlatdar, Sinner. During these peri­ods he used to visit Shirdi often and often to have Baba's darshan. He was transferred to a distant place with an order to join in the new post forthwith. From Sinner he had to go to his new place (via) Kopergaon railway station. He thought and felt very much for his inability for not attending Shirdi even though he was passing through Kopergaom. No sooner he thought likewise a packet containing Udi was thrown to him from the window of the train. He has taken that pac­ket and found that it contained Baba's Udi. Sometime after this incident he came to Shirdi for Baba's dars­han. Then Baba told him that even though he was not able to come to Shirdi, He has sent His Udi. After hearing this, Gadgil's heart filied with joy and he placed His Udi in a talisman and wore on him for ever. This clearly shows that Baba is ever ready to fulfil the hearty desire of His devotees.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there
Two friend devotees from Bombay suburbs went to Shirdi to pay their respects to Baba and stayed at Shirdi for two days. At the time of leaving Shirdi they purchased two copies of Baba's photo and started their journey. Thereafter on the way one of them remembered his brother and felt sorry that he has omitted to purchase one more copy of Baba's photo for him. On reaching home, when he untied the packing of photos, to his surprise, three copies of photo were there instead of the two they had purchased. Ardent devotees as they were, Baba by his superhuman powers had requited their love and given one more copy of His photo for his brother. This shows that Baba is ever ready to fulfill the wishes of the wholehearted devotees.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Shri Kakasaheb Dixit had purchased some land from Shri Laxman Bhat of Shirdi in 1910 for which Bhat demanded Rs. 200/- But Dixit was willing to pay Rs. 150/- A discussion was going on in the matter. Baba on seeing Laxman Bhat passing before the Masjid called on him and enquired "What was the matter bet­ween you and Dixit?” Bhat told all the matter for which Baba told him that,”You may sell the land at Rs. 175/-" Dixit gave Rs. 150/- to Laxman Bhat as per his own decision when Bhat went with the amount to his house and counted it, to his surprise there was Rs. 175/- as settled by Baba. Was this not the Leela of Baba to fulfil the desire of Shri Kakasaheb Dixit?
Surrender Shri Sai Completelv Stupendous Delectations and Deliverance be there
Shri Shankar Rao a devotee of Baba, when came to Shirdi for Baba's darshan, Baba asked him dakshina frequently and emptied his purse. As he had to return to his home on the next day, he has got full faith in Baba that somehow or other, Baba would manage him to return to his home and hence, he least worried about his returning home. His friend, who was a guest to the Post Master of Rahata came to Shirdi and met him un­expectedly and repaid to him a long standing loan of Rs. 20/- which was taken from him by his friend some years previously and this made his return journey with ease. Please see how Baba played His Leela in the re­payment of a long outstanding loan and thereby creating faith in Him.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Shri Laxman Rao alias Bhausaheb Pradhan, Sub-Registrar was sent to Baba by Shri Madhavnath Maharaj with news which was not told to Pradhan. When he came to Shirdi, Baba told Nath's son has arrived and we have to dine to day Nath's Prasadam. Then Baba told Laxman Rao, "I got sacks and sacks of gold on asses back. Thieves have stolen them on the way. A hole in the ear has to be piersed only by a goldsmith. It is very difficult to pull on in this naughty world. You have been sent here only to know his fact. Tell this much to my brother Madhavanath". Then Laxman Rao satisfied and went away.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

The grand father of Shri Vittal Rao Yashwant Deshpande pressed his son to send him to Baba for His blessings. So Vittal Rao arranged to send him to Shirdi with his son. Led by the grandson, the grand father went to Dwarakamayee, prostrated himself before Baba and sorrowfully prayed to Baba to return his eyesight. Baba said "you will be able to see". As soon as Baba uttered these words, the grandfather had his eyesight restored to him. He was able to see every­thing. Blindness left him entirely. Never was any­body's prayer for relief granted so soon by Baba. All wondered at it.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

A blind devotee went to Baba and prayed to Baba, "I have lost my eyesight. I do not feel its loss for want of eyesight, as it keeps me away from many unde­sirable things; all the same. I want to see the human form in which my Lord has manifested Yourself. Please therefore grant me eyesight till I satiate my eyes ' by beholding Your human form and You may withdraw this eyesight so soon as that is done". Baba at once granted his request, he saw Baba with his own eyes and then he lost vision and became blind as per his wish.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

A stark blind devotee singing with the tune of his symbols before Baba, with the one formula "Rama Krishna Hare" (names of incaranations Ram, Krishna and Vishnu) in the year 1913-15. His Holiness Shri Sai Sharananand who has given foreword to this book saw the same man in Shirdi in 1942-43 reciting chapters of Srimath Bhagwad Geeta about Lord Krishna and also poems and verses from well known Maharashtra Saint Gnaneshwari's Amratanubhava, asked him "when did you get your eyes?" He said, "through Baba's grace, he had blessed vision during His time and there­after I got a clear vision. Through Baba's grace I was able to read, write and move about freely", to assure the questioned person he read out several versus from the said Amratanubhava that he had with him.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

A farmer was very anxious to obtain from Govern­ment a loan of Rs. 500/- for a well in his farm and he applied twice to the Government but his applications were rejected. The farmer approached Baba in the matter and Baba spoke to Nanasaheb, the then Collec­tor's Chitnis about it. Nana said he would certainly present his application as required by Baba, though he had no hope of the application being granted. The farmer therefore, applied again and Nanasaheb presen­ted the application to the Collector informing him at the same time that two similar applications of his were rejected previously. The Collector thereupon asked the farmer why you press the Government for a loan. The farmer himself put clearly his case before the Collector and said Sir, I owe Rs. 500/- to Government I am anxious to repay the loan. I cannot do this until I have a well to water my lands to get better crops. I have started digging the well, but the work had to be stopped owing to the intervening of big rocks, unless they are fired by dynamite and removed, the well work cannot be completed and I cannot get water. Without water I cannot have enough crops to return the Govern­ment loan and so I press the Government through this third application. The Collector had satisfied with his explanation by Baba's grace and granted the loan to the farmer.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Shri Ramachaadra Maharaj was required by his Master, Shri Gadge Maharaj to defrey a day's expense of the Yagna a sacrifice, which his guru was performing. So Ramachandra Maharaj went to Belapur and round about places performing Kirthans and obtained promi­ses of the sum required. More than the sum required had been promised, so he thought that he had nothing to worry about. He once again went to Belapur a few days before the performance to receive the promi­sed amount to be sent to his Guru Gadge Maharaj. But as usually happens, the Belapur people evaded payment of the promised amounts. Ramachandra Maharaj thou­ght that he could not understand as to how to make up the required amount. He therefore, offered an earnest prayer to Baba to help him to keep up his promise to His Guru. Baba is ever ready to fulfill the just prayer of His devotees, inspired one devotee to pay the whole amount of Rs. 100/- to Shri Ramachandra Maharaj dur­ing his Kirthan in the next day morning. Need it be said that this strengthened Shri Ramachandra Maharaj's attachments to the ever merciful Baba.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Sri Nanasaheb Chandorkar got into a fix in certain family matters. His father Govind Rao Chandorkar was also a Deputy Collector like his son and stayed in a house built by himself at Kalyan. Lately some unpleasantness had grown between him and the local musalmans and so he had ordered all the members of his family to desist from having any connection whatsoever with musalmans in general. When Nanasaheb happended to return home, he was informed of what had happened and his father's stand­ing order about having no musalman connections. Nana was puzzled. He was prepared to give up all connecti­ons with Musalmans, but he was not prepared to dis­associate himself from Baba. If his father took Baba to be a Musalman naturally he would expect Nana to give up Sai Baba. This embrassed Nana so he spoke to his father about his connection with Sai Baba. In the meanwhile Baba had already given proper turn to his father's mind in the matter. So at once he said to Nana "My Guru is Sakkaram Maharaj" but your Guru is not Sakkaram Maharaj. So even if Shri Sai Baba may really be a Mohamadan He is your Guru and you may most willingly continue to Him without the least objec­tion from me". On hearing this Nana Saheb was over­joyed and heartily thanked Baba for the happy solution of the puzzle he had to face.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Shri R.B. Furandare, a railway servant applied for leave as he wanted to go to Shirdi with his family. The leave was sanctioned and railway passes for free railway journey were also given to him. A day previous to his departure, the railway workmen were reported to be planning a strike. So his superior officer requested him to cancel his programme. Purandare was adament and he said that he would never cha­nge his programme for Shirdi he had fixed already even though the officer promised him, he would see that he gets his leave and also the railway passes after the crises had been tied over. Purandare returned home and made all preparations for starting. That very night Baba appeared in his dream with a Satka in His hand. He was mighty, angry, strongly admonished him and finally ordered him "Don't come to Shirdi over again". So Purandare dropped the idea of going to Shirdi and attended the officer on the next day as usual. This pleased his Superior, the little doubt that he had about Purandare's complicity in the railwayman's strike at once vanished. So a month after he granted him his leave and reprocured railway passes for him. When he went to Shirdi, Baba said "Don't go mad, we have as yet many responsibilities to dis­charge, so stay at home chanting my name". This clearly shows Baba's disapproval of His devotees running over to Holy Saints throwing aside duties and responsibilities.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

In 1914 June, before going to seven days retirement, His Holiness Shri Sai Sharan Anand had kept before leaving for Bombay an empty compass box with some coins in it for Baba's use at Radhakrishna Mai's house beneath her cup board without informing her of it.
Soon after he reached Bombay he learnt that Baba had made Radhakrishna Mai to look up her room carefully to find the said box and deliver the said seem to him Radhakrishna Mai on taking the search of the room did find to her amazement the said box with coins, she immediately sent the same to Baba and this appeased His Holiness Shri Sai Sharan Anand.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Mr. Joshi son-in-law of Bahadur Thana was an angry devotee of Baba and was not able to go to Shirdi and pay his respect to Baba as all the members of his family and all the friends have been luck enough to go to Shirdi and pay their respect to Baba. He therefore became angry with Baba and declared that if Baba was really a Saint, he would give darshan to him even with­out going to Shirdi. Nothing was beyond Baba's ken. It seems that he accepted this challenge and satisfied him. When some gentlemen from Konkan went to Shirdi with their wife and children and were returning home, Baba asked one of them, if he would do a piece of work for Him. When he said that he would do it most willingly, Baba gave him a little packet of Udi and said "You go by mail and give this holy ash (Udi) packet to him who requests you to give a span full of space for his accommodation in the train". The gentle­man assured Baba that he would discharge His trust without fail but that if he did not meet no such gentleman, he would immediately write to him. Baba gave him Udi packet. The gentleman started by mail, no such gentle­man as described by Baba turned up till the train left Kalyan. The gentleman thought that the train did not stop at Thana and so taking out a post card he was pre­paring to write to Baba, when to his surprise, the train stopped at Thana and just after the while for the train to start a gentleman running drenched with prespiration has gone in. He approached this Konkani gentleman and said to him "Please take up this child of yours and give me a span full space to sit as I am feeling giddy". The surprised gentlemen at once made room for him and handed over to him the packet of Udi saying that it had been given by Baba for being handed over to a person who called me for a spanfull space in the train. As you fully answered to that description with great pleasure, I give this Baba's little Udi packet of holy ashes to you. Mr. Joshi respectfully received in his own hands wondered at Baba's wonderful knowledge and the grace of Baba had conferred on him, angry child.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Shri Kakasaheb Dixit was once suffering from fever at the time of his going to his office in the train.
He prayed to Baba that if his fever increased he may be called to Shirdi. He suffered from fever through out the day and also during the way to Shirdi. After reaching Shirdi, his fever left him. From that time of his arrival in Shirdi, Baba also suffered from fever. This clearly shows that Baba Himself used to relieve the sufferings of His devotees by suffering Himself.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

