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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Shirdi Diary by Shri G.S.Khaparde - Part 39

1912 March 14 Thursday

I got up early, prayed and held our Panchadasi class. We revised a few of the earlier verses of the first Viveka. We saw Sayin Saheb go out and I went later to the Masjid on his return. Baba Palekar went before & obtained permission for me to return to Amravati, tomorrow. The exact hour of starting appears unsettled. The midday Arti passed off as usual and after the midday meal I lay down for sometime. From Satara has come a Shastri to formally announce the news of the puberty of L.Sanshagyavati Uma. He also Saw Sayin Saheb. In the afternoon we continued our class and towards evening saw Sayin Maharaj at his stroll. At night there was the Wada Arti & later on the Shej Arti. I attended both. Then Bhishma read a little of Swanubhava Dinakar & Dasabodh.

1912 March 15 Friday

I got up early in the morning, prayed and attended the Kakad Arti. Sayin Baba got up pleased &passed to the Masjid with good .The Rohila was today in a belicose mood & I heard afterwards that he beat and broke the of Butya. I went to Masjid with Baba Palekar & Mr Dixit. Sayin Baba was pacifying the Rohilla & Butya. After he sat in his usual place Dixit moved about my permission to return to Amravati & it was granted. So I returned & told my wife to make ready for my departure. She will stay on with Bhishma & Bandu a few days longer at Shirdi. I held the Panchadasi class &finished the first chapter of it. Then I attended the midday Arti which passed off as usual. Mr Chandodkar arrived before it & naturally attended. I had my meals in company with Dixit, Chandodkar &others. After the meal I went with Palekar and met Sayin Saheb near the gate of the village. At his bidding we ran & brought the Udi and took it from him. He told us to start at once blessing our journey with the words “Allah Bhala Karega ”. So I hastily said goodbye to Bhate, Joshi, Dada Kelkar, Mr Chandodkar, Upasani, Durgabau. Mrs Kaulgi, & Bapusaheb caught me up soon. Balaram & young Dixit as well as Ramchandra were there. Bhai & Keshava could not be found. We i.e. I & Palekar left by tonga, reached Kopargaon at about 4 P.M. or a little later & sat on the platform till 7 P.M. Many visitors of Shirdi including Navalkar & Dr Ujinky turned up there & we sat talking. We left by the train which leaves about 7 P.M. & reached Manmad. There the N.W. passenger was waiting. So I got into it telling Palekar to take tickets & get in. The train started soon & I discovered afterwards that he did not get in There was a Traffic Inspector in my compartment. I told him all. He advised me to go on to Bhushaval & wait for Palekar there. So I did. I am now waiting & have neither a ticket nor a single pie. The Traffic Inspector is a good man but he got down at Jalgaon. I met Mr Devalé who is a ticket collector here. He advised me to wait either on the platform or in the train for Nagpur which is ready formed. I decided to do the latter.

1912 March 16 Sunday
Bhusaval – Amravati

The porter got me up at 5 A.m. & on going to the platform I saw Baba Palekar come in. He told me that last night after my train left he saw the Manmad station master & explained the situation to him & pointed out how it arose through the remissness of his coaching clerk. The Station Master was a reasonable man, & at once wired at Company ’s expense to all the inspecting stations viz Bhusaval, Badnera & Amravat to pass me without any trouble. That is how every thing passed off well. Mr Devalé also came. Baba Palekar & I left by Nagpur passenger. At Shegaon I met Mr Govind Raj ’s son Baba. He is the Sub Registrar. I was sorry to learn that Mr Govind Raj is not doing well. At Akola old Mr Mahajani came into my compartment and travelled to Amravati with me. We sat talking all the way, about general matters. He was on his way to attend some committee for moral & religious instruction. At Amravati Narayan Dhamarkar & Mahadeva were at the station. On reaching home I met Durge Shastri. He is very weak &nearly blind. Then I bathed & had something to eat. I tried to lie down but felt it very hot. So I sat reading the daily papers & wrote. Kurandikar, Raghunath Rao Tikekar, Ranade, Asnare, Bhau Durani, Kaka Tarubé, Shriram Khatre, GopalRao Dole, V.K.Kalé, & others came to see me during the day & early in the evening and I sat talking with them about my stay at Shiradi, the mode of life there and the spiritual greatness of Sayin Saheb who is constantly present to my mind. We sat on the terrace for sometime. Gokhalé also came to see me. I feel tired and will retire early.

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