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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Shirdi Diary by Shri G.S.Khaparde - Part 13

1911 24 December Sunday

In the morning I got up early and went to the Kakad Arti. On my return I prayed and walked about. Mr Maruti got permission to return So he went away with all his family after saying good bye to nearly every one. He is a very very good man. Wamanrao Patel also went. Then came a large number of visitors. Among them was a lady by name Annsuyabai. She appeared to be spiritually advanced and Sayin Maharaj treated her with great consideration and gave her four fruits. Later on he told the story of a man having five sons. Four of them demanded & obtained partition. Two of these four decided to reunite with the father. The latter ordered the mother to poison one of these two & she obeyed. The other fell from a tall tree, got injured, & was on the point of death but was allowed by the father to survive about twelve years until a son & a daughter were born to him & then he died. Sayin Baba said nothing about the fifth son & to me the story looks incomplete. After the midday meal I lay down for a while & then sat reading the Ramayana. The mail arrived & I had a good read out of the dailies. In the evening we went as usual to Salute the Sayin Saheb oppose the Chavadhi, and at night had Bhishmas Bhajan and Dixits Ramayan. Dr Hate is still here & is a very very nice man. Mr Mahajani is also here.

1911 25 December Monday

In the morning after prayer I saw Sayin Maharaj go out, & sat talking with Mr Mahajani & others. Many guests came &many more came, and things are wearing a rather busy appearance. Mr Govarthandas gave a dinner and invited nearly every one here who has come to see Sayin Maharaj.

My son Balvant had a dream last night in which he thought he saw Sayin Maharaj & Mrs Bapusaheb Jog in our Elichpur house. He offered food to Sayin Baba. He told me about the dream & I thought it was a mere fancy, but today he called Balvant & said “I went to your house yesterday & you fed me but gave no Dakshina. You should give twenty-five Rupees now.” So Balvant returned to the lodgings and went with Madhavarao Deshpande and paid the Dakshina. At midday Arti, Sayin Maharaj gave me prasad of Peda, fruits, & made a distinct sign to me to make a bow. I at once prostrated myself. He had some confidential talk with Madhavarao Deshpande. The latter has promised to tell me all about it. Today the breakfast was very late, & was not over till 4 P.M. I had it with Govarthandas, or rather at the Mandap near our lodging spread at his expense. After it I felt very lazy & sat talking. We all saw Sayin Maharaj in the evening both before he came out as usual for his stroll & then again when he was taken in Bhajan procession to Chavadhi. Kondaji Fakir lost his daughter tonight. She was interred near our lodging. Bhishma had his Bhajan & Dixit read Ramayan.

1911 26 December Tuesday

I got up early & attended the Kakad-Arti. Sayin Maharaj was in rather an unusual mood; took his stick & with it tapped the ground round about. By the time he descended the steps of the Chavadhi, he walked twice backward & forward & used violent language. In my return I prayed, bathed & sat in the verandah in front of my room. I saw Sayin Maharaj go out. The Injadars of Kalyan & Poona are here. I am afraid Mungi hunts with them. He is at any rate very familiar. Mungi whom I met here last year, came last night & tried to put up with me. I would not let him. He then put his coat in my room, but with the help of Rama Maruti, I told him to take it away & he did so.

Mr Gokhale pleader of Poona came. He had seen my wife at Shegaon before when Ganpat Baba was working in the physical world. There was with him a seller of Indian toys & another. They saw me after the mid-day Arti & after I had taken my meals. I lay down for a while in the third quarter of the day and then sat talking with Mahajani, Dr Hate & others. We saw Sayin Maharaj in the afternoon at the Chavadhi & later on about dusk when he came out for his stroll. He was very gracious. Today he spoke with my son Balvant & got him to sit, even after he told every body else to clear out. He told him not to admit any guests in the evening & to take care of him & that in return he (Sayin Baba) would take care of him. Madhavarao Deshpande is ill. He has caught cold and is lying down a good if not actually confined to bed. In the evening there was Bhishmas’ Bhajan as usual & Dixits’ Ramayan afterwards. Mr Bhate was there to hear the Purana. We began the Sundar-Kand today.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Shirdi Diary by Shri G.S.Khaparde - Part 12

