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Friday, May 29, 2009

Shirdi Diary by Shri G.S.Khaparde - Part 40

1912 March 17 Sunday

I got up rather late in the morning and after prayer tried to resume my old life. Some clients turned up and many came to see me. I sat talking with them. I wrote a few letters. Dr. Shahani came and at my suggestion agreed to perform an operation on the left eye of Durge Joshi on Wednesday next. There is a heavy case offered at Akola. Goré also came with a Brahman from Konkan. Soon after our midday meal Mr Natekar known as Hamsa came from Akola, with Purohit. It was very kind of him to do so. He is a holy man, has practised yogic austerties and acquired higher powers.

We sat talking with him. His experiences in Himalaya are unique and I never appear to tire of hearing about them. V.K.Kale and Karandikar came to go to our Theosophic lodge but having Hamsa with me I did not go. Towards evening Hamsa went out for a little airing. He had fever & colic yesterday & the day before. He had a little of it even today. I sat upstairs talking with Bamangaonkar, Waman Rao Joshi, Bhow Durrani, Baba Palekar Shriram & others. Hamsa intends going away tomorrow.

1912 March 18 Monday


The spiritual surroundings of Shirdi are not here and I find myself considerably inconvenienced though Hamsa is under the roof & he has a good powerful aura. I wished to get up as I used to do at Shirdi but could not and it was with great effort that I could finish my prayers before sunrise. Then I looked into today ’s appeal and dressing early & eating something went to court. I met Mr Browne near his court and going into it got time in a case to put in our written statement. Then I went to the Court of Mr Price &found him busy with a session ’s case. He could not hear the appeals so my work was finished. I went to the Bar Room & found Palekar who accompanied me to Court, there sitting. I sat talking & gave him three rupees to be made over to the secretary of the complimentary dinner to Major Morris. Tambe, Darule, & Bhide came there, also Mr Narayan Rao Ketkar. After talking with them, I returned home with Gopalrao Dole & Darule. Dole went to court with me in the earlier part of the day. On returning home I sat talking with Hamsa & the people who came to see him. He was feeling slightly unwell. Later on he felt better. Then we went to Baba Palekar ’s house where Hamsa had some milk and fruits. Thence we went to the Railway station where I saw Nabob of Deolghat, old Mr Mahajani & a number of others. Hamsa went by the evening mail to Mortugapur with Purohit. My son Baba & a few others went to Badura with Hamsa, and I returned home. I sat upstairs, talking with such as came. Kurandikar, V.K.Kale, Waman Rao Joshi, Jayarum Patil & others. Later on I received a letter from W.V.Joshi asking me to absent myself from Morris ’ party on the ground that Mr Sly & others would not like it. I do not understand the situation. It is a party by the Bar & Bench & I have every right to attend it. And does it matter if Mr Sly & others do not like it. We sat talking for a long time. Durrani, Palekar, Gokhale, Wamanrao Joshi, Jaram Patil & others.

1912 June 4 Tuesday

In the morning I got up early, prayed &sitting in the hall hunted up authorities from the Registration Act. Mr Asga Hussain came later on & I drafted a petition for him to present at Yeotwal. After the midday meal I lay down but could not rest So I got up & sat reading. Kelkar has put in a very good protest in the Maharalta against the action of the Bombay government in demanding security from Kesari. He has given translations of the alleged offending articles. The translations admit of improvement &I thought of making the necessary amendments but for want of reference books &on account of the excessive heat of the day I put off the work to tomorrow. I had my constitutional with V.K.Kale & then sat talking with Buruangaonkar, Kesarisa and Bwaji. I have received today a letter written by Madhavarao Deshpande of Shirdi at the request of Sayin Maharaj ordering me to try and get Mr Karkhanis to take his wife back and treat her well. Sayin Maharaj says she is a very fortunate woman and her presence will do him (Karkhanis)& me good. Karkhanis not here. I shall speak to him & do my best when he returns at the end of the present vacation.

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