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Friday, April 25, 2008

Children's Stories (Chapter 14 & 15)

Chapter 14

Let’s see how Sai Baba behaved