1911 21 December Thursday

I got up as usual, prayed ,and sat talking with Durveshisaheb. He said he had a vision in which he saw three girls and a blind woman knock at his door. He asked them who they were & they replied that they had come to amuse themselves. Therefore he ordered them out on pain of being kicked and began a prayer. The girls & the old woman ran away on hearing the words of the prayer. He then blessed all in the room & in the house and the whole village. He asked me to ask Sayin Saheb. When I went to see the latter on his return to the Masjid, & before I was fairly seated, Sayin Saheb commenced a story. He said he was bitten last night by something on his private parts and hands that he applied oil wandered about, had a stool & then felt better near the fire. I champooed his legs & on my return told the story to Durveshasaheb. The answer was clear. After the midday Arti, I sat reading Bhavirtra Ramayan & then later on saw Sayin Saheb near the Chavadhi, & later on again at Sheja-Arti at Chavadhi. Then we had Bhishmas Bhajan and Rama Maruti ’s gesticulations. Later still Mr Dixit read Ramayana.

1911 22 December Friday

I got up early in the morning to go to Kakad Arti, but in consequence of a remark made by Madhavarao Deshpande, I thought of not going but later on Madhavarao himself went & I accompanied him. Sayin Maharaj was particularly pleasant looking & went quietly to Masjid. We all saluted him when he went out & again after he returned to the Masjid. Shigne and Darveshasaheb made an attempt to go today but Sayin Maharaj did not grant them the necessary permission.

Darveshasaheb got ill & had fever. Dr Hate treated him. I think I have mentioned before that there is one Tipnis staying here with his wife. She is ill & Dr Hate has been doing all he can for her. Ram Maruti Maharaj is also here for her. She had a fit in the evening, but it turned out to be an obsession.

Dixit, Madhavarao Deshpande & others went to see her. She is possessed by the owner of the house in which she lives by two Mahars. The owner declared that he would have killed her but that Sayin Baba ordered him not to. The Mahars are also kept away by Sayin Baba. When Tipnis threatened to move his wife to this wada the spirits prayed earnestly & asked him not to do so. The spirits said Sayin Baba would beat them. There was Bhishmas ’ Bhajan as usual & later on Ramayan by Dixit a little before midnight.

1911 23 December Saturday

I got up early enough in the morning but fell asleep again & then got up very late. In coming down I found that Shingne ,his wife & Durveshasaheb had obtained their permission to return to their homes. So they left, the former to Bombay & the latter to Kalyan. Durveshasaheb is obviously very much advanced spiritually as Sayin Maharaj came as far as the breach in the wall to see him off. I miss him very much as we used to have long talks. Mr Maruti Solicitor of Bombay; came yesterday with his family, four brothers & a number of children. He is a very nice man & we sat talking. Mr Mahajani whom I met last year came today & brought very good fruit and globes of glass for Sayin Baba ’s lamps. Mr Govarthandas of Thana is also here. He brought very good fruit, silk curtains for Sayin Maharajas improvised room in the Chavadhi & new dresses for volunteers who carry the umbrella, chamars & fans. He is said to be a very rich man. There was a little meaningless disagreement between Madhavarao Deshpande & my wife & my son, about living in Dixits Wada. Sayin Baba said that the wada belonged to himself & neither to Dixit nor to Madhavarao. So the matter settled itself. I could not see Sayin Maharaj go out but paid my respects on his return to Masjid. He gave me fruit & smoke out of his chillam. In the afternoon I had a little sleep after meals & then sat reading the daily papers received today. Tilak ’s release is mentioned as settled but there are no indications of it yet. The new arrivals from Bombay can give no further news. Waman Rao Patel has passed his LL.B. I heard Dr Hate had passed also. Sayin Maharaj says he will get very good news. Tipnis has changed his lodgings & his wife is better. She is not so restless as she used to be. Ram Marutibuva is still here. We went to Sheja Arti. The procession was very impressive and the new curtains & dresses looked very nice. I enjoyed it very much. What a pity I have it not in my power to make rich presents of the kind. God is great. At night Bhishma had his Bhajan & Dixit read Ramayan.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shirdi Diary by Shri G.S.Khaparde - Part 11