A lady (whose name not mentioned) of Poona who was issue less wanted to go to Shirdi and have darshan of Shri Sai Baba. She was in known of the fact that if she got a coconut from Baba, she would be blessed with a child. But however, she tried to go to Shirdi, the journey was however a stand still by some reason or other. By this she felt very much dejected and thou­ght whether there was any good future to her? One day night, Baba appeared in her dream and given a coconut to her as Prasad for which she was eagerly waiting for a long time. After she woke up from bed in the morning, she actually found a coconut in her bed. She wonder struck and made a vow that if she got a child by this Prasad, she would go to Shirdi with the child for Baba's darshan. Accordingly she got a male child in the next year and went to Shirdi with the child and fulfilled her vow. Is it not wonderful that a coconut given by Baba in a dream gave child to a Child­less lady!
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

49. baba helped to win over a case in favour of shri haribhu karnik:
Shri Haribhu Keshav Karnik of Dahanu once had to face an unlawful case against him in a court filed by his relatives. After having known about Baba, he came unexpectedly to Shirdi and met Baba. He offe­red a coconut betel and dakshina to Baba and bowed to him with due reverence. Baba asked him to go to the wada and take rest. The other devotees enquired him whether he has previous acquaintances with Baba. He replied "NO" this is the first time and added that Baba Himself know about this. After two days, he again met Baba in Masjid and was in deep thinking about his case. Baba told him in His own way about his troubles. After four days, he again met Baba. Baba told him "That he should wait for six months and then see about the status of the persons who had done this mischief against you". Accordingly after six months he was acquitted by the Court and his respondents have suf­fered much for their misdeeds. Thenceforth he fell in great love with Baba till his end.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Shri Ramchandra Vaman Patankar, a retired Head Clerk, Police Department, Alibaug, Coloba District, a devotee of Akkalkot Maharaj came to Shirdi in 1910 to take darshan of Shri Sai Baba to get His Blessings as his monthly earnings of Rs. 30/- as Clerk in Customs office was not sufficient to meet his monthly family expenses. He used to visit Balakrishna Buva's Mutt, Ram Maruthi Road, Dadar to take darshan of Shri Akkalkot Swamiji's photo there. He used to attend Shri Das Ganu Maharaj's Kirthan and Pravachanam of Baba's Leelas. Even after hearing these speeches, he did not believe Baba and he was in thought that Baba was Muslim. His friend Shri Ganu Shyam Gupta a railway employee who started to Shirdi compulsorjly requested Patankar to accompany him to Shirdi for Baba's darshan with his own expenses. Patankar told his friend that he won’t pay any dakshina to Baba and even if he wants to pay, he won't pay more than Re. 1/-. With this determination, he came to Shirdi with his friend. At that time there was only one hotel in Shirdi for meals. When taking food, Patankar found some worms in meals and in dal and started shouting, whether he came there to eat these worms. His friend has warned him about this matter. Afterwards they both went to Baba's darshan in His place. On seeing Patankar, Baba enraged and drove him away. On hea­ring Baba's words he decided to go away from Shirdi even without Baba's permission. But the devotees there requested him that Baba would be calmed down soon and he may take darshan again. Again they both went to Baba for darshan. On seeing Patankar Baba told in his own way "That people are coming here to eat worms". On hearing this vital words from Baba both Patankar and his friend amazed with each other and Patankar fell at Baba's feet and realised Baba as a great saint. After Baba's Snanam was over, Baba gave darshan to Patankar as Akkalkot Swamiji, same as the photo in Balakrishna Buva's Mutt. He realised that Baba and Akkalkot Swamiji are not different and his doubt was completely cleared and gave Re. 1/- as Dakshina. After receiving this, Baba again asked Re. 1/-. He gladly paid it. Baba gave them permission to return to their house. After his return, he got a job which fetched more salary and felt thereafter, very glad throught his life.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Baba used to disburse about Rs. 700/- to Rs. 800/-daily to all. Some Brahmins from Kumbakonam came to Bombay preaching Vedantaa and thereby spending their levelihood. They came to know about Baba that Baba used to give money to the skilfull persons daily and in that eagerness for money they came to Shirdi. But they thought that as Baba was a Muslim (Availa), how did they explain Vedanta and bow to Him. How­ever they satisfied that they may bow`to Him as they did for Poorna Brahma and then Baba will accept them and offer mnney to them. Thinking likewise, they went to Baba and stood obediently. Baba saw them and questioned them what did they want? They replied that they want to explain Vedanta before Baba and thereby to get Sanmanam from him. Baba accepted and asked them to explain Vedanta. They explained and Baba heard it patiently. After explaining some portion, they kept quiet as they forgot what they explai­ned and what they have to explain. Baba asked them to continue. But they kept quiet. Baba told the rema­ining portion and then the Brahmins started and fini­shed it. At the time of bowing to Baba they told "Poorna Brahma" and bowed to Baba as Poorna Brah­ma and they were ready to receive Sanmanam. Baba told them that as they bowed to “Poorna Brahma", they may receive their Sanmanam from that "Poorna Brah­ma". After hearing this vittal answer from Baba, they were astonished and made Sashtanga Namaskar. After­wards Baba gave Sanmanam to them. They went away satisfied that Baba was more than "Poorna Braham".
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Shri Vasudev Janardhan was a census clerk in 1901. Then Shri N Nasaheb Chandorkar was the census Su­perintendent. He compelled Vasudev to go over to Shirdi as he was himself going to Shirdi off and on. One day at about 8 A.M Vasudev, Nanasaheb Chandorkar and about 18 or 20 others have gone to Shirdi for Baba's darshan. Among them, Vasudev was the youn­gest one. At that time, Baba was smoking chillim (Tobacco). As Vasudev was not a smoker, he felt nothing, but others were eager to get a puff from Baba. But Baba gave the chillim to Vasudev. He hesitated to smoke the chillim. Nanasaheb Chandorkar whispered to him to smoke it and that something would happen happy to you. Afterwards he puffed the chillim thrice. Baba received the chillim from him. He did not give the chillim to others. After this incident, Vasudev got all the promotions he desired and retired from service with sufficient pension. He told that whatever he did in Baba's name, Baba fulfilled it. After retirement, he started his own business Sadhbai water Supply and he was also a Managing agent to Belapur Kopargaom Elec­tric Co. Ltd. Kopargaom. He told that all the favours would be only by Baba's grace.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there
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Shri Pilaji Gurav when he was about 13 years in 1912, his parents dreamt a dream, that in the dream of his mother Baba gave Re. 0.50 and asked her to preserve it along with her coins and thereby she would be benefited and requested her torn cloth to wear. In his father's dream, Baba appeared and said that he has to come to Shirdi and that there would be no scarcity of food to him. They came from their place Korala to Rahata Bazar. Tatya Patil's Munim (Clerk) met them in Rahata bazar and told them that Tatya Patil wanted him at Shirdi. Accordingly he came to Shirdi and met Tatya Patil. Tatya Patil told Pilaji Gurav that he should come to Baba for playing Clarion. He agreed and came to Shirdi in two days and stayed in Shirdi forever. He thought that his dream vision was fulfilled. After some days he got disgusted with Baba's abusing them. Afterwards he did not care for Baba's abuse. Baba used to become angry and through brick against him, but it would not hurt him. He would run fearing for brick hurt, but Baba ran behind him shouting stop ! stop ! He stopped and Baba caught hold of his collor and told him "that he would bury Pilaji and his son" and then left him. He used to play clarion at Dixit Wada during Arati time. He told Kakasaheb that I fear for Baba and His words have not understood to me. For this Kakasaheb Dixit told "Guravj not to fear for Baba, Baba wants to settle you in Shirdi". On the next day, Gurav with smiling face played clarion and Baba also smiled at him. Afterwards he became a regular player of clarion and his son got an employment in Baba's Sansthan. From this, it is understood that Baba's abuses were blessings in disguise.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Mrs. Ramabai Kanitkar resided in Yeola from 1905. Some persons called her to visit Shirdi. But she postponed her visit. As such a small Baba's photo was found on her table of its own accord. This photo was still with her. Her husband was a sub-Judge, once she camped with her husband at Kopergaom and then they came to Rahata. They made Shirdi as permanent camping place. They stayed in Baba's Chawadi and gone to Baba's darshan. She thought that if Baba gives her darshan of beloved Akkalkot Swamiji her faith towards Baba would confirm. But Baba gave darshan as Akkalkot Swamiji to her son and daughter-in-law and not to her. Later she knew this fact from them and satisfied that Baba and Akkalkot Swamiji were one and the same.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Shri Das Ganu's Guru Shri Vaman Sastri Islampur once told Das Ganu that he was going to Kashi for attaining his last end and that thereafter he should con­sider Shri Sai Baba as his Guru as Shri Sai Baba and he were not different. Shri Das Ganu first came to Shirdi in 1896 and took darshan of Baba on frequent instigation of Nanasaheb Chandorkar. He was not a man to believe on ones words. He will test every thing and believe himself. Baba once told to Nana that Nana should offer meals and Ganu should invite all for meals. This denotes that Ganu was a good writer. Even when Baba was in anger, Ganu used to go and take darshan of Baba. Once Baba told Ganu, "we should not serve under anybody and polish their boots'’ Ganu replied as there was no other go for him, he was in the post of a police constable and that he wrote the test for the post of Police Sub-Inspector. Baba again told him "what is the use of passing Sub-Inspectors' test and that would you satify if the job comes to you”. You should leave your job and the Almighty will look after you." Nanasaheb Chandorkar also asked Das Ganu to give up his job and obey Baba’s instructions. Ganu left off going to Shirdi. Once it so happened that he had to pass through Shirdi. Baba Himself went and met him and told him to give up the job. Even-then, he simply bowed to Baba and went away. Once for writing Narasimha Swamy and Meerabai Charitra, he came to Newasa without leave. At that time, a dacoity appeared near Newasa, Sathegaom and Balgaom and by killing a Marwari, stolen away property worth about Rs. 80,000/-. When this was occurred, Ganu was a Head constable and he was not in head quarters. His Police Sub-Inspector Mr. Warden an European asked others about Ganu and on whose permission he had gone and when he had gone? His Assistant a Muslim told the Sub-Inspector that Ganu gone to Belapur side and his horse was with Kulkarni of Nippani Vadagaom. When the Kulkarni was enquired, he told that Ganu was in debt to him and that is why he kept his horse with him. After hearing this, they went away. After Ganu returned from Newasa the Kulkarni told Ganu about the matter and that his Sub-Inspector was very angry with him. On hearing this Ganu went away with the horse to Vadagaom and remembered Baba's word and realised that these troubles were due to only for the disregard of Baba’s words. He came to Godavari river and on pled­ging on Ganga water prayed to Baba that he would give up the job, if Baba averted the said trouble. On his journey to Vadagaom, Ganu missed the way and went to Badaton and Bameton. These villages were under the Mhoguls and the dacoity in question was done only by the hunters there and the decoities lit fire for warding off cold and telling about their bold deed in the decoity and for the partition of the property. After hearing their words, Ganu went near them as a traveler to warm himself in their fire and told them that his calf was lost and that he wanted to stay with them. The decoities told Ganu to report to Amina there. Ganu asked them to show the Amina and for that he would pay something to them. They showed Amina to him. Ganu told Amina all about the decoities and with his help, Ganu was able to catch all the decoities with all the properties. Amina went to Mr. Warden and told him that Ganu captured all the decoities with proper­ties and that he was on the way. He was first enraged and later felt glad that Ganu done a brilliant work, and recommended for his promotion as Sub-Inspector. He went to Shirdi after this incident. Baba reminded him of his vow in Godavari River and asked him to give up his job. As he was once has to bear punishment for which he was really not responsible, he went to Shirdi requested Baba that if this trouble was over, he would give up the job. Baba settled the affair. Ganu offered his resignation. Mr. Warden told Ganu not to resign the job. As Ganu was stubborn, Mr, Warden received his resignation. Ganu went to Shirdi and asked Baba what he has to do? Baba asked him to go to Nanded. Ganu went to Nanded and got the title of "Sant Kavi Das Ganu Maharaj" in lieu of his previous occupation and name as Head constable Ganesh Dattatreya Sahasra-budhe. This is only due to Baba's grace-
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Once in 1915, Baba sent His photo which was in Dixit wada through Balakram and Muktaram to Sadu Bhaiya Naik of Karda. This Baba's photo reached on 8-2-1915 Monday. On the next Thursday, Rudhrabishekam and Puja to Baba's photo were performed and placed on the Simhasanam and Annadanam was also done. At that time, Muktaram climbed on the roof of a place like a gallary to hoist the flag.The place where he stood was a dangerous place. Even then, he stood there and pulled 3/4th the length of the flag when his hand pained and at that time Baba in Dwarakamayee asked his neighbour to molish His hand. After molish Baba told Alah Malik Garibonka vali hai Alah Se Bada Koi nahi (Alah Malik is the savior of the poor and no one is greater than Allah). After this utterance of Baba in Dwarakamayee Muktaram in Harda was able to hoist the flag fully 'without any danger’ as expected by others. Plague spread severely in Harda. All were leaving their houses fearing for pleague. Sadu Bhaiya had gone to his village Brahmingaum which is seven miles from Harda leaving Baba's Photo and his father in his house at Harda. Sadu Bhaiya Naik wrote to Baba whether he has to shift Baba's photo. Baba replied in negative and ordered him "to perform puja to the photo daily and go back to Brahimgaom", Baba called his father to Shirdi and his father came to Shirdi. One day two rats found dead near Baba's photo. Sadu again wrote a letter to Baba and consulted Him. Baba replied that "Allah Malik was there, why we should fear for it?" Though the rats were found dead, nothing was happe­ned. Afterwards he shifted his house from Harda to Indore as he was settled in Indore for his job. This photo was also taken to Indore. In 1937 after Baba's Mahasamadhi Baba appeared in his dream in Indore and told him that his leg below the knee was eaten away by white ants. Next day, he saw Baba's photo was eaten away by worms as pointed out by Baba. He removed the frame, cleaned the Photo in tact and worship­ped daily. This clearly shows that wherever Baba's photo exists, Baba exists there.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there


