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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Shirdi Diary by Shri G.S.Khaparde - Part 42

1912 July 27 Saturday

I got up early in the morning &said my prayers walking in the garden. It used to rain a bit off & on, and I had to seek shelter either under a tree or in a verandah. While I was bathing Mr Nilkanth Rao Uddhavaji came with Mr Pandit and his adopted son Bhaiya & we sat talking. He was much interested in my visit to & stay at Shirdi & the talk was naturally about Sayin Maharaj. He invited me, Gopalrao Bootee & Dorle to the midday meal at his house tomorrow & we accepted the invitation on condition of his staying for breakfast with us which he did. The meal was late & after it I lay down and was awakened by the arrival of Bhagirath Prasad, Ballal and Narayan Rao Alekar. We sat talking. Mr Nilkanthrao went away with Alekar. Later on I went with Dorle and Bhairulal who had come, to Dr Moonje ’s house. We sat talking there with a number of friends & then went to the Kirtan in Ramamandir. It was by one Ghule but was a poor performance. We slept with Dr Moorjé.

1913 July 4 Friday

In the morning I got up as usual prayed and wrote a few letters. Godbole came. After food I went to court with Godbole and appeared before Mr Morris. There was only one appeal that I had and it was soon finished as it was purely on evidence. Kly Kly. Deshpande appeared on the other side. After it I signed a few papers and returned home & sat reading. The Guruashta of Shiralal Motilal of Hyderabad came to see me and sat talking. He is fond of Vedanta. While he was sitting Asnaré came and read out to me the story of King Avikshet. He wishes to dramatize it for being acted at the ensuing Ganpati Festival at Elichpur. It is a beautiful story and will be very interesting. We sat talking about it. Durrani came but went away very soon. The managing committee has revised the rules of the Berar Education Society. They would have to be submitted to and passed by the general body. I had my constitutional with Mirza Yad ali Beg. Appasaheb Watave came later on & I sat talking with him. It being Friday there was no class today. Trimbak Rao who used to serve Sayin Maharaj when I was at Shirdi came today in the after noon. He says he is going to Jagannath, & has completely changed his usual dress. He puts on now the kind of long shirt that Sayin Maharaj does and eats with it on.

1914 July 14 Tuesday
Nagpur – Amravati

We reached Nagpur about 7 A.m. L.C.Bupat was in the train joined it at Wardha. He, I & Dorle drove in Bootees carriage. He got down near Bootees Mahal & I with Gopal Rao Dorle proceeded to the Wada. I sat looking into today ’s second appeal. The clients came & paid. After food I & Dorle went to court &our case was soon called. Sir B.K.Bhose was engaged on our side. Dillon, Joshi and Abhyankar appeared on the other side. Sir B addressed the court and argued the case very ably. Mr Dillon replied & Joshi also added, as he said, a few words but they got lengthened into a speech. All this took the whole and it was nearly 5 P.M. when we finished. We drove to Bootee ’s Wada. L.C.Bapat again went away somewhere near the Rajaram Library. Mr Abhyaonkar came to see me & we sat talking for a long time. It came on to rain also. Dr.Moonja came later & sat talking about election matters. Savat Ram Rampratip ’s agent came to see us & we sat talking. Ganpat Rao Narké is here. So are all the children. Gopal Rao Bootee is at Shirdi. I had a long talk with Ganpat Rao Narké about Sayin Maharaj of Shirdi. He is a great living saint. I & Dorle drove to the Railway station at 9 P.M. & got into the 9.50 P.M. We reached here about daybreak. At Badera I met Bedorkar Kanga & others going to Nagpur.

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