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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Children's Stories (Chapter 12 & 13)

Chapter 12
Sai Baba had a unique method of testing His devotees regarding their greed for money. To some He directly asked for dakshina, to some He asked to narrate some incident and teachings from sacred books, to some He used to come in form of some animal, or a beggar. Here is such an incident.
Shri Kaka Saheb Dixit, one of the Baba's devotees was returning from his office one evening, when one healthy looking beggar stood before him and asked for Bhiksha (alms). After seeing him, Shri Kaka Saheb thought for a while and then gave him some coins. After taking the coins, the beggar smiled and left immediately. Shri Dixit kept on staring at him till he became invisible.
After some days, Shri Dixit went to Shirdi and he went to meet Baba in the Masjid and inquired about the incident. Baba replied in the affirmative saying that it was indeed Him who had come to Kaka Saheb as a beggar asking for Bhiksha, This made Kaka Saheb very happy.
Baba said, "If you want to give something to someone, then give it to him happily, but don't misbehave or insult anybody."
"I am omnipresent." After listening to this, Dixit remembered the lecture delivered by Lord Krishna in the Shrimadbhagwat and his belief was strengthened in Baba
Bow to Sri Sai – Peace be to all.
Chapter - 13
Sai Baba equally loved human beings and animals. He had every detail of His devotees, regarding their past births and karmas. This only shows that Sai Baba was Present, is Present and will be Present for His devotees. He has no beginning and no end. Animals were dear to Him, let’s see how.
Once Baba was returning from Lendi Bagh, he saw a herd of goats. Out of the herd, He liked two goats a lot. Baba patted them lovingly and purchased them for Rs. 32. His devotees were quite surprised at this behaviour as a goat in those days did not cost more than three or four rupees. They thought Baba had been cheated, as the two goats should not have costed more than eight rupees.
They started taunting Baba but He remained calm and quiet. When Shama and Tatya questioned Him regarding this Baba replied, "I am neither married nor do I possess a house for which I have to save money/' After saying this he fetched for 4 sers (a unit of measurement in old times) of Dal (pulses) from the market and fed them. After feeding them, Baba returned them to their master and told Tatya and Shama the story of the previous birth of the goats. "Oh! Shama and Tatya you must be thinking that I have been robbed in this bargain. But it is not so and you must first listen to their story. In the previous birth, both of them were human beings and fortunately I knew them.
They used to sit besides me. They were real brothers and used to love each other a lot but later on they became sworn enemies. The elder brother was very lazy, but the younger one was very hard working. He was doing well in his work and earned a lot of money, which made the elder brother jealous of the younger one. He decided to kill his younger brother and rob him of his wealth. They forgot their blood relationship and began to quarrel with each other. The elder brother made many attempts to murder his younger brother but failed in all of them. On one such attempt, the elder brother hit his younger brother on the head with a stick. In return the younger brother, too, hit the elder brother on the head with an axe and both of them died on the spot. According to their karmas they were reborn as goats. The moment I saw them, I was reminded of their previous birth and I took pity on them. Thus, I decided to serve and feed them and tried to give them some happiness. This is the reason that I have spent some money on them, which, according to you, was a waste. You did not like this transaction. Therefore, I returned these goats to the shepherd' Truly, Baba's love was great. By doing so He showed his love for all His creatures whether man or animal.
Bow to Sri Sai-Peace be to all


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