1911 18 December Monday

My throat is better today than it was yesterday. After prayer I sat talking with Mr Shingne, Wamanrao Patel, and Durveshisaheb whose full name would appear to be Durvish Haji Mahomed Saddik of Kalyana. I saw Sayinsaheb go out and later went to the Masjid when he returned. He said I had filled my bucket was enjoying the cool breezes of the Nim tree & was enjoying myself while he was enduring all manner of trouble & had no sleep. He was in a very pleased moods & many people came to worship. My wife also came. We returned after mid-day Arti, and after meals, sat talking with Hajisaheb, Bapusaheb Jog & others. Towards evening we went to Masjid and sat near Sayinsaheb but there was not much time as it was approaching evening. So he gave us leave, & we stood in front of the Chavadhi and as usual saluted him there. Returning to our lodging I sat listening to Bhishmas ’Bhajan.

An employee of Central Press came today with his wife & daughter. He said he had seen me before in Bombay & again at the Poona Railway station when I went with all my family for the wedding of my third son. He appeared to be a very nice man & devotionally inclined. He came today & Sayin Maharaj gave him permission to return and he returned accordingly. Govind Rao Gandagole of Bassein came with him & is naturally staying with me. He came from Akola without going to Amravati. He is alone & nobody is with him.

1911 19 December Tuesday

In the morning I got up early, felt fresh, prayed & felt that I was better all round. Sayin Maharaj went out while I was yet praying so I could not see him. Later on I went to the Masjid & found him in a very pleasant mood. He said there was a rich man who had five sons & a daughter. These children effected a division of the family property. Four of the sons took their shares of movables & immovables. The fifth son & the daughter could not take possession of their share. They wandered about hungry, came to Sayin Baba. They had six carts laden with jewels. Robbers took away two of the six carts. The remaining four were kept under the baniyan tree. At this point Trimbakrao who Baba calls Maruti interrupted & the story ran in a different channel. After the midday Arti I returned to the lodging, had food & sat talking with Durveshasaheb. He is a very pleasant man. Waman Rao Patel went away today. He never so much as came to us to say “goodbye ”. Ram Maruti Bua came in the afternoon. He danced & jumped about a good deal during Bhajan. We saw Sayin Maharaj in the evening & again at Sheja-Arti time. Ram Maruti Bua attended Bhishma’s Bhajan & danced & jumpted. Sayin Baba this afternoon went out towards Nimgaon visited Dangale, cut a tree & came back. Many went after him, with musical instruments and escorted him home. I did not go far. Radha Krishna Bai came to near our Wada to greet Sayin Saheb, & I saw her for the first time without the big veil on.

1911 20 December Wednesday

I got up very early in the morning and went to Kakad Arti. Towards the close of the Arti I noticed Waman Rao there with surprise and learnt that he on the way near Kopargaon, sent the driver of his cart to purchase guavas & the bullocks ran away. He wandered about, was taken hold of by the Police & had a good deal of trouble. The story was very laughable. Sayin Maharaj left Chavadhi without any audible remark except that Allah is the lord of all. I returned to our lodging, prayed, & saw Sayin Maharaj go out & again on his return to Masjid. He was in a very pleased mood. Durveshasaheb told me that Sayin Baba saw him at night & granted his wish. I mentioned this to Sayin Maharaj and he said nothing. I today Champooed the legs of Sain Maharaj. The softness of his limbs is wonderful. Our meal was somewhat late. After it I sat reading the papers received today. There are letters from Miss Campbell & Miss Willis. Towards evening I went to Masjid, received Sayin Baba’s blessing, saluted him in front of Chavadhi and returned to my lodging. We had Bhishmas Bhajan attended by Ram Maruti Baba & Ramayan read by Dixit.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Shirdi Diary by Shri G.S.Khaparde - Part 10