Shri G.G. Narke came first to Shirdi in 1910 to take Baba's darshan. He went to Shri Sai Baba in Mosque and prostrated placing his head on Baba's feet. Then baba said "what I do you worship a man?”At once he retreated to some distance and sat quiet. He recognised his past attitudes that men should not be worshipped. After some time, Baba gently beckoned him to appro­ach him. Thus encouraged, he went and placed his head on Baba's feet. Baba at once hugged him, made him sit close to Him and then addressed him "you are my child. When others (i. e.) strangers are in the company, we keep the children off". Then he felt the full face of Baba’s deep and intense love for him and his heart responded to it and ascertained that Baba was his saviour, his Guru and the man of his destiny found at last. He used to reside with Radhakrishna Mai. In 1913, Baba told him that his father-in-law would build a dagadi wada (stone-edifice) at Shirdi and that he would be incharge of it. His father-in-law Shri Gopal Rao Buty has built the Dagadi wada in 1915-18 and he was made incharge of it in 1919 as Baba foretold in 1913. He was permanently settled in 1917 as Professor of Geology and Chemistry in Poona. Baba used to get sweetmeet from a Halwayi shop for Naivedya. One day in 1916 there laid a corpse, a plague stricken corpse. Plague was raging at Shirdi. Baba asked him to go and get the sweetmeet from his shop. He went and told his wife (who was weeping) about Baba's order. She poin­ted to the corpse and asked him to take the sweetmeet from the Almyrah. He took it with trembling hands and with fear that he might catch the infection and others too. That sweetmeet was given as Naivedya. Baba told him you think that you will live if you away from Shirdi and that you would die if you stay at Shirdi. That is not so. Whosoever destined to be struck will be struck. Whosoever is to die will die; whosoever is to be cares­sed will be careseed". Thus Baba encouraged him when plague enraged in Shirdi and thus Baba infused faith in His devotee by bold defiance of sanitary prec­autions. This shows Baba's words are the superme factor than any other things.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

I was first devoted to Shri Gajanan Maharaj. I went to Shri Sai Baba in 1907. I was greatly impres­sed with his extraordinary personality. I took Srimant Gopal Rao Buty to Shri Sai Baba who built (Dagadiwada) present Baba's Samadhi Mandir. Once Baba told me, "At every step of yours, I am taking care of you. If I did not, what will become of you, God knows". I have lived with my wife in my ancestral house of mine in the main road, Nasik. When plague broke out and dead rats found in the house, I wrote to Baba's directions. After receiv­ing Baba's reply, I moved to a bungalow at Nasik. But the same night a dead rat was found near the bed of my brother's son at the bungalow. Again I wrote to Baba's directions. The reply was in the negative. Later, dead rats were found in the servant's quarters, in the houses, in the neighborhood and lastly in the well from which we draw water for drinking and cook­ing etc. At this, I wrote at once to Baba's directions for permission and in anticipation which I consider as certain, I packed up all our things and carted them off to the house and was just trying to lock the door when a postal letter from Shirdi was delivered to me. Baba's reply was, "why should we give up (change) our resi­dence". I obeyed His advice and immediately went to the infected bungalow and lived in. As for water, I avoided the well water and getting water from Godavari. Even though there were fourteen or fifteen deaths per day due to plague, we were safe by the grace of Baba.
I lost my wife in 1909. As per Baba's order I perfor­med her monthly masik at Shirdi. I was aged 36, with­out issue. My friends and well wishers compelled me to marry again. I replied to all that I have to act as per Baba's advice that I don’t have to be married again.
There have always been party feelings and factions at Shirdi as in most villages. One Raghu a servitor of Baba and five others were arrested on a charge of out­raging the modesty of a marwari woman and on the direct evidence of a number of eye witnesses, they were convicted to six months imprisonment. Tatya Patil's sympathy was on the side of the accused. He took a copy of the judgement and papers to eminent lawyers like the Hon. G S. Kapharde, Shri Kakasaheb Dixit and RaoBahadur H. V. Sathe who were at Shirdi. These people found, the Judgement strong and gave little hope of success in the appeal. Then Baba told Tatya Patil "Go to Bhau (S. B. Dhumal)" Tatya Patil came to S.B. Dhumal with all the papers. After going through the judgement finding hardly any hope of suc­cess in the appeal, I told Tatya Tatil to employ eminent lawyers. But Tatya told me that Baba's order was to go to me. Then I prepared appeal papers and wrote and gave it to the District Magistrate at his residence. He without receiving or reading the papers questioned me about the matter and I told him the facts. He without sending for the records of the first Court, or giving notice to the Police, orally acquitted all the appellants. This indicates Shri Sai Baba’s power that brought about the acquittal.
Regarding public work, I may first mention that I was the first non-official President of the Nasik District local Board (Nominated by Government) and that I served in the capacity from 1-11-1917 to 13-5-1925. I had personally to sign thousands of papers myself with­out the use of a facsimile seal. On account of this work my legal practice reduced and my income became less. In recognition of my service I was awarded Rao Bahadur sanad in 1927. One day when papers were before me, a visitor for whom I had much regard came in and stayed talking till midnight and so the signature have to be postponed till the next day. The next mor­ning I found no time and I was leaving the town. I sent back the papers to office. When I returned to the town that night, i found only that day's papers brought for my signature and when I wanted the previous day papers, I found that they bore my signatures. I could not guess as to how the thousands of signatures have been affixed in the papers. I had no other explanation for it except Baba and his Superhuman Powers.
In 1915, I was offered the Public Prosecutorship at Nasik and I wrote at once to Baba. Quickly came the reply "your former work is good. Do not accept the new one". I declined the offer.
I was given by Baba His Photo saying "keep it". This is the very thing my heart desired, to get Baba's Portrait touched by him and given to me for purpose of worship. This is now with me as a perso­nal gift by Baba to me and I regard it with great vene­ration.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Baba required only two or three chilim per year. The cost of one chilim was 2 pies. But Baba placed a heap of chilim in a corner of the Masjid (Dwarakama-yee). Even if Baba refused this, the pot maker (Kumbhar) gave two hundred or three hundred chilims and stored as a heap in the corner of the Dwarakamayee and received money from Baba. One day, B. V. Deo went for Baba's darshan in the afternoon. Baba was there alone cleaning the chilim. On seeing the heap of chilim, Deo asked Baba "Baba you required only two or three chilim per year. Why you haye stored so many chilim?” Baba replied "what you have told is correct in respect of devotees coming here for smoking. But about the smoking devotees who took away the chilim unseen, are chilims not required to them?" That is why, I stored them there.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Baba once told to Appa Kulkarni "That thieves would come and fight with you as they were very clever in selecting persons and would take away only what they wanted. Beware of it". Kulkarni thought that Baba told about theives and made arrangements for safeguar­ding all his properties. But Baba's dictum was otherwise. At that time cholera was raging in Shirdi. Kulkarni himself suffered from Cholera. His wife came to Baba for Udi. Baba did not give Udi to her and her told that he would change his shirt before me. Let him do. Afterwards Appa Kulkarni died of Cholera. People went to Baba for remedy. Baba told them not to fear for Cholera, only seven will die of Cholera. Accord­ingly, seven died and the Cholera ceased by Baba's grace.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Once in Shirdi, Kendya's granary in the field cau­ght fire during midday. Baba told him to go to the field and see to its closure. He has gone and returned saying that there was no fire in the field. Again Baba told him look there the blaze of the fire, your granary caught fire, go with people put up the fire. At that time wind was blowing like a storm, other granary owners came to Baba and prayed Baba to save their granaries. Baba took water in a tumbler and threw it away saying "that this granary alone would be burnt” other granaries won't be burnt. Likewise, Kondya's granary alone was burnt to ashes. Other granaries were saved by Baba's grace.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

