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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shirdi Diary by Shri G.S.Khaparde - Part 11

1911 18 December Monday

My throat is better today than it was yesterday. After prayer I sat talking with Mr Shingne, Wamanrao Patel, and Durveshisaheb whose full name would appear to be Durvish Haji Mahomed Saddik of Kalyana. I saw Sayinsaheb go out and later went to the Masjid when he returned. He said I had filled my bucket was enjoying the cool breezes of the Nim tree & was enjoying myself while he was enduring all manner of trouble & had no sleep. He was in a very pleased moods & many people came to worship. My wife also came. We returned after mid-day Arti, and after meals, sat talking with Hajisaheb, Bapusaheb Jog & others. Towards evening we went to Masjid and sat near Sayinsaheb but there was not much time as it was approaching evening. So he gave us leave, & we stood in front of the Chavadhi and as usual saluted him there. Returning to our lodging I sat listening to Bhishmas ’Bhajan.

An employee of Central Press came today with his wife & daughter. He said he had seen me before in Bombay & again at the Poona Railway station when I went with all my family for the wedding of my third son. He appeared to be a very nice man & devotionally inclined. He came today & Sayin Maharaj gave him permission to return and he returned accordingly. Govind Rao Gandagole of Bassein came with him & is naturally staying with me. He came from Akola without going to Amravati. He is alone & nobody is with him.

1911 19 December Tuesday

In the morning I got up early, felt fresh, prayed & felt that I was better all round. Sayin Maharaj went out while I was yet praying so I could not see him. Later on I went to the Masjid & found him in a very pleasant mood. He said there was a rich man who had five sons & a daughter. These children effected a division of the family property. Four of the sons took their shares of movables & immovables. The fifth son & the daughter could not take possession of their share. They wandered about hungry, came to Sayin Baba. They had six carts laden with jewels. Robbers took away two of the six carts. The remaining four were kept under the baniyan tree. At this point Trimbakrao who Baba calls Maruti interrupted & the story ran in a different channel. After the midday Arti I returned to the lodging, had food & sat talking with Durveshasaheb. He is a very pleasant man. Waman Rao Patel went away today. He never so much as came to us to say “goodbye ”. Ram Maruti Bua came in the afternoon. He danced & jumped about a good deal during Bhajan. We saw Sayin Maharaj in the evening & again at Sheja-Arti time. Ram Maruti Bua attended Bhishma’s Bhajan & danced & jumpted. Sayin Baba this afternoon went out towards Nimgaon visited Dangale, cut a tree & came back. Many went after him, with musical instruments and escorted him home. I did not go far. Radha Krishna Bai came to near our Wada to greet Sayin Saheb, & I saw her for the first time without the big veil on.

1911 20 December Wednesday

I got up very early in the morning and went to Kakad Arti. Towards the close of the Arti I noticed Waman Rao there with surprise and learnt that he on the way near Kopargaon, sent the driver of his cart to purchase guavas & the bullocks ran away. He wandered about, was taken hold of by the Police & had a good deal of trouble. The story was very laughable. Sayin Maharaj left Chavadhi without any audible remark except that Allah is the lord of all. I returned to our lodging, prayed, & saw Sayin Maharaj go out & again on his return to Masjid. He was in a very pleased mood. Durveshasaheb told me that Sayin Baba saw him at night & granted his wish. I mentioned this to Sayin Maharaj and he said nothing. I today Champooed the legs of Sain Maharaj. The softness of his limbs is wonderful. Our meal was somewhat late. After it I sat reading the papers received today. There are letters from Miss Campbell & Miss Willis. Towards evening I went to Masjid, received Sayin Baba’s blessing, saluted him in front of Chavadhi and returned to my lodging. We had Bhishmas Bhajan attended by Ram Maruti Baba & Ramayan read by Dixit.

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