1911 14 December Thursday

Wishing to go away I got up early, attended the Kakad Arati and praying somewhat in haste went to Sayin Maharaj at the Masjid with Madhavarao Deshpande. Sayin Maharaj said that I could go tomorrow or so and added that I should serve God alone & no one else. He said “What God gives is never finished & what man gives never lasts .”Then I returned, and saw Durveshasaheb Falke of Kalyan arrive. He is a very nice old gentleman of he old sort. Mr Shingne & his wife are with him. Mr Shingne is a High Court Varkerl of Bombay & has a law class also. He said that the partition of Bengal has been naturally modified, that Delhi has been substituted for Calcutta as capital & that some prisoners have been released, but their names etc are not yet known. I attended the mid-day puja & had my breakfast with Bapusaheb Jog. After it I lay down & fell asleep. I went to the Masjid a little late & then made my namaskar near the Chavadhi. Then I sat talking with Durveshasaheb & Shingne. Later on Bhishma had his daily Bhajan.

1911 15 December Friday

In the morning after prayer I sat talking with Mr Shingne and Mr Durvesh Falke. He is also called Hajisaheb. He has travelled to Baghadad, Constantinople and Mecca & all places near about.

His conversation is very pleasant & instructive. Sayin Maharaj likes him very much, sends him food & otherwise treats him with great consideration. I saw Sayin Maharaj go out & again at Masjid on his return. He was in a very pleasant mood & we all enjoyed his conversation. After meals I lay down for a while & then sat listening to an account of Delhi, read by my son Balvant. Then we went to the Masjid, received the blessings of Sayin Maharaj and later on went for Sheja-Arti.

1911 16 December Saturday

I find I have got a severe cold. I could not get up in time for the Kakad Arti. I got up at 3 am & then overslept myself. After prayer I sat talking with Durveshasaheb Falke whom they call Hajisaheb & Hajarat indiscriminately. He is a Karma Margi as we should call him in Hinduism, & has numerous anecdotes to tell. I saw Sayin Maharaj go out & later on after he returned to the Masjid. He was in a very pleasant mood & sat talking & joking. After Arti I returned to our lodging & had food and lay down a while, but could not sleep. From Amravati they sent me, besides the Amrit Bazar Patrika, two numbers of the Bombay Advocate. So there was a good deal to read.

There was also a telegram offering a Sessions ’ case. Three days ago there was a telegram offering the case at Wardha. I declined it as Sayin Maharaj did not grant permission to return. About todays telegram, the result was the same. Madhavarao Deshpande asked for permission for me & Sayin Maharaj said I might go the day after or a month hence. So the matter is settled. I saluted him as usual in front of the Chavadhi & after Arti in the Wada sat listening to Bhishma’s Bhajan. My wife went to a neighbouring village Rahata in the morning for renewing the bangles on her wrist. Among the new arrivals today is Mr Hate who has appeared for LM&S. He is a very nice young man. His father was judge at Avireli & later on Divar of Palitonia. I think I knew he uncle. He is a goldsmith what they call Daivajna Brahman. I am feeling unwell.

1911, 17 December Sunday

My cold is a little better this morning but not much, but my health looks worse. Mr Shingne gave me some soda & acid powder and I put it in milk & drank it. It relieved my bowels & I felt better. My wife is confined to bed on account of pains in the back & legs. After prayer I saw Sayin Maharaj go out & then again after he returned. He was in very good mood, & we enjoyed very much the jokes made by him. The breakfast was late as Megha raj had gone out to bring Bel leave.

He came back a little late. In the afternoon I sat talking with Hajisaheb Falke, Dr Hate, Mr Shingne & others. Gokhale went away today. He has on him & in his general conduct all the indications of a spy. He gave out here that he was a friend of Atre subjudge Nagpur. Towards evening I went to Masjid but Sayin Maharaj asked me & my companions to bow from a distance. He however called my son Balvant near &told him to bring Dakshina. We all saluted him opposite the Chavadhi & again at night at Sheja-Arti. Tonight Sayin Maharaj sleeps at the Chavadhi.