In 1906 Rao Bahadur Chinthaman Vinayak Vaidya a friend of Shri Nanasaheb Chandorkar gone to Shirdi for Baba's darshan. After the congress session of 1906 in Calcutta was over, he returned and during his return journey, he got down at Manmad and he was on his way to Shirdi. At the same time, after finishing X-mas vacation with Baba, Nanasaheb Chandorkar requested Baba to return. Baba told him to go tomorrow after meals. The next day, after meals he packed all his Samans in the tanga and came to Baba for permission. Baba told "where are you going? Your stout youth friend was coming to Shirdi"? At that time, it was 4 P.M. At about 4-20 P.M. Vinayak Vaidya arri­ved at Shirdi and went to Baba for darshan. He saw Nanasaheb Chandorkar with Baba. All were astonished that Baba not even finished his prediction about Vaidya's arrival, than Vaidya arrived. They both have gone to Bombay on the next day after Baba's per­mission. At that time Baba told to Nanasaheb Chando­rkar that there was a guava fruit grove with best fruits (Peru in Marathi). All have eaten about 20 or 25 each. On the next day, I have spoiled the grove". This meant that Baba turned the domestic life of his devotees into spiritual life.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

One day Baba was wrath with Sagun Meru Naik when he went for Baba's darshan and scolded him that he has not done what He asked for. Naik did not know the meaning of Baba's words first and then on deep thinking he came to know that somebody may be without food and that is why Baba became angry with him. He went and enquired in the wada. There were two devotees who had not taken their food. Naik fed them in his hotel and then went to Baba. Baba then smilingly asked him "Have you now understood the meaning of My words. Always act like that for ever".
Out of the two devotees one was always chanting the name of "Ram Murti Maharaj" who belongs to Nath Panth. He came previously in 1910 to take darshan of Baba. At that time Baba told to the devotees that His brother was coming to see him and on a witty mood that on account of quarrel with his wife, he was far away. At that time Marthanda Bhagat and Shri Nanasaheb Chandorkar were present. Ram Maruthi stayed in Shirdi. One day at Arati time, Baba beckoned him to come near him and made him alinganam made him to sit in His seat. One day Ram Murthi requested Baba for Seera Prasad. On the next day Ram Murthi's Seera Prasad came and Baba ordered to offer that Naivedyam first. Baba and Ram Maruthi were so intimate and made him to stay for fourteen days. At this time, Triambak Rao Karnik of Kalyan came to Baba's darshan and Baba told him to read ''Ishavasy Upanishad" and act accordingly in the presence of Ram Murthi Maharaj.
Baba allowed Ram Muruthi Maharaj to go on the fifteenth day to his place in Kalyan along with Triambak Rao Karnik.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Shri Satya Saheb Noolkar was a sceptic having no belief in God and Saints. He was a Sub-Judge at Pan­dharpur in 1909. At that time Shri Nanasaheb Chandorkar was Mamlatdar at Pandharpur. He used to meet Noolkar often and requested him to go to Shirdi for Baba's darshan. After a prolong request, he accepted to visit Shirdi on condition that he require a brahmin cook, a basket of Nagpur oranges for presentation, he won't remove his pant and shoes at the time of Baba's darshan and that he won't bow to Baba. Nanasaheb Chandorkar accepted to these conditions. A Brahmin cook came to Nanasaheb Chandorkar and he sent him to Noolkar. A basket full of Nagpur oranges arrived in Noolkar's name and the sender's name not known. After these conditions fulfilled, both went to Shirdi.
When Noolkar saw Baba from a distance, he hesi­tated to go with shoes and pant. He removed them and then went to Baba for darshan. On seeing Noolkar, Baba asked Nanasaheh Chandorkar "How you have brought this mad man to me"
Noolkar understood Baba's question and Chandorkar told Noolkar that Baba was a pitiable Saint and that He will clear your doubt and make you to walk in the right path. On the second day, they came to Baba for darshan. On seeing Noolkar, Baba scolded him and necked him to a pillar nearby and drove him away from that place. Baba appeared at that time as "Narasimhavatar". All had vacated the place, gradually Noolkar and Chandor­kar also vacated the place. Noolkar told Chandorkar about Baba's words. Chandorkar told that Baba has scolded your bad time and it would go away by the scoldings of Baba and that Baba would never do undo things to anybody. He would always help His devotees. On the same night at about 2 A.M. Noolkar awakened to chew betel and betel nut. But there was no betel and betel nut with him. He woke Chandorkar and re­quested for betel and betel nut. Chandorkar told that as it was dead of night, no betel and betel nut was avai­lable then and requested Noolkar to sleep.
At that time Baba sent a devotee with betel and betel nut to Sathe's wada to handover it to the person to whom it was required then and the devotee handed over it to Noolkar and went away. After hearing the words of Baba from the devotee regarding this incident, Noolkar was over helmed with affection to Baba and realised that Baba was not an ordinary soul He was omnipotent. On the 3rd day, when Noolkar came to Baba for darshan and worship, Baba asked him to worship a pillar pointing to it in Dwarakamayee. Noolkar accepted and enquired Madhav Rao about this. Madhav Rao told Baba "Deva Why do Noolkar worship the pillar when you are bodily here?" Baba told that the game thing to Madhav Rao, Nana­saheb Chandorkar and Noolkar. Madhavarao perused the panchangam and knew that day was the Guru Poornima day. All requested Baba, that as the day was the Guru Poornima day we all have to worship you as our Guru. Baba yielded to their request. From that day onwards, and it is on account of this Noolkar, devo­tees began to worship Baba on Guru Poornima day.
Tatya Saheb Noolkar stayed in Shirdi for about six months. He often requested Baba to give permission to return to his home. Baba was vexed with his presence and asked him to go with contempt without knowing the meaning of Baba's words, Noolkar prepared to go and went to some distance. Then Baba called him back and told him. "THAT he may burry Him and then go". Nool­kar consulted Mhalasapathy about this. Mhalasapathy told Noolkar that Baba meant "That some evil days were ahead of you'’ and that Baba told like that. Acco­rdingly all on a sudden one day Noolkar suffered and died at 2 A.M. after drinking Baba's Pada Thirtham and thus Baba gave Sadgati to Noolkar.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Baba used to wrestle with Ganpat Kote Patil on occasion. Tatya lifted Baba with his one hand. Baba would say leave me or else I would fall. Then Tatya would leave Baba smilingly. Tatya would take away his turban and tie it on Baba's head as a King's Turban. He would put his upper cloth on Baba's body and show a mirror to Baba to see himself in the mirror. After seeing in the mirror, Baba would act and imitate as to how Tatya used to do and would ask the mirror whether Tatya would do the same things. Afterwards Baba would remove all these things and hand over to Tatya. All of a sudden Baba would wake up and caught hold of Tatya's feet. As on account of this action of Baba, Tatya would get up and questioned Baba "what were all these Deva". Baba told "you did not know anything, keep quiet" and again he would bow to Tatya Kote with folded hands and saying "Jai Deva, Jai Deva" For this Tatya used to tell "Salam Alekum" with salute. Once Baba gave Rs. 4/- to Tatya to purchase betel leaves and Jujube from Rahata Bazar. Tatya Kote bou­ght them from Rahata and gave to Baba. Baba gave the Jujube to Mhalasapathy and Tatya to eat. Tatya told to Baba "that he would not eat unless Baba ate". Baba told that he would not eat unless Tatya ate and requested Tatya to eat it. Tatya took away the entire Jujube to his house. Tatya as usual brought roti to Baba during night along with the Jugube. Baba again asked Tatya to eat it. Tatya repeated the same thing that he would not eat unless Baba ate. Baba repeated the same thing that Tatya should eat first. Having got vexed, Tatya threw away the Jujube and went to Chawadi angrily and attended Thamasa there. Baba sent Mha­lasapathy to fetch Tatya to Dwarakatmayee. Tatya came to Dwarakamayee and repeated the same thing to Baba. Baba refused. Again Tatya went to Chawadi. Baba sent Mhalasapathy to fetch Tatya. Mhalasapathy went and told Tatya that Baba doesn’t allow him to sleep and that he should come and eat Jujube. Tatya came again to Dwarakamayee and told the same thing to Baba. Then Baba ate one or two Jujube and then Tatya ate some and slept in Dwarakamayee along with Baba.
On another occasion, Baba gave to Tatya the Kolamba Prasad to eat. Tatya refused to eat it and told Baba that as the day was Sivarathri, he was obser­ving fast. Baba totd Tatya, "why were you observing fast on Sivarathri, Monday and Ekadashi". Eat the Kolamba prasad. Dada Kelkar who was with Baba told Tatya to adhere Baba's instructions. Tatya ate the Kolamba Prasad and thereupon left the observations of fasting. Owing to such intimacy between Baba and Tatya, Baba gave His life to Tatya on 15-10-1918 and Baba Himself took Samadhi in lieu of Tatya.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Shri Madhu False was serving Baba and then Baba's Sansthan. He was incharge of Shyamsunder. Baba used to call him as Godawala. He was the person who broke Baba's brick when he was cleaning Baba's Dwarakamayee referred to in Baba's Satcharitra Chapter 43-44 English. Once he was with pale eyes and fell senseless due to weakness when he was residing in Narayan Tellis house behind Dwarakamayee. His mother was wailing during night on account of her non-belief of the survival of Madhu Fasle. Baba on hear­ing this went to her house and told her why do you weep ? I am by the side of you. Madhu False will ask for roti in the morning, then given him roti. He will be alright and returned to Dwarakamayee. In the morning Madhu False came into his senses and ate roti recovered his health and felt joyful as predicted by Baba. About two months after, he went to Dwaraka­mayee when Baba was smoking chilim, on seeing Madhu Fasle, Baba told him "that he has to go to Kashi". False told that he did not know the way. Baba told him from Shirdi he has to go to Paithan, Jalna, Balaji, Deva-gaom, Omkar, Ajmeer, Neemuch and then to Kashi. Afterwards he started to Kashi with Baba's blessings and Baba also gave Rs. lO/- for his expenses along with His one old Kupni. He went by walk to Paithan with­out any trouble on the way. He went to Jodu Pachude. There one Nandu Patil near Hanuman Mandir met him and questioned him where he was bound to. Madhu False told that he was a sevak to Shri Sai Baba, Shirdi bound for Kashi as per Baba's wish. That Nandu Patil made him to stay in his house for 4 days. During those four days, Fasle told to Nandu Patil and to all about Baba's Leelas. Nandu Patil gave him a lift in his tanga upto Jalna. From Jalna he went to Balaji Devalgaom by walk. There he took darshan of His Holiness Ranganath Maharaj. Then His Holiness told Fasle "That he was no God and that Fasle was coming from highly elevated place". From there he went to Chikali. When he was walking, an officer with his pattewalah recognised Fasle and made him to sit in his tanga upto his jurisdiction. From there Omkareshwar was 12 miles. He went to Omkareshwar by walk and from there to Mamaleshwaram and stayed there for six days. There the temple people fed him. From Mamaleshwa­ram he came to Omkareshwaram and stayed there for two days. From Omkareshwaram, he went to Rathlam by rail From Rathlam he went to Ajmer. On the way there were plenty of dates. He was tired on the way remembered Baba by the side of a stream. A Fakir in green dress came there and enquired where he was going? False told that he was going to Ajmeer. Fakir told Fasle that in Ajmeer people were fighting with each other. Fasle told the Fakir that he was very hungry. Fakir gave some almonds, Kaju to eat and chilim to smoke and both returned to Batlam, fetched a train ticket and made Fasle to travel by train, upto Bhopal and told him if anybody gave roti eat it or else eat Margosa leaves. From Bhopal, he went to Jansi by walk. From Jansi, he went to Agra by walk. Ekadashi came in the middle. He slept in a railway station without any food At 10 or 11 P.M., a man like a Bhill came and approached him and gave him "CHATTU" (a kind of flour to eat by mixing it with water etc.) and also buttermilk and requested him to eat. Fasle suspected of his caste and refused to eat it, but the Bhill like man recognised it and told Fasle that there was no objection in eating as it was GORAS. Then Fasle ate it. The Bhill gone away. False came to Agra. He met the same Fakir who gave him Kaju on his way to Ajmeer. Fakir told Fasle “Beta have you arrived? Go to Mathura and Brindavan and have no acquiantance with anybody and fetched a ticket for him to Mathura. He got down at Mathura and met a man who was colle­cting people to work in his Tea Estate. Then False told him that he would not eat anything in one's hand. The Estate wala gave money and requested him to eat in the Hotel. The Estate wala gave him money for 7 or 8 days then he remembered the Fakir's word and escaped from him and went to Dhavji (Balarampuram) and from there to Kanpur by walk. On the way he was getting rotis to eat. On the bridge of a river near Kanpur when he was very hungry the same Fakir met him again and gave "CHATTU" to eat and asked him where he wanted to go. False replied that he wanted to go to Lucknow. Fakir told False the place where meals were available in Lucknow and told to go to Ayodya from Lucknow. Accordingly False went to Marwari temple at Lucknow. He was fed there and was given Rs. 21 by the temple people. He went to Kashi from Lucknow. When he was getting from the railway station at Kashi, Mohan pandya an unknown person met False and took him to his house and served him for five days. Dur­ing these days, he took darshan of Vishwanath and all other places to be seen in Kashi. From Kashi, False went to Prayag in the train without a ticket and took bath in TRIVENI. As he was hungry he sat on a bench there. There also the Fakir met him and fed him and told Fasle to return to his house and fetched a ticket for him upto Manmad from Prayag and went away. From Manmad, he came to Shirdi by walk and took darshan of Baba. He mixed ths Ganges water in the bathing water and in the drinking water of Baba. Baba told False "that I was with you saved you in so many places for these three months of your pilgrimage as the people were not good now a days". From this we have to understand that though Baba did not bodily moved ; from Shirdi, He was roaming in disguise in any form in any place to help His devotees.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Shri Triambak Vittal Somnath, Basen Road Bom­bay happened to meet Baba in 1915 and took His darshan and paid Re. 11 as dakshina. Baba again deman­ded Re. 1/-. As he got only Rs. 5/- with him, he hesitated first and then paid Re. 1/- Then Baba said to him after a while that "Ganu Mar will do good". He came to the road and found that no tanga was there to go to Kopergaom. Then a Tanga from Rahata came with a Gujarati devotee in it. He made him to sit in his tanga and said to him "Are you coming from Baba? What Baba He is? If we give Re.11 He was deman­ding again Re. 1/- and made His devotees to drink the water drunk by Him". Triambak was astonished on hearing these words. On reaching Kopergaom, he paid tanga wala hire charges for two persons and bought two railway tickets upto Dadar. In Dadar railway Sta­tion he fed him with meals. Triambak asked his add­ress. He gave his address as "Ganu Marwari". Chawl I plot, Behind the Masjid, Bunder" and went away. On the next day he went to Masjid Bunder and searched Ganu Marwari but in vain he realised Baba's words that "Ganu Mar will do good" and that "Ganu Mar­wari" was none other than Baba and thought Baba was Ganpat as he was Ganapathy Devotee.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Shri Govindaswamy alias Bhau Swamy was an em­ployee in the Madras Electricity Tramways. He took leave and started with his wife and children for alround pilgrimage in 1916. Because his Guru's name was Rambhau of South Kaara, he was called as Bhau Swamy. He went to Shirdi on 23-8-1915 and took Baba's darshan on Sunday. He did bhajan with his family. Baba gave him eight annas. He used to get Rs. 2/- in cash and burfi worth Rs. 2/- from Baba daily, He sold off the burfi at once for Rs. 1-12-0 to the shop­keepers. He kept a dairy for all of these. This is the entire diary. On 3-9-1915 he got a wonderful dream and thereby became Baba's devotee. Dr.Pillai told him to give in writing the details of the dream. He wrote it out at Shirdi and gave it to Dr. Pillai. He used to per­form bhajan daily before Baba and sometimes before Radhakrishnamai. He was highly appreciated. He was given a Marathi Book containing life of Baba by Radhakrishnamai.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

