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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Shri Sai The Superman By Swami Sai Sharan Anand-Part 20

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7. MATERIAL GAINS - Continued...

Another Vakil Devotee Vaman Chintaman Muke of the village Basant of Taluka Nifad, Staying in his field-house escaped the loss of all his property, though a party of four trespassed upon his house after mid-night and boring a hole in the northern wall, one of them had entered into it. A small trunk under the cot, where the vakil slept, was removed by the inside thief and passed over to one of his companions outside. That small trunk had some promissory notes and Rupees Two Hundred in currency notes. When after that the said thief tried to remove a big trunk containing ornaments, silver vessels, documents worth about Rs. 10.000/- the vakil’s sister-in-law suddenly awoke and seeing the intruder called out, "Thief! Thief!". The Vakil was fast asleep, he could not hear his sister-in law’s shouts; but Baba appearing in his dream said to him, "You are robbed of your trunk, awake, awake." At once the Vakil awake, and ran frightened with a cudgel shouting "thief! Thief!". The thief in the house made his way through the hole they had bored and all of them escaped. The only loss the vakil thought he had sustained, was that of a small bag but even this bag which the thieves had thrown away through fright in the neighboring field was brought in tact to the Vakil by a farmer of that field. So ultimately it was found that the Vakil had lost nothing at all through Shri’s grace.

So Also when a thief broke into the rail quarters of a Railway Telegraph master Ratanlal of Vani (Nadiad-Gujarat) and was fumbling for valuables hare and there a child cried and the thief’s leg dashed itself against a bucket so Ratanlal awoke and with a strike in his hand ran after the scampering thief; on return home the Rly. Master found that through Shri’s grace he had lost nothing.

Sakhrevadi Sugar Mill Doctor M.R. Tagare had a similar experience in 914. He was Proceeding to Kopergaon post office with a bag in a bullock cart, to encash his war Bonds of Rs. 2500/-. While he was busy talking with a fellow passenger, the containing the bonds slipped down the cart unnoticed by the Doctor. As soon as he noticed that the bag had dropped down on the way, leaving the cart he ran helter skelter a mile or two in search of it without success. Uneasiness on account of this loss allowed him no sleep till about mid-night, when he thought of sitting near Sai Baba’s Photo, he has in his house and praying to him. While he was so praying he seemed to hear someone telling him, ‘cease worrying.’ This brought him peace of mind and he could then sleep. Next morning he had to attend upon an ill friend at a nearby village; so he went there, examined his friend, gave him medicine and casually talked to him about the loss of his bag containing the said war bonds. A girl who was standing by listening sympathetically to the Doctor’s talk, at once ran out and returned with a bag saying that it was found lying on the road the previous day. Looking up the bag, the Doctor found that though the parpers had all been disturbed and turned up and down, the finder finding nothing valuable in his eyes, had removed nothing from the bag, that the war bonds were in tact. The Doctor was over pleased and heartily thanked Baba for His favour and grace.

Again a cashier of a well-known Bombay firm had made away with a large sum and come to Shirdi to save himself from arrest etc. A warrant was obtained and the work of executing the warrant was entrusted to the firm manager, a Baba’s devotee. The manager tried his utmost to trace the culprit cashier but he could not find him. He was at a loss to understand whether he should continue the search or return to Bombay; so he came to Baba to have his decision in the matter. To his surprise, he found there the cashier seated shampooing Baba’s feet. On seeing the manager, the cashier got nervous, prostrated himself before Baba and earnestly prayed to Him for saving him. Baba advised him to accompany the manager to Bombay, to confess his crime to his master and to request him to pardon him. The cashier carried out Baba’s instructions in toto and was waved from criminal prosecution and the manager also received his master’s thanks for dexterously handling this affair.


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