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Shirdi Diary by Shri G.S.Khaparde - Part 9

1911 11 December Monday

The prayer this morning was very very pleasant and after it I felt quite elevated. Then I sat explaining the first few verses of Panchadasi to Dattatreya Chitnis. He is a very nice man. Then we visited Sayin Maharaj both as he went out and after he returned. He gave me the chillam very often & grapes that RadhaKrishnabai presented. He gave the grapes twice to my son Balvant. In the afternoon I heard that he was cleaning the Masjid. So I did not attempt to go that side. All the people brought a deputation to Sayin Maharaj to get rid of the plague. He advised them to clean the roads, sweep the tombs and burning & burial ghats and to feed the poor. I spent the whole afternoon reading daily papers and talking to Chitnis & others. Upasani is composing something. In the evening we saw Sayin Maharaj near Chavadhi & again attended the Sheja- Arti, after which Chitnis his Engineer friend & another went away. I intend retiring early.

1911 12 December Tuesday

I and Bhishma got up very early under the impression that the Kakad Arti was about to begin but we were early by about an hour. Later on Megha came and we attended the Arti. Then I prayed, & sat waiting for Sayin Maharaj to go out. I saw him then & again after he returned. I spent the interval in listening to the songs of Gokhale. He sings well. Today the breakfast was late as Megha could not get the leaves of Bela & had to go a long distance for them. So the mid-day Puja was not finished till about 1.30 P.M. Sayin Maharaj was in very good mood & sat chatting & laughing. After we returned & sat to our breakfast a man is said to have come to call me to the Local Durbar held here in the school. By the time I finished my meal & came out ,the whole thing was over. Some poor were fed by the munificence of Nanasaheb Sathe. He left instructions for the purpose & Mr H.S. Dixit took a great deal of trouble about the matter. The food could not have been very good. After breakfast I lay down for a few minutes & then went with my people to the Masjid. Sayin Maharaj was in a good mood & told a story. Taking up a fruit lying there, he asked me how many fruits it was capable of producing. I replied as many tens of thousands as there were seeds in it. He smiled very pleasantly & added that it obeyed laws of its own. He also told how there was a girl very good and pious, how she served him & prospered. We got “Udi ” about sunset & then stood opposite the Chavadhi to see Sayin Maharaj when he came out for his evening stroll. We saw him & returned & sat listening to the Bhajan of Bhishma, Gokhale, Bhai & one young man Dixit.

Madhavarao Deshpande & Upasani were present. The evening passed very pleasantly.

1911, 13 December Wednesday

I got up as usual, prayed and wished to bathe but hot water was not ready. So I came out & sat talking. I saluted Sayin Maharaj as he went out & then had my bath. I read Panchadasi. Later on I went to see Sayin Maharaj at the Masjid and returned after Arti. About 4 P.M. I went away with Balvant, Bhishma & Bauda who brought my Hukka & Sayin Maharaj had a smoke out of it.

Madhavarao asked for permission for me to return to Amravati but Sayin Maharaj said that he would decide about it tomorrow morning. He got all the people there out of the Masjid & advised me very very kindly in a truly fatherly way. At sunset we went again & saw him opposite the Chavadhi and later on attended the Sheja-Arti. Then Bhishma had his Panchapadi, earlier then usual. Bhai also sang a Bhajan.

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Shirdi Diary by Shri G.S.Khaparde - Part 8

1911 8 December Friday

I forgot to mention yesterday & the day before that Upasani Vaidya that used to be at Amravati is here & saw me soon after my arrival. We sat talking. He told me briefly his story since leaving Amravati, how he went to Gwalior state, how he purchased a village, how it became non- paying, how he met a Mahatma, how he got ill, how he tried all remedies, applied to various Sadhus & Mahatmas, how finally Sayin Maharaj took him in hand, how he improved & is now under orders to stay here. He has composed a stotra of Sayin Maharaj in Sanskrit. We all got up early and attended the Kakad-Arti. It is very edifying. I prayed, bathed & saw Sayin Maharaj go out, then again after he returned & once more in the afternoon. Sayin Maharaj looking at me said “Ka Sarkar ”.