I went to Shirdi with my husband and 2 girls on 23-8-1915 and took darshan of Baba. He went first to Nasik and served Narasingh Bhuva in Kala Ram Temple. He told us to go and see Shri Sai Baba, Shirdi. He found Baba's darbar very grand. A number of dancing girls danced before Him, Kathas were performed. Aerobatic feats were exhibited. There was thrilling crowd always at the mosque and accompanied Chawadi. We stayed there a month and a half.
My husband had not much faith in Baba at starting. He then had a dream wherein his was bound hands and feet. Baba released him in the dream (Baba's satcharitra chapter 29) English. Hence he got faith in Baba from that time, Baba used to give us and others burfi, supplied by a local shopman. Two rupees worth burfi, daily he showered on us Rs. 2/- in cash. We felt we had no need for it.
Only once I gave Him Naivedya on 30-8-1915. I myself prepared it with intense devotion (and fear whe­ther He would accept it or not) thinking of Baba and repeating His name all the time. I prepared the dishes (viz.) baji and Payasam. When I took and placed before Him Brahmin widow (Durgaba) placed at the bottom of the row (i. e.) far away from Baba. .
Baba gradually moved up to the dish and began to eat it with Shama etc., ate up the whole lot. I was delighted at the acceptance of my devotion. Baba knew our hearts and responded to our love. At parting, we were assured our railway fare to Kashi would be given to us. But it was not paid to us. But enroute we went to Harda Ghat and we got all our pilgrimage expenses (contributed by devotees)
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

One Shankarlal Keshavaram Bhar, Shopkeeper of Bombay who had been lame by one leg, tried all means to cure his lameness without success. Hearing of Baba's wonderful powers, he came to Shirdi in 1911 prostrated himself before Baba and obtained His blessings. As a result thereof on his return journey, as he walked a few steps to go up the ferry (ship) his clogged up leg by nerve loosened itself and to his surprise he was able to walk erect. His lameness had gone for ever. He was so much pleased with this that he broadcast this news of Baba's Superhuman powers amongst all his custo­mers and persons connected with him.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Once when Shri Haribhu Keshav Karnik of Dhanu proceeding to Pandharpur from Shirdi purchased a passenger ticket to Pandharpur from Kopergaom railway station. He has to get down at Daund and catch ano­ther train to Kurudwadi and from there to Pandharpur. He got down at Daund railway station and was waiting at Daund railway station for Kurudwadi train. In the meanwhile he has to go outside for his privy. He was alone on the platform and was in a fix. At this critical juncture a railway cooly came and assisted him and sho­wed him the latrine and the pipe and safeguarded his luggage till his return. On seeing his passenger ticket, he told him to change it into mail ticket. Karnik gave his passenger ticket and the excess amount to him with request to change it for a mail ticket. The railway cooly obliged him and told Karnik to sit in the train when it reached the platform. Accordingly, the train came and he sat in the train. The co passengers asked him how he would believe that cooly and what will he do if he had not turned up. Karnik replied that he has got faith in Him. The train began to start and proceed to some distance. Then the cooly came and handedover him the ticket in the running train. All were amazed. Is it not the Leela of Baba?
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

In 1914 Shri Ganpat Dhond Kadam was proceeding to Shirdi with his Family. After he had left Nasik, a gang of Bhills boarded the running train and entered into the compartment where Kadam was sitting with his wife and children. Kadam was reading a book of holy songs. Thinking that the Bhills were interested in listening to the songs he started reading louder. The gang waited there for five minutes and then left the running train one by one in the same way as they have entered into the train. The wonderful part of this story was that Kadam saw a Fakir sitting in front of him as the gang boarded the running train and then as soon as they left the train, the Fakir disappeared no one knew where. When Kadam reached Shirdi and paid his respects to Baba, Baba asked him "Well, have you come safe well guarded?" Kadam at once understood that Baba had appeared before him in the compartment no the entrance of the Gang into the compartment and it was only the result thereof that the gang of Bhills got frightended for Baba and left the train leaving him safe.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

