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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Shirdi Diary by Shri G.S.Khaparde - Part 41

1912 June 5 Wednesday

I got up somewhat earlier than usual, prayed and after spending sometime in walking in the verandah, sat in the hall. There were many letters to write in connection with the orders of Sayin Baba about Mrs Karkhanis. I wrote to Madhavarao Deshpandé, & Gopal Rao Joshi at Shirdi & also to Sayin Baba himself. Then I wrote to the father of Mrs Karkhanis. After the midday meal I lay down for a short while and then sat reading. I also wrote a few letters in the afternoon. V.K.Kale came earlier on purpose to read nxxxx nxxxx of the Upanishad but Mr Bhowjee Peshvé father of the pleader Peshavé of Yeotwal came & we sat talking. Poor Peshwe has his brain affected. He does no work and what is the worst of all, hates his own people & relations. The old father naturally feels very anxious. I had my evening constitutional with him and V.K.Kale. Bamangaonkar also came. We read a part of the essay written by V.K.Kale & also Mandukya. There were many clients. I told them to come tomorrow morning. At night Bwaji & Jayavantrao came & we sat talking.

1912 June 17 Monday

I got up early, prayed, & sitting in the hall, drafted two appeal memos and later on with the help of Mr Asgar Hussain a petition for the Yeotwal client. This took up the whole of the morning. After the midday meal I lay down but found it too close and warm to rest. So I got up & sat reading. It came on to rain in the afternoon &continued to rain till night fall. A man from Karanja came & told a long story, how there was a small association of young men to help the blind, lame & poor, how it expanded collected small funds & deposited them first with Bapusaheb Ghude, then with Jodha & how finally one Paloskar got hold of it and never satisfactorily accounted for it. The police have got trace of it and they are making enquiries. Later on V.K.Kale, Asnare, Godbole & our usual people came and we sat talking. The suit against Mudholkar has been filed. It is said to be for accounts. Then Mr Karkhanis came. I gave him Madhavarao Deshpande ’s letter written at Sayin Maharaja ’s request to read. He said he had great reverence for Sayin Maharaj & would obey him in every thing except the matter of his wife. I asked him to go &see Sayin Maharaj. He replied he would not do so now. At last I asked him to daily adore Sayin Maharaj & he agreed to do so. After he went Bwaji came &we sat talking. He brought a shoe-maker who measured my foot & said he would make a slipper for me. Though it did not rain much, we feel pleased & cool.

1912 June 18 Tuesday


In the morning I got up early, prayed, and noted the authorities in Mutsui Bhushan Kuisha ’s case. I also looked into the papers of the evidence case before Mr Paranjape today. After an early breakfast I went to court with my son Baba & Bhaw Durrani. The case before Mr Price was adjourned. I appeared before Mr Paranjapé. The other side had only two witnesses of whom they examined only one &the case was adjourned. I then went to the Bar Room, looked for Kanga who could not be found and proceeded to the Small cause court. I had to wait there for about two hours & more. Mr Kanga turned up after 3 P.M. Then the case was argued & he had to admit one of our points. The case was adjourned and I returned home. Asnare was there but he appears for the other side. In the evening V.K.Kale, Asnare, Shamrao Deshpande, Karandikar & others came & we sat talking. I forgot to mention above that my third son Balvant returned this morning from Satara. He stayed a few days at Poona on the way and saw the Tilak family. He lived at Poona with Mr Bhusari. I wrote a letter to Madhavarao Deshpande of Shirdi giving full account of my interview with Karkhanis yesterday.

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