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Monday, August 17, 2009

Shri Sai The Superman By Swami Sai Sharan Anand-Part 22

© Online Shirdi Sai Baba Book Reading

Many and Mysterious are the means,
A Superman takes,
To save his men,
From Situations,
Unwelecome, unpleasant,
His knowledge Infinite,
Powers unlimited,
Presence All Pervading;
Of glory He erects,
For the eternal happiness;
And Life-long Joy,
Of the men he loves.

Numerous experiences as illustrations of the above line have been recorded in magazines and books on Shri Sai Baba. The narration of a few of them however will, it is hoped, be deemed sufficient by the readers for his purpose.

Rao Saheb H.V. Sathe's father-in-law Kelkar had purchased for Shri Sathe a piece of land, admeasuring 20 Acres, in Shirdi, When Shri Sathe happened to come to Shirdi thereafter, he proposed to Mr. Kelkar that the latter should accompany him and show him the said land. He also asked his wife to go with him to see that land and she consented to do so without consulting her father, Kelkar however did not approve of the idea of accompanying Shri Sathe for the reason that he had in his house at the time a widow of Sathe's deceased brother and he feared that if she came to know of that purchase, she might demand a portion of the land as her share. Kelkar therefore declined to accompany Shri Sathe' so Sathe asked his wife to go with him but on the advice of her father she also now refused to do so. This irritated Shri Sathe so much that taking a whip from his coachman he was just on the point of starting whipping his wife, when Shri Baba's devotee Megha rushed in, bawling out, "Saheb, Saheb, you are wanted immediately by Shri Baba;' Shri Sathe throwing down the whip at once rushed to Baba; when Baba asked Shri Sathe, "Well, Well, what has happened?" Sathe knew at once Baba had known all that had happened and that he was preparing to whip his wife; so he shamefully hung down his head. Baba then said, "Why do you want to see the land? It is there. Your going there would not change it a bit." On hearing this Shri Sathe calmed down and returned home thanking Baba for saving him from the cruelty he was to perpetrate; the wife also sincerely thanked Baba for saving he from being whipped.

Mrs. Nanasaheb Nimonkar also had a some what similar experience. Her son was ill at Belapur and so she wanted to go there to see how he was. Her husband permitted her to do so, but he insisted that she should return the very next day. As that day was considered to be so very auspicious that none would be allowed to leave on that day, she feared that she would not be able to return on that day as per husband's whishes (or order). She was in a fix; she would not disobey her husband, nor could she displease her son. Now, Nanasaheb was always in attendance upon Baba and accompanied Him to Lendi. Just when Baba was proceeding to Lendi with Nanasaheb Mrs. Nanasaheb prostrated herself before Baba and asked for permission to go to his son at Belapur. Baba at once said, "Yes Yes go there at once, stay there for three four days and then return." Thus Mrs. Nanasaheb's fear of displeasing her husband by not being able to return the next day was averted, as Nanasaheb had listened to the instructions Baba gave to his wife in that matter.

Bapusaheb Jog lost his mother; there was no such Brahmin at Shirdi as he should have to get the obsequial ceremonies of his mother duly performed; so he requested Baba went on adjourning the day of his departure from day to day till at last only a day was left to the day on which those ceremonies should be started. Bapusaheb informed Baba accordingly and stated that he must that day start for Nasik. Baba cooly replied to him, "We will start this noon",. Bapusaheb was in a fix; he could neither disobey Baba nor evade the performance of ceremony on the day fixed. However, just at 11 A.M. that very day a learned Brahmin versed in lore of the family clan came up. This satisfied Bapusaheb who was now fully convinced that the faith he had reposed in Baba was not in vain.

Nanasaheb Chandorkar got into a fix in certain family matters. His father Govindrao Chandorkar had also been like him, a District Deputy Collector and stayed in a house built by him at Kalyan. Lately some unpleasantness had grown up between him and the local Musalmans and so he had ordered all the local Musalmans and so he had ordered all the members of his family to desist from having any connection whatsoever with Musalmans in general. When Nanasaheb happened to return home he was informed of what had happened and his father's standing order about having no Musalman connection. Nana was now puzzled. He was prepared to give up all connection with Musalmans but he was not prepared to dissociate himself from Baba. If his father took Baba to be a Musalman, naturally he would expect Nana to give up Sai Baba; this embarrassed Nana; so he spoke to his father about his connection with Sai Baba. In the meanwhile Baba had already given proper turn to his father's mind in the matter; so he at once said to Nana, "My Guru ($Religious Teacher) is Sakharam Maharaj, but your Guru is not Sakharam Maharaj so even if Sai Baba may really be a Mohammedan, He is your guru, and you may most willingly continue going to Him without the least objection from me. On hearing this Nanasaheb was overjoyed and heartily thanked Baba for the happy solution of the puzzle he had to face.


© Online Shirdi Sai Baba Book Reading


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