On one Mahasivarathri Day Shri Krishnaji Narayan alias Chottu Bhaiya Saheb Parulkar went to Nemavaram along with his family in bullock cart for the darshan of Sri Siddhanath. They started at about 3 'O’ clock in the morning. On the way, the wheel of the cart dama­ged and was got repaired and went to Hadias from which place they have to cross the river by boat to go to the other bank of the river. As night came, the boat wala refused to take them to the other bank. They were ready even to offer the double boat charge to the boat wala. Even then he refused to take them as per his rules and regulations and added that if they want to go during night, special permission from his master is required. They decided to have shelter anywhere in the temple nearby. At that time a Fakir came in white horse and with a tiny horse along with him and enqui­red the man about the crossing of the river. The boat­man refused to come as it was after sunset. The Fakir asked the boatman as to whom the place belonged. The boatman replied that it belonged to the British Empire and the other bank belonged to Holkar Sirkar (i.e.) the hereditary of Indore Raja. Then the Fakir went and asked Parulkar whether they too have to cross the river. He told "Yes" and their inability to cross the river by boat then. "I will just come with the nece­ssary order from your Master to cross the river by boat and went away in his horse in such a manner as it trem­bled the boat man. He came voluntarily and carried Parulkar, his men and his cart to the other side of the river in his boat. After they had started in the boat the Fakir disappeared. They have attended the Mahasivaratri of Siddhanath and returned home safely by the grace of Shri Sai Baba.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

When Nanasaheb Chandorkar was with his family at Shirdi, a solar eclipse occured. He asked Baba for permission for a bath in Godavari river at Kopergaom. Baba gave permission. He went to Godavari, had a bath in Godavari and after his puja, he offered Re. 0-4-0 to a Fakir there, as a dakshina during solar eclipse. After he returned to Shirdi, Baba showed him the same coin and said that He had accepted his offerings during solar eclipse. This made Chandorkar with still more faith in Baba.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Once Muslims were offering their Namaj in the Dwarakamayee and at the same time, Hindus were also doing bhajan with Tal and Mridang. The Muslims complained to Baba that the HINDUS bhajan at the time of their Namaj was a hindrance to their Namaj. For this Baba told the Muslim "Those who do Namaj sincerely may do Namaj and those whose aims have not in namaj may not do the Namaj and those whose aims have not in bhajan may not do the bhajan.
In order to compare this saying of Baba, “Once, circumstances so came to Akbar that He has to pray Namaj on his way adhering to the time of his Namaj. Then he was praying his Namaj on the way. Then a wo­man who was very much fond of her husband after hear­ing that her husband then came from foreign after a long time, ran to her home to meet her husband in such a way that she did not know anything on the way and attacked the legs of Akbar who was praying Namaj on the way. After Namaj was over, Akbar called the woman and enquired her high handed act. The woman re­plied to Akbar, "I heard my husband came from foreign after a pretty long time and as such I came running in haste without knowing anything on the way with the only aim and eager to meet my husband and hence the mistake occured and begged the pardon of Akbar and added that "if Akbar was in Namaj (Praying to God) with one aim how can he knew that his legs were atta­cked". On hearing this vittal question from the woman Akbar felt ashamed and honoured the woman. From this Baba taught us that we have to carry on with our own work with sincerity in the same aim without look­ing for the hindrances of the environments".
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

A devotee from Devas in Madhya Pradesh came to Shirdi for Baba's darshan and stayed in Dixit wada. He used to take food daily in Sagun Mehru Naik's Hotel for both the times and reserved a plate for Baba and requested Baba daily each time to come for meals. Baba would simply laugh at his request.
During the previous day of his departure from Shirdi a person of Nath Panth came to that Hotel at 10-30 P.M. When they were closing the hotel and asked Naik, "There was a plate of meals reserved for me. Please offer that plate to me". Naik made him to sit on a comfortable asan and served the plate. The person asked Naik to call the man who reserved the meals for him. Naik went and woke the man who was in deep sleep but he was not awakend. Naik retured and told the person that the man who had reserved meals for him was in deep sleep and not awakend.
Then the person told Naik "Always feed the hungry and went away". On the next day, it was known to all about this matter. Shri Madhavarao Deshpande asked Baba whether He has gone for meals in Naik's hotel. Baba replied to him "Yes, I had gone to Naik's hotel and had my meals with heart's, satisfaction yesterday night". Afterwards it became wide publicity among devotees that Baba was going for meals even in Shirdi in disguise to satisfy His devotees. "Dear Sai devotees you are sincerely requested, that you should feed who­ever approaches you for meals even foregoing your own meals for that time. This will certainly satisfy Baba and thereby His Blessings obtained.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Baba used to distribute clothes presented to Him during every Shree Ramanavami. He would give Kupni to Shri Kakasahcb Dixit, Bapusaheb Jog, Balasaheb Bhate, Madhu Fasle, Balakram, Mukthaiam and about 25 others. The devotees used to stand in two rows from Dwarakamayee to Chawadi and Baba moved here and there in the middle. Then Sagun Mheru Naik would come there. Baba asked him see how the line of devotees is it not good if a gun was hung in each of their shoulders? On hearing these Baba's words all would laugh Baba would also laugh.
Once, a gentleman came to Shirdi, took Baba's dar­shan and stayed in Shirdi. He used to take his meals in Sagun Mehru Naik's hotel and had his residence in Dixit wada. He told to all that he came to Shirdi to offer lands in large scale to Baba. Madhavarao Deshpande used to pay his hotel charges and he asked Baba "Deva may I register the lands in my name". Baba told him "Yes". Then TatyaPatil asked Baba whether he may register the lands in his name Baba replied "Yes" and Radhakrishnamai also asked Baba whether she may register the lands in her name. Baba replied "Yes". One fine morning he told to that entire he would come with all the necessary stamp papers etc. for registration and went away and never returned. Madhavarao paid his hotel charges to Sagun Mehru Naik. All the above three persons were disappointed and not the omnipotant Baba.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

One devotee from Aurangabad came to Shirdi for Baba's darshan with Rs. 800/-in cash and with two gold rings in his fingers. A police warrant was pending against him in a hurt case. He came to Baba with the aim that Baba would save him from the malady. He stayed in Dixit wada and used to take his meals in Sagun Mehru Naik's Hotel. He used to take Baba’s darshan daily. Baba used to take dakshina from him one hundred rupees for each time and thus received all the money with him. He told Sagun Mehru Naik to write a letter to his brother for money. His brother came with Rs. 1,000/-, handed it over to him took Baba's darshan and went away. Baba received whole of this amount also as Dakshina. He was left as a pauper without money. After knowing that he was in Shirdi the police came with warrant to arrest him. Having known about the arrival of police, he went to Dwarakamayee and sat before Baba. The police also went there, took Baba's darshan and searched him. He was not visible to the police even though he was sitting before Baba. The police after searching him went away. After the police had gone, he fell flat before Baba and Baba told him "you may go home tomorrow after taking your meals" in the wada. Your troubles have come to an end.
On the next day, he received a letter from his brother that he won the case and that he was acquitted. He has went to his home with Baba's permission. He was able to gain more money in his home many times the dakshina amount which Baba received from Him. Baba's saying "Give one and receive tenfold" was proved in this case.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

A Musalman from South Hyderabad styled as Khazi came and saw Baba and told him"why you have named the Masjid as Dwarakamayee? Why you have put a dhuni? Why you were ringing the bell? Why you have Arati and Puja". On hearing this, Baba simply smiled. The Musalman was roaming here and there in Dwarakamayee from 3-30 P.M. to 12-30 A.M. In the end, he came to Baba fell at His feet and requested to be excu­sed. He then thought that Baba was more than ALLAH. Baba made him to stay in Shirdi for 3 days and gave him permission to go to his home.
Baba used to feed one "Waghri Kutra" (Dog) which used to sleep in the steps of Dwarakamayee. Once Madhu Fasle Baba's server kicked the dog. Baba became angry and scolded him and said "It came here for Me only and not for you. Beware hereafter".
Baba named His following devotees with the follow­ing nick names owing his affection to them.

1) Madhava Rao Deshpande Bhatacha Shamya
2) Tatya Patil Kothyacha Ghodmukhya
3) Dr. Pillai Andhoji Filial
4) Pilaji Gurav Guravacha
5) Hari Seetharam alias Langada Kaka
Kakasaheb Dixit
6) Dabholkar Hemad
7) Dadasaheb Kapharde Bapusaheb Tapusan Dada
8) Sagun Mehru Naik, Takki (Deceiver)
9) Bapusaheb Buty Buttya
10) Bapusahefa Dhumal Bhau
11) Madhu Fasle Ardha Gandhu
12) Radhakrishna Mai Avadasa (Moodevi)
13) Balasaheb Dev Chindi Chor
14) Abdul Baba Halalkar
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Once a doctor by name Shri Talvalkar came to Shirdi and took Baba's darshan. Baba blessed him and gave him UDI. He preserved this Udi with more care. He began his doctor's practice at Indore; He became a famous doctor by Baba's grace. He would open the dispensary only after Baba's Puja. He cured so many serious cases. One day a serious case came to him which had been looked after and left by so many emi­nent doctors. The patient was about to die. The doctor pacified the patient's relatives and gave medicine. After realising that no medicine will be of any use to the patient, he prayed to Baba, "Baba your grace alone would cure this dying patient" and requested Baba for his cure and gave him three packets of Baba's Udi which was with him since 1917, with instructions that it should be mixed with water and administered to the patient each packet a day for three days. After Baba's UDI was administered, the patient became conscience. The doctor went to his house and tested him and the patient was improved be­yond his expectation. Then he gave medicine to the patient, so he gradually cured and fully recovered after a cou­ple of days. The doctor told the patient that he has not saved him. He brought him to SHIRDI and pointed out Shri Sai Baba and told that He has saved him from his dying condition. The patient paid his gratitude to Baba. From that time be became a staunch devotee of Baba.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Once Shri Gajanan Narvekar was suffering from fever in 1917. The fever was with high temperature. He sent his son with Rs. 500/- as dakshina to be paid to Baba. His son came and paid Rs. 500/- to Baba. At the time of receiving that amount Baba Himself suffered with fever and shivering. A devotee by the side of Baba questioned, "Baba why were you shivering with fever?" all of a sudden. Baba replied to him "that whomsoever from whom I received dakshina I have to bear their trouble and set them free".
Once Baba received Rs. 5007/- from Shri Moreshwar Pradhao and after that Baba had suffered all his family troubles and set his family without any trouble there­after.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Shri Kashinath Shankar Dube was a friend of a fore­ign retired Government Doctor. The doctor thought that Baba was a Muslim. Baba one day appeared in his dream with both Hindu and Musalman Dress and the person who had in white dress told the doctor "Lord Dattatreya and Shri Sainath were one and the same, you should not be deceived by yourself only on seeing the outward appearance'”. The doctor himself was suffer­ing more than six months. After this dream he began to improve and completely cured. He became a staunch devotee of Baba.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Shri Kavji Patil wanted to build a Devi (Vani) mandir in memory of his late father and to install a new Devi Vigraham. He came to Shirdi for Baba's permission to build a new Mandir and to install a new Vigraham. Baba did not give permission. But he frequently came to Baba and compelled Baba for permission. Baba told him "what I had to tell I had told”. What you have to do may do and reap the consequence thereby". He built the Mandir and wanted to install a new Devi Vigraham in the Mandir for which he brou­ght a person for pradishta of the new Devi Vigraham. At that time plauge was enraged in that place and the new Devi Vigraham Pradishta was not done. He con­sulted Baba. Baba told him to do pradishta of the old Devi Vigraham to which his forefathers have worship­ped in the new Mandir. He did accordingly as Baba said. The plauge was ceased in the place and all his troubles were over.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

