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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Shri Sai The Superman By Swami Sai Sharan Anand-Part 19

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7. MATERIAL GAINS - Continued...

One Christian Police inspector Joseph of 46, Turner Road, Bandra, Having failed to get any clue about culprits in a criminal case prayed to Baba to help him; Baba was pleased to appear in his dream and to give him the necessary instructions for investigation. Following Shri’s instructions Joseph was able to find out the proper culprit.

Again Baba helped the late Mr. Tendulkar Raghunathrao in obtaining a fairly good pension Both Mrs. Savitribai Tendulkar and Mr. R. Tendulkar were ardent devotees of Baba; both of them jointly and severally composed songs on Baba’s glory. Raghunathrao had grown grey in Bombay Graham & Co’s service and had then attacks of epilepsy fits and dimmed vision. He put in an application for pension and in the usual course of events his pension would have been fixed at Rs. 75/- the one half of his salary. So Savitribai felt a bit embarrassed as to how she could cope with the expenses of her large family in Rs. 75/-. To set her at rest the all knowing Baba appeared in Savitribai’s dream and said, "I have a mind to fix up your pension at Rs. 100/-. Will that satisfy you?" Savitribai said, "We have full faith, that you will do the needful for us." A fortnight after the dream, the Company considered Tendulkar’s application and going beyond the usual rule, fixed his pension at Rs. 110/-. This was enough to satisfy the husband and wife who thereafter spent the rest of their lives in singing songs of God’s glory.

Not only did Baba provide money to his devotees but he also saw to it that they did not by their thoughtless ventures run into losses. An old devotee of Baba Shri Damuanna Kasar at the instance of his Bombay friend, thought of going in for a purchase of cotton bales; he therefore sought Baba’s advice on the point, through another Shirdi devotee. Baba replied, "Sheth seems to have lost his sense. He should rest contented with what little he has got; he should not run after lakhs’ Seeing that the cotton prices were going up everyday, Sheth said to himself, the devotee who has obtained Baba’s advice for me in this matter does not seem to have properly put before Baba all the facts, so he ran down to Shirdi, paid his respects to Baba and started massaging his legs. While doing so, it occurred to him that if he reserved a certain portion of the profits for Baba in that transaction Baba would permit him to enter into the proposed contract. Without being asked, Baba at once said, "I would never be a party to any body’s business." Hearing this Sheth looked down and entirely gave up the idea of the purchase. His Bombay friend again wrote to him that in following the advice of a Fakir, Sheth was committing a gross error of judgment; but the Bombay friend was soon disillusioned, when the cotton prices went down and down and he suffered a heavy loss in that transaction; Damuanna now realised how he was saved by following Baba’s advice in preference to his friend’s and thanked Him from the bottom of his heart.

Thefts and robbery are well known sources of loss of people; Baba saved several of His devotees from such inroads on their purse. A cook who had put in thirty-five years of service under a Baba’s devotee bored a hole in his master’s wall treasury and removed Rs. 30,000/- currency notes, which was all, the master had saved in his life. Inquiries and investigations were all made but they bore no fruit. Once the master was sitting outside his house on his Otta ruminating over his loss, when a fakir passed by him; beckoning him he narrated the loss he had sustained by theft; the Fakir thereupon advised him to swear that he would go to Shirdi of Kopergaon Taluka in Ahmednagar District and there pay his respects to the great Saint Sai Baba and that he should give up one of the foods he liked most till he was able to fulfil his vow of going to Shirdi. The master took the vow and gave up a food of his liking. Even before a fortnight had elapsed, the cook thief thought better of the matter, so with all the currency notes of Rs. 30,00/- he approached his master, returned the currency notes and remorsefully requested the master to pardon him. The master was naturally overjoyed at the turn the cook’s mind had taken and then fulfilled his vow by going to Shirdi and paying his thankful respects to Shri Sai Baba.

One Ganpat Dhond Kadam was saved from a gang of Bhil robbers in the year 914. Mr. Kadam was proceeding to Shirdi with his family. After he had left Nasik a gang of Bhils boarded the Running train and entered into the compartment where Kadam was sitting with his wife and children. Kadam was reading a book of holy songs. Thinking the Bhils were interested in listening to the Songs he started reading them louder. The gang waited there for about five minutes and then left the running train one by one in the same way as they had entered into it. The wonderful part of this story was that Mr. Kadam saw a Fakir sitting in front of him, as the gang boarded the running train and then as soon as they left the train the Fakir disappeared, no one knew where. When Kadam reached Shirdi and paid his respects to Baba, He asked him, "Well, have you come safe, well guarded?" Kadam at once understood that Baba had appeared before him in the compartment on the entrance of the gang into the compartment and it was only as a result thereof that the gang of Bhils got frightened and left the train leaving him safe and unscathed.


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