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Monday, June 1, 2009

Shirdi Diary by Shri G.S.Khaparde - Part 43

1915 December 29 Wednesday

I was awakened about 3.30 A.m. at Manmad and put into the train for Kopargaon. I prayed in the train & on getting down at Kopergaon before day break met Dr Deshpande who is in charge at the Dispensary at Kopergaon. I did not know him before. I gave him &his son a lift up to his Dispensary and he gave me a hot cup of tea & something to eat. There was a great mist & I drove in it to Kopargaon reaching it about 9 A.m. My wife and children were there. I went to the Masjid with Madhavarao Deshpande and made my Namaskar to Sayin Maharaj. His health is very poor. He is much bothered by cough. I got the Morchal at Puja. The day here passes very easy. G.M.Bootee alias Bapusaheb is here with his master & Gurashta. Kakasaheb Dixit, Bapusaheb Jog, Balasaheb Bhate & all old friends are here, & I am exceedingly happy.

1915 December 30 Thursday

I got up as usual in the morning, prayed and sat talking with one Karnik who turned out to be related to the late Amrit Rao Abaji. I sat talking with Fakir Baba who has advanced wonderfully and appears to be on the point of being permanently admitted to the spiritual hierarchy. I sat talking with him. Sayin Maharaj is getting slightly better. I did the Naivedya and Puja today. There were about a hundred people invited to breakfast which was very late. In fact we finished about 4 P.M. MadhavaRao Deshpande was as usual very useful. Bapu Saheb Bootee ’s Wada is progressing beautifully. It is a stone building & very strong & very convenient for occupation. There was Chavadhi today & I attended it with Morchal. Ayisaheb is also unwell. Mr P.Haté went today to Kalyana as his son in law is said to be unwell. Sayin Baba gave him a full coconut. So I think the young man will recover.

1915 December 31 Friday
Shirdi – Bhusaval

I wished to go to Masjid for Kakad Arti but felt disinclined at the last moment &did not go. After morning prayer when I was going to the Masjid Rao Bahadur Sathé got hold of me & took me to his Madi. There some eight gentlemen assembled & told me that the arrangements they wished to make for the Samsthana of Sayin Baba. They have a good scheme & I made the suggestion that they should make no endeavour to collect monies from those whom Sayin Baba gave them. They approved of my advise. All this took time & we were late for Arti, but we went in time and I had the chavari or rather mayur piccha. After food I went with Madhava Rao Deshpande and got permission without any difficulty for returning. My wife, Manu Tai, Uma & children will remain behind. In the compound of the Masjid I met Wassudeorao Dada Piriplekar of Malkapur & Mr Bhagavat Executive Enquirer of Kopargaon. I made ready and left by Balabhau ’s Tonga, reached Kopargaon had a talk with the station master. His assistant was at one time at Amravati. I got into 6.30 P.M. train reached Manmad & got into the passenger that leaves at 8.30 P.M. I had a compartment all the way to myself and reached Bhusaval about 4 a.m. & put up in the waiting room.

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