One devotee who had gone for Baba's darshan to Shirdi wanted to pay dakshina to Baba, but he forgot to do so and came to his house. In his wife's dream Baba appeared and made her to know that a packet of money was lying in the latrine. She told her dream to her husband. He remembered and regretted his fault and sent his dakshina amount to Baba by M.O. forthwith.
Baba used to ask Purandare often and often Rs. 2/-as dakshina. Once Purandare requested Baba "why He was asking Rs. 2/- as dakshina often and often and that too, nothing less nor more". Baba replied "I want from you Nishta and Saburi".
Baba once asked Bapusaheb Buty to fetch Rs. 16-50 as dakshina from Kakasaheb Dixit when he was listening llth Skanda in Ekanath Bhagawath read by Balasaheb Bhate in Dixit wada. Buty went and asked Dixit that Baba wanted Rs. 16-50 as dakshina to Him. Then Dixit got only one rupee. He told to Buty that I have already given Rs. 16-50 to Baba and explained to Buty about what was meant by Baba for Rs. 16-50. Indrias 10, Man 1, speech 1, Body 1, Bud hi 1, Ahamkara 1, Pra-kruthi & Chitham 1, on the wkole 16 (i.e., Rs. 16-50). Buty went and told Baba about this and Baba gladly accepted.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Shri D.V. Sambare used to drink liquor very often. On 1-2-1917, Baba appeared in his dream and was sea­ted on his chest and told him "what would he do then" Sambare feared and promised Baba that he would not touch the liquor thereafter. After his promise Baba disappeared. From that time, Sambare gave up drink­ing liquor. After 15 days, there was a party in his office arranged with drinking liquor. Sanbare reques­ted his Manager that he would not touch the liquor as the doctor advised him not to drink Hquor. But his Manager compelled him to take it. It was also served in glass with other items. All on a sudden electric cur­rent failed and all the lights were off. In the darkness, the person in the next chair drank his liquor and kept the empty glass as it is. The Manager also was pleased and Sambare thanked Baba in handling the situation tactfully.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Once Radhakrishnamai made ashamed a devotee who came for Baba's darshan before other devotees. Baba called her angrily and instructed her,”those who were coming to My darshan beyond the steps of Dwarakamayee are My men If you made them ashamed it amounts that you have ashamed Me. Beware hereafter, from that time she became very careful in this aspect.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Amrutanubhava of Janeshwari is a well known work, but it is very hard to understand. Very few read it. Das Ganu wanted to write ovees (comment) explaining it in detail (Tika) so that the common man could understand it. Das Ganu said so to Dada Maharaj, the well known man of Satara. The later put an obstacle in his way and said "Before you write a Tika or com­mentary, you must understand the original text. If you remain some months with me and learn the book, then you can write the commentary". Dada Maharaj was reputed to be well versed in Atnrutanubhuva. Das Ganu told him "If Baba wants me to write the Tika then he will give me the Buddhi to make me to understand the book. I will not go to anyone to learn it". Dada Maharaj did not appreciate Das Ganu's idea, but he prayed to Baba on Das Ganu's behalf. Then Das Ganu began his commentary. After comments were writeen on 2 chapters, Das Ganu went to Dada Maharaj and the latter enquired about the commentary. Das Ganu read out his chapters. Hearing that Dada Maharaj gave his compliments and said "Baba was truely Samartha. Because of His favour on you, such a Tika has been written. There is no need for anyone to help you.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Once when Baba's fame was not wide spread, He was taking his meals (Kala) in Dwarakamayee. At that time two three devotees were also sitting by the side of Baba. When Baba was taking His meals, he told all of a sudden to stop a little. The devotees sit­ting were amazed as to whom Baba addressed these words. After meals Baba with the help of the devotees, brought His Haitians (i.e.) Tumbrel, Chillum, Thambakku bag and water pot to the floor of the Dwarakamayee hall. Baba and the devotees also came down to the floor of Dwaraka­mayee hall. Afterwards the roof above, where Baba was taking His meals, fell down to the ground of Dwa­rakamayee. Then alone the devotees became to know why Baba told to stop a little at the time of taking His meals. This shows that even an inanimate thing would not stir without Baba's wish.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Baba loved very much the daughter of Shri Babu Girvandikar of Shirdi. Her name was Santha, Baba loved her very much and used to call her as His sister. She also used to call Baba as her brother. At the time of her play with other children, she accidentally fell in the well near Dwarakamayee. All were doubted that she was drowned and dead. But she was aloaf on the water with her upper half body above the water and her half lower body in the water. People came to see this and took her out of well and found that there was no wound on her body. When she was questioned she replied that Baba caught hold of her with half body above the water.
Like this, on one occasion a small boy was going to his house with an umbrella when raining. He accidently fell into a pit, full of water which was dug for founda­tion of a building in front of his house. Even though the depth of the pit was more than the height of the boy, the boy came walking along the pit to the other side. When questioned, the boy replied that Baba made steps to walk through them to the other side of the pit. Is not the Leela of the Almighty Baba to save both of them from death?
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Abdul Bhai was residing in Nanded. His Guru's name was Amrudhin. Baba appeared in his Guru's dream, gave two mangoes and asked him to send Abdul Bhai to Him. In the morning Amrudhin found two mangoes in his bed. He gave it to Abdul Bhai and directed him to go to Shirdi and meet Baba. Accordingly, he came to Shirdi and took darshan of Baba in 1889 in his 20th age. Baba also told that "My crow has come". Baba told him to look after the five Akandams (ever burning lamps) in Dwarakamayee and in Lendi Baug and also to keep clean all these places. Abdul Bhai served Baba by washing His clothes, kept two pots full of water near the Akandam. He would read Kuran as per Baba's instructions. One day he slept during the day time as he was awakened throughout the previous night. Baba woke him up at 2 P.M. and asked him to see the moon in the water. Abdul Bhai took two hands full of water and saw the full moon in the water as Baba said. After sometime, Amrudhin his previous guru came and called him back to Nanded. Abdul Bhai refused to go as Baba was not willing and remained with Baba serving him. After Baba's Samadhi in 1918, he served Baba's Samadhi and called as Abdul Baba and took Samadhi on 5-4-1954.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Shri Purandare came to Shirdi during one Good Fri­day and took Baba's darshan and stayed in Bala Shimpi's house. Baba told him that the He would come for meals to him on that day. Purandare requested Baba as to what items have to be prepared. Baba told to pre­pare Rice, Seera, Baji, Two Baaji and Masala Kichadi and that two other Fakirs also would come for meals. Purandare prepared the food as directed by Baba. After Arati, he came to his house and saw the food was prepared. The four or five Fakirs came and they told that many have yet to come. Purandhare fed them. Afterwards about 20 Fakirs came. Purandhare fed them also. After they had eaten and gone, ano­ther ten Fakirs came. Purandare fed them also and still the food remained. The rice washed and kept ready to be prepared for the second time was lying idle. Purand­are went to Baba with betel leaves and dakshina and called him for meals. Baba told "I have eaten very much and I feared much" and told Purandare to take his meals and asked him to feed Bala Shimpi also. Purandare took Bala Shimpi, fed him along with his family members and his wife too. The food yet remai­ned for two days. Purandare took prasad from that food and went to Bombay. It is not due to the Leela of Baba?
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

In 1915, Shridar Janardhan Dighe came to Shirdi for Baba's darshan. Baba made him to eat three hands full of His Prasad and made him to stay in Shirdi. After some days, Baba gave him permission to go and told him to go to Nasik and met Shri Narasingh Maharaj in Kala Ram Mandir on his way home. Dighe proceeded to Kopergaon by walk and from there to Nasik by train and met Narasingh Maharaj. He asked Dighe whether he was sent by Shri Sai Baba Shirdi and made him to stay there.
One grape merchant with the permission of Narasingh Maharaj fed Dighe in his house and sent him to Bombay in the train from Nasik. He reached
Bombay. Afterwards Dighe gone to Narayan Maharaj, Kedgaom for His darshan. Narayan Maharaj told there, that Dighe was blessed person from Sai Baba and He made him to stay there for some days and sent him to Bombay.
Dighe was very much felt that all these due to Baba's Prasad and Baba given him Sadgati on 26-12-198O.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Shri Naik and his friend Shri Shantharam both came to Shirdi for Baba's darshan. Shantharam was a habitual drinker of liquor. Baba made him to stay in shirdi for six days. During these six days he gave up his practice of drinking liquor and never touched it throught his life.
Naik had another friend. His son was also in the habit of drinking liquor. Doctor advised him not to drink liquor often and added that he would live only on liquor. Naik told his friend Sonar to send his son to Shirdi for Baba’s darshan. Naik, Sonar and his son started for Shirdi. His son began to vomit from Manmad itself. After he came to Shirdi, his vomitting stopped. At the time of taking darshan of Baba, Baba blessed him. He stayed for four days in Shirdi. He did not touch the liquor during these four days. From that time his appetite for liquor gone away. He forgot liquor.
This occured on Vaishak month. In Badhrapad month, DEVI GOWRI used to install in all the places. In his place also Gowri was instal­led. On the last day of Gowri Visarjana from that place all would conduct festival and used to drink liquor. All his friends compelled Sonar's son to drink liquor. He refused it. But they compelled him to drink. He further told them that Baba was appearing in the liquor glass. They made him to drink the liquor. Then he drank liquor unlimitedly and slept unconsciously in his asan itself in the fire.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Krishna Bai S. Prabhakar came to Shirdi for Baba's darshan. Baba gave her one four anna coin. She used to perform puja to that coin daily. One day a lady came for selling coconut. Krishna Bai purchased coconut from her and gave this four anna coin along with other coins and she was then in Puja. Thus the four anna coin given by Baba was gone. She became morose over it and felt sad. After some time the lady selling coco­nut came to her and handed over that particular four anna coin and took back another four anna coin from Krishna Bai. This made Krishna Bai to increase her faith towards Baba. Is it not the Leela of Baba?
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