Then he gave the general advise that I should live as God keeps me, & added that a man fond of his family has to bear many things & so on & told the story of a rich man who slaved till evening, cooked for himself and ate a very rough bread, all on account of a temporary difficulty. We saw Sayin Maharaj again the evening & then sat in the verandah of the house built by Dixit. Two gentlemen from Bombay brought a Satar & playing on it said Bhajan. Mr Thosar whom I call Hazarat also sang very beautifully and Bhishma had his usual Bhajan. Time passed very pleasantly till midnight. Thosar is a very pleasant companion. I had a long talk with my son Balvant the Bombay men & others about contemplation etc. Madhavarao Deshpande was here & fell asleep. I saw with my own eyes, & heard with my own ears what I only read about but never experienced that with every outgoing & in drawing breath of Madhavarao Deshpande comes the clear sound of “Sayin Nath Maharaj Sayin Nath Baba ” This sound is as clear as clear can be & when Madhavrao snores, the words can be heard even at a distance. This is really wonderful & he is in deep sleep all the time.

1911 9 December Saturday

I was late in getting up & finishing my prayer. Mr Chandorkar came today with a servant. Many others also came & some that were already here went away. Mr.C. is a very nice simple man, very pleasant in conversation & plain in his dealings. I went to the Masjid & sat long listening to things said there. Sayin Maharaj was in a pleasant mood. I took my Hukka there and Sayin Maharaj had a smoke out of it. He looked wonderfully beautiful at Arti time, but dismissed every one very soon after it. He said he would come to dine with us. He calls my wife “Ajibai ”. On returning to our lodging we learned that Mr Dixit ’s daughter who was ill passed away. The deceased dreamt a few days ago that Sayin Maharaj kept her under the Nim tree here. Sayin Maharaj also said yesterday that the girl was dead. We sat talking about the sad event. The child was only seven years old. I went & saw her mortal remains. They were very beautiful and the expression on her face, after death, was peculiarly charming. It reminded me of the pictures of Madonna that I saw in England.

The cremation took place behind our lodging. I attended the funeral & did not break fast until 4 P.M. Dixit bore the blow wonderfully well. His wife naturally broke down under grief. Every body sympathizes with her. In the evening I went to Chavadi to see Sayin Maharaj both at sunset and later on at Shejarti time. At night I, Madhavarao Deshpande Bhishma & others sat talking till late, all about Sayin Maharaj. Thosar got permission from Sayin Maharaj to return to Bombay. He will return tomorrow morning.

1911 10 December Sunday

In the morning before I finished my prayer Dattatreya Chitnis solicitor of Bombay. He was a freshman when I was a fellow in the college. So he is an old friend. We naturally sat talking of old days & so on. As usual I saw Sayin Maharaj as he went out & later again when he returned & sat in his usual place. We all return & after Arti. The breakfast was a bit late & after it I sat talking with Upasani, later on with Mr Nanasaheb Chandorkar. He is the chief, if not the oldest disciple, of Sayin Maharaj. He is a very pleasant man, gave me his history as to how he came into contact with Sayin Maharaj & made his progress. He wished to tell me the instructions he received, but people gathered and the thing could not be Disclosed to the view of all.

I made two attempts to see Sayin Maharaj in the afternoon, but he was not in the mood to see any body. I saw him in the evening near the Chavadhi and had a long talk with Sathesaheb & Chitnis & others. There is one Gokhale come from Narisoba Wadi. He says he was directed to see Narayan Maharaj of Kedgaon and Sayin Maharaj. He sings very nicely and at night I got him to sing a few Bhajans. Mr Nanasaheb Chandorkar returned today to Thana. Balasaheb Bhate who got a son a few days ago lost him this evening. This was very sad. Sayin Maharaj this afternoon prepared some medicine which he took.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Shirdi Diary by Shri G.S.Khaparde - Part 7

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1911 5 December Tuesday
Amravati – Shirdi

In the morning I got up as usual, prayed & came into the hall. There were a few clients with whom I sat talking. Gokhale, Bwaji, & Bhow Durrani came. I made up my mind to leave this afternoon for Shirdi & told Dharwankar to make the necessary arrangements. Mandlik Shastri & Haridas are sorry that I have to go but it can not be helped. After breakfast I lay down for a while & then sat reading. Chitale master came. Bandu came this morning from Elichpur. I decided to take him with me. So I dressed at 4 P.M. & went to the Railway station with my son Baba. With Bandu I got into the Mail. At Amravati station I met Mr Smith of the Postil Department & his sister-in-law.

