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Monday, May 11, 2009

Shirdi Diary by Shri G.S.Khaparde - Part 22

1912 2 January Monday

In the morning I got up early & prayed, & saw Sadashiva Rao Dixit, Haralal & Ram Maruti & the ladies of the first and the children Babu & Subhadra whom we call Subhi off. They got permission to return last night. Then I began the routine of the day & read Paramrita with Bapusaheb Jog, Upasani, & Bhishma who is slightly better day. My son Balvant had two motions this morning. They will do him immense good. We saw Sayin Maharaj go out & again after he returned During the course of the worship he put two flowers in his two nostrils & put two others between his ears & the head. My attention was drawn to this by Madhavarao Deshpande. I thought this was an instruction. Sayin Baba repeated the same thing a second time & when I interpreted it a second time in my own mind, he offered the chilam to me & this confirmed me. He said something which I noted instantly & particularly wished to remember but it went clean out of my mind & no efforts made all through the day could bring it back. I am most surprized as this is the first experience of the kind. Sayin Baba also said that his order was supreme (Bala)which I understood to mean that I need not be anxious about the health of my son. By the time the mid-day arti was finished & we returned, I found Mrs Laxmi Bai Kaulgi standing in front of my lodging. I was very glad to see her. She arrived at the Masjid just as I left & saluted Sayin Maharaj. The latter showed special favour by letting her worship then. After meals I lay down for a few minutes and Dixit read Ramayan & some gatha of Nath Maharaj. Upasani was present & Mrs Laxmi Bai Kaulgi attended the class. She joined in the conversation & appeared to be well informed in Vedanta. We saw Sayin Baba at the evening stroll & again at Sheja Arti. Laxmibai sang a few songs. She is an aunt (mavasi) of RadhaKrishna Bai. At night at my request she did a little Bhajan & Dixit read Ramayan.

1912 23 January Tuesday

I got up in time for the Kakad Arti and finished my prayers a little after day break. Sayin Baba today in leaving his bed did not say even a single word, but when we saw him go out as usual, he showed a very jocose mood, noticing the absence of Kaka Dixit, said he was busy clearing his bowels. When he appeared Sayin Saheb said “you did not clear yourself but thought you would bow to me first.” We laughed all returned I read Parmamrit with Upasani & Bapusaheb Jog & Bhishma & then went to see Sayin Baba at the Masjid. He was in a reticent mood & never said a word and the midday arti passed off quietly. After it we returned & had our meals. Madhavarao has obtained permission to send Sayin Baba ’s photo & Udi to Hon Mrs Russell. I wished to write to her but did not feel myself in the mood and sat talking with a school master who has come here recently with his family to see Sayin Baba. Dixit read Ramayana & then we went to see Sayin Baba at his evening stroll. He did not say much even then. At night Bhishma for the first time in this week, had his Bhajan. Some young men of the village also came to sing Bhajan & then Dixit read Ramayan.

Mrs Laxmi Bai Kaulgi thinks of staying here always & Sayin Baba said she might do so for good. My son Balvant perspired this morning a little.

1912 24 January Wednesday

Somehow I overslept myself this morning. This made me late for everything. I had to hurry through all my usual routine. Somehow Mr Dixit was also late & every body appeared to be in the same predicament. We saw Sayin Baba go out & then read Paramamrit with Upasani, Bhishma & Bapusaheb Jog. I then went to the Masjid to see Sayin Baba. Laxmi Bai Kaulgi attended our Paramrit class & went to the Masjid after I reached. Sayin Baba called her his mother-in-law & made a joke about her saluting him. This gave me the idea that she has been accepted by him as a disciple. The midday arti passed off in the usual way rather quietly. On my return from it I found Mr Sané Mamledar of Kopargaon sitting in the verandah. He was doing revenue work in connection with the extension of Gasthan & removal of the cemetery & burning ghat. After meal I tried to write a few letters but sat talking with Mr Sané. Then Mr Dixit read Ramayan and later on I went to the Masjid to see Sayinsaheb, but as all were dismissed soon, I took Udi & stood near the Chavadhi. I met there the Mahomedan Kabripauthi gentleman who came to Amravati sometime ago with Sathaye & Asnaré. In the evening there was the Arti at the Wada and then Sheja Arti at the Chavadhi. I held the Morachal as usual.

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