In 1917 during Vaisak month, a doctor, his wife and his son came to Shirdi for Baba's darshan. The doctor thought that throwing flour on the outskirts by Baba to stop the evil spirits to enter the village was unwanted. Baba asked him to come at 3'o clock in the evening. The doctor, his wife and his son came at 3'0 clock. Baba asked him to massage his legs. The doctor and his son massaged Baba's legs. Then an ugly lady with her hairs untied came and caught hold of his son and wanted to snap him away. Then Baba gave her a blow with his satka. She ran away crying and left the doctor's son. Then Baba told the doctor because she had not got her food, she came here to eat your son and as you have also thought my throwing flour to her for food was unwanted and that was why she came to eat your son. I drove her away. Baba gave them permis­sion to go on the next day.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Shri Raoji Balakrishna Upasani was suffering from Asthama. Shri Kakasaheb Dixit advised him to go to Baba. Accordingly, Raoji came for Baba's darshan in 1913. On seeing him Baba told that he really felt glad of his arrival and gave blessings with His UDI. After taking Baba's UDI, he felt better in Shirdi itself and went away.
His eldest son suffered from fever for five or six days in 1913. The doctor advised that the fever would not be cured soon. On the sixth day night, the boy suffered heavily and the doctor also told about the survival of the boy in negative. Raoji sat before Baba's photo praying for the life of his son. Baba gave darshan to him and told him "Not to worry, the boy's troubles would be over within two hours." Accordingly two hours later all the rotton things inside his stomach came out and the boy felt ease and recovered fully as told by Baba. In the morning the doctor came, examined the boy and astonished about his recovery. After two days, Raoji received a letter from Shirdi in which Baba stated all the occurances about his boy. This increased the faith of Raoji towa­rds Baba. After fifteen days, Raoji, his wife and his son went to Shirdi for Baba's darshan. In Kopergaom, they took bath and wanted to go to Shirdi to attend Arati. But the tanga wala in the middle went to his house and came late. They doubted whether they can attend Arati. At that time, Baba told Shama to stop the Arati for a little as his Raoji friend was coming. After they came to Baba, Arati commenced. Baba called his son by the side and asked him "whether you recog­nised Me when I came to you when you were with fever". By these acts of Baba their devotion to Baba increased more.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Once Nanasaheb Chandorkar came to Shirdi at 12 noon and took darshan of Baba. Baba told Chandorkar that "He want to eat Puran Poli". Cbandorkar told to Baba that the time was more than 12 Noon and that he would offer Puran Poli tomorrow. Baba told that he wanted the Puran poli then itself. Even then Chandorkar told that it would take time upto 4PM. Baba told him "Never mind for the time" Then Chandorkar came out of Dwarakamayee and searched a woman for its preparation. He secured a woman and told her to prepare Puran poli and that he would give Re. 1/- for one Puran Poli. She prepared the Puran polli. Chan­dorkar gone to Baba with the plate of Puran Poli and placed before him. After some time Baba asked Chan­dorkar to take away the plate and take his meals. Chan­dorkar refused to take the plate as Baba has not eaten the Puran poli. Baba told him that "He has eaten it and asked him to eat." For this, Chandorkar went ang­rily to Chawadi. Baba called him and asked him to take the plate away and take his meals. Chandorkar again went to Chawadi angrily. Baba called him back again and told him to take meals. Chandorkar told that he would not take his meals unless Baba eat the Puran Poli? Then Baba told him you were with me for more than 18 years, what have you learnt from Me? I have eaten your Puran Pollis in the shape of ants" and Baba prepared something and shown to Chandorkar secretly. Chandorkar then realised his ignorance and felt for it and then took his meals and the Puran poli.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Dr. Hate was a total believer in Sai Baba. He lived for some time at Shirdi. One evening a person named Savalram of Gwalior came to him and said that his son was missing from home. So he and his wife were greately distressed in mind. Doctor having full faith in Shri Sai Baba told him "Go to Shirdi. Take darshan of Sai". Then you would surely see your son" Saval­ram made a wow at once, that if news of the boy's where abouts were received, he would go to Shirdi for darshan. After some time a letter was received from the boy who was in Mesopotamia, which stated that he joined the army without telling anyone and that he was returning to India. When Savalram told Doctor Hate of this, he asked him to go to Baba for darshan first. Instead of going so savalram went to Bombay first with his wife to see the boy. No doubt he saw his son, but the latter had got emaciated due to fever. Seeing that his son was suffering from fever Savalram went with the boy to Gwalior and went to the doctor for treatment. Doctor Hate told him "you had failed to keep up your promise you had not taken Baba's darshan. If the boy falls at Baba's feet, he will get alright" Savlaram made up his mind to visit Shirdi. He went to Doctor Hate snd asked him for an introduction letter. The doctor replied that no introduction letter was required. So saying he took a rupee from his box and gave it to Savalram with an idea that Baba should return it to him to be kept as Prasad and such a Prasad being a rare Prasad. Savalram went to Shirdi took Baba's darshan and delivered the rupee. Baba received and kept for sometime and returned the rupee to Savalram saying "Give him his rupee". The doctor's idea was to get it back as Prasad. Baba knowing that He returned the coin. Savalram returned to Gwalior and told the doctor that he had taken darshan of Baba and that his boy's health had improved and added that Baba returned the rupee to him. The doctor took the rupee in his hand. On taking the rupee in his hand, he felt that it was not the coin he sent. So he told to Savalaram to take it back to Shirdi for that it was not his coin. Savalram was much perturbed in mind and took back the coin. Next day he went to doctor Hate with a different rupee. When that was placed in doctor's hand, he indentified it as his own. Savalram told that by his wife's mistake (of substitution) he had given the doctor the wrong coin.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

On 31-3-1915, I and Santharam Moreshwar Phanse were going on Government work through a thick jungle in a bullock cart at night. We packed from Dahanu Taluka through Ranshet pass; the bulls of our cart became restive. The cart itself pushed backwards. We tried to find out the reasons, but could not discover it. Beyond this place, there was a preci­pice. On the left side in front of carriage, beyond the road, an axle pin was broken and visible. If the cart would shalce then the whole of the cart would roll back and fall on us. Mean while Santharam pointed out his finger at something. I looked in front. There was a fierce tiger with its face to the south and its tail to the north. It started at the cart. If we did not get down on the back side of the cart and direct the wheel by the hand, if the bulls were only a bit terrified, then the cart could roll down the hill side. If we got down the cruel creature in front of us was ready to jump on us with
open mouth. Phanse was bold by nature. He told me to hold the reins of the bulls. I had not the courage to sit and hold the reins. Out of the two bulls one bent its knees and fell on the ground as though its legs were broken. I could not see what was to be done. My throat became dry and was strained. By Purva Punya, I felt that Sai would do the right and Sai Baba would save us from the danger. I shouted while in the carriage "Jaya Shri Sai Baba. Run up". Then the tiger got up, turned its face towards our cart and jumped away on our right side. I continued to shout aloud when the tiger passed by. Our bulls were terrified and they began to run fast. Thus Baba made us escape from the danger. Instead of saying so, it is better to say that the "Namasmaran of our Sadguru Saved us."
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

Shri Prangondji and his wife Manigowri came to Baba for His darshan. Baba blessed them. Afterwards his Holiness Shri Sai Sharan Anand was born to them on 5-4-1889 at Mota village, Bardoli Taluka in Surat District, and named by them as Shri Vaman Rao Prana Govind Patel. When he was three years of age, he fell sick and the parents have faith about his survival as it was beyond medical treatment. At that time Baba as a Fakir went to his house and gave His UDI and asked his mother to give it to her son mixing it with water and told her as there was a scat in his right side back, he would become a "SATPURUSHA". The UDl was administered to him and the child was miraculously saved by Baba. He had his primary education at Surat and Ahmedabad. In his age of 13, he went to Somanath Mandir. There Baba gave him darshan as a Fakir. He finished his B.A. Education in 1910 in Elphistone College, Bombay and he passed his LL.B. in 1912. He used to question his college Professors whether the God is Phenomina or Neomina". The Professors were not able to reply. Vaman Rao went to Bombay along with his father to take darshan of Sri Balakrishna Maharaj a follower of Shri Akkalkot Maharaj. Vaman Rao put the same question to the Maharaj also. The Maharaj got angry with him and given him two books, one the Saritra of Shri Akkalkot Maharaj and the other Ekanath Bhagawat and asked him to read them. He read them and questioned his father whether there was any such Maharaj. His father replied that there was Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi. Vaman Rao came to Baba's darshan first in 1911. At the very first instance on seeing Vaman Rao, Baba told him "why are you worrying that there is God or not God". There is God. Vaman Rao joi­ned the Solicitors firm in 1913. He came to Shirdi in 1913 when there were vacation holidays for the Court. On the expiry of leave, he requested Baba for permis­sion to go to Bombay, but Baba did not permit him to go nearly for one year on one plea or other. As he was did not to his house, his parents were worried about his whereabouts and consulted astrologers, "They told them he was in God's place (SHIRDI) without any fear, if not it was danger to him. Afterwards Baba gave him permission to go. He came to Shirdi again in 1916 all of a sudden when he came to the railway station to send off his friend for Shirdi Baba told Vaman Rao that he was expected at Shirdi. After twenty one days Baba allowed him to go to Bombay. During this period one day a big stone was fallen on his head when the building of Buty's wada was going on. Baba sent medicines for this. By baba's grace no wound was visible on his head. Vaman Rao told that at that time of bleeding he was fully emerged in Divine joy. Only after this incident he became a staunch devotee of Baba. After three years, he was made Head Master., Model High School, Ahmedabad. He came to Bombay in 1921 and became Managing Clerk in Messrs Ganga And Sayani Co. Bombay. He wrote books on Baba (viz.) Gurusmriti in 1932 in Gujarati language and in 1946 about Baba's life in Gujarati by name Sai baba. Baba has given him Sanyasa in 1952 in Dakor as a Fakir, and thereby he was named as Shri Sai Sharan Anand. In the year 1961, He wrote a book in English Called "Sai Baba the Superman". A devotee has given Baba's padukas telling that Baba wants to hand over them to Him. At first He refused and then accepted and installed it in a place in Ahmedabad wherein a pucka Sai Baba Mandir was errected and named as "Vishnu Dharamalaya'' where so many devotees are now flocking there to get Baba's darshan. He told "That from 1952 Baba was with Him and getting His service to the devotees through Him. After many years of Baba's service to the devotees as His Holiness Shri Sai Sharan Anand, He merged with Baba on 25-8-1982. Such a blessed soul by Baba has given foreward to this book.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there

When the Almighty Shri Sai Baba was in flesh and blood, there were other Sai Babas. One Sai Baba was in Kopargaom, called as Kopargaom Sai Baba; One Sai Baba was in Bandra called as Bandra Sai Baba; One Sai Baba in Nagpur called as Nagpur Sai Baba. They were all telling to the devotees that they were Shri Sai Baba and thereby mak­ing their own ends to meet. Even knowing all their acts and affairs, Baba tolerated and allowed them to go on in their own way as He pretty knew the ins and outs of their actions. Gradually, all Sai Babas were vani­shed without name and place, but the Almighty Shri Sai Baba Shirdi has thrown out His mortal body on 15-10-1918 and acting more vigorously to help His devo­tees even after His Mahasamadhi and remained Immortal
Hereafter, we may read how Baba helped His devo­tees after His Mahasamadhi.
Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there


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