He lost his wife some ten days ago. At Badmera I met Mr Bind, & at Akola Mr Barr & Captain Doctor. All the way up to Kopargaon I had the first class compartment all to myself. I could not sleep well in the train. At Kopargaon we got a tonga & drove to Shirdi reaching it soon after day break.

1911 6 December Wednesday

As my Tonga came near the house newly built by Mr Dixit the first person I met was Mr Madhavarao Deshpande. Before I got out of the tonga Mr Dixit asked me to dine with him today.

Then I went with Madhavarao to pay respects to Sayin Maharaj and saluted him from a distance. He was washing hands & feet at the time. As I got busy washing & praying I could not salute him when he went out. Later on we went to him in company & sat near him in the Masjid. He told a story about having been with a Fakir who was fond of good food. This Fakir was invited to dinner party & went with Sayin Maharaj. At the time of starting the Fakir ’ wife asked Sayin Maharaj to bring some food from the feast & gave a pot for the purpose. The Fakir fed so well that he decided to sleep at the place. Sayin Maharaj returned with the food tying the cakes to his back & carry the liquid in the pot placed on his head. He found the way very long, lost his way sat near a Mangawada to rest a while, the dogs began to bark & he got up and returned to his village & made over the cakes & liquid to the Fakir’ wife. By that time, the Fakir also returned and they had a very good feed together. He added it is very difficult to find a good Fakir. Mr Sathe who built the wada in which I lived last year, is here & I saw him first in the Masjid and then at dinner. Mr Dixit fed a large number. Among them is Mr Thosar who is the sister’s son of the late Madhavarao Govind Ranade. Thosar is employed in the Custom’s office Bombay. He is a very nice man & we sat talking. There is a gentleman from Nassik & there are many others. Among them one Tipnis who came with his wife & the latter was brought to bed of a son. Bapusaheb Jog is here & his wife is doing well. Mr Nulkar is dead & I miss him very much. None of his family is here. Balasaheb Bhate is here & his wife gave birth to a son on Datta jayanti day. We are staying in Dixit ’s Wada which is very convenient.

1911 7 December Thursday

I slept well last night. My son &wife are doing well with Bhishma. Vishnu is also here. We fed a good many people today & I fell into the proper routine of the place. I saluted Baba Sayin Maharaj as he went out. Then after he returned to the Masjid, and again in the evening & later on again when he went to sleep in the Chavadhi. The Bhajanpujana was a little less, as some fools object to music. After we returned from Sheja-Arti, Bhishma had his usual Bhajana, & Mr Thosar also sang some verses, a few of his own composition & others of Kabir, Das Ganu & others. Das Ganu ’s wife, Bayu who was here last year, is now at her father’s house. We sat talking till late at night. Bapusaheb jog told me in the morning, that after I went away last year, the Commissioner & the Collector came to see Sayin Maharaj. He would not let them into the Masjid. They waited at the Chavadhi. Sayin Maharaj saw them as he went out & looked at them through a sort of a telescope made by folding the fingers of his hand. They wished to speak with him. He asked them to wait for two hours. They did not wait, but went leaving ten Rupees for Daxina. Sayin Maharaj did not like to keep the money & gave it away. Madhavarao Deshpande told us at night that Dada Kelkar had a son by name Babu. Sayin Maharaj was very kind to him. This Babu died & Maharaj remembers him to this day. Mr Moreshwar Vishwanath Pradhan Barrister at Law, practising at Bombay came to see Sayin Maharaj. On seeing his wife Sayin Maharaj said that she was the mother Babu. She got in the family way later on, & on the day of her delivery in Bombay, Sayin Maharaj here said he had pain, & that twins would be born, & that one of them would die. So it happened & when Mrs Pradhan came here with her young son Sayin Maharaj took him on his lap & asked if he would come to the place & the child of two months distinctly answered “How.”

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Shirdi Diary by Shri G.S.Khaparde - Part 6

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Shirdi Diary by Shri G.S.Khaparde - Part 1
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Shirdi Diary by Shri G.S.Khaparde - Part 5

1911 17 January Tuesday

I had court work today so there was not much time to do any thing in the morning. After prayer I came into the hall as usual & finding Baba Palekar there, sat talking with him. He visited Shirdi & made my presents to Sayin Maharaj. The latter accepted them. In the course of conversation he remarked that he had not asked for sugarcanes for the last one thousand years & now that he did so, only three were brought to him. What could he do with them? He permitted Palekar & his companions to go away at once saying they could see God in a few days.

After breakfast I went to court with Gopalrao Dole &Palekar joined us on the way. I appeared before Mr Dighe & presented the written statement of Motilal Champalal. Then I went to additional Session ’s Judges Court and inspected the misl of the appeal to be argued tomorrow. Gopalrao Dole and Durrani helped me. It is an appeal purely on evidence. Then we returned home & I lay down for a while and wrote an English letter. Later on I sat reading. Asnari came & I sat talking with him about his recent trip in company with Palekar, Brahman & Ganorkar. He said the last tried to help the Palkhi at Alandi, by putting one of his shoulders to it. Then he thought he would give the other shoulder a chance & made the change but found the Palkhi very heavy and tiring. So he reproached himself & begged to be forgiven whereupon the Palkhi at once became light & he could carry it easily. Annasaheb Patwardhan was there & told the story of a Brahman who had Bramhastra taught to him by his guru.

A man encroached on his land and he could get no redress though he carried the matter to the Madras High Court. So the Brahman, one day, in reciting & giving oblations to the sun, by accident remembered the injustice. Therefrom the trespasser felt a burning sensation, fell ill, and reached the point of death. At last a Swami came & cured him and got the Brahman to renounce the Brahmastra at the root of a Shani tree. We sat talking a long time. V.K.Kale, Godbole, Braji Gokhale & others came & joined the conversation. I told them about Babasaheb Sahasrabuddhe’s conviction “inspite of himself ” as he says. He wrote to my son Baba and sent the letter with Baba Palekar who delivered it this morning. Sayin Maharaj won as he was bound to do. The case is wonderful as Babasaheb Sahasrabuddhe is a tough customer.

1911 21 January Saturday

I had court work today & got up early in the morning though not feeling well. I could not sleep as usual last night. There was not time to do much in the morning. A few clients came & Gopalrao Dorle read their papers. After breakfast I & Dorle went to court and appeared before Mr Price, in the appeal adjourned to today. Pandit Rao Joshi appeared on the other side. The court decided to examine a witness in appeal though he was cancelled by the other side in the L.C. This is very unusual & I pointed out the thing to the Court. The appeal was adjourned to 11th Feb next and I returned home, & not feeling well lay down. There is a kind of lumbago in my back & I felt uneasy. So I came out & lay in the long chair reading. Shriram came & sat talking about a matter that he was fighting in the Session ’s Court. A young man who has grown long matted hair & lets them fall all round his face & be something like a veil even on the eyes, came in a cart driven by himself. I noticed him near my house under one of the trees on the roadside. He drove into my compound. So I went near him & saluted as he was dressed as a Sadhu in saffron robe. At my request he came & sat down in my verandah. Mahadeva, who is an ex-post office officer was also present. Shriram thinks the Sadhu is a detective & hinted to me accordingly. The Sadhu said that he had seen me before. I replied that I remembered nothing. He said that was true, but he remembered it. To use his expression he said “the black dog has become white.” He sat talking of my visit to England, then asked that I should build a small house for him near Kondeshwar & I replied that I had not the means at present to comply with his request. Then he asked for Ganja .We sent for it & he had a smoke. He had his bulls fed, and towards dusk went away. V.K.Kale, & Karandikar came while he was sitting & joined in the conversation. We sat talking after he went about Sayin Maharaj of Sherdi till about 8.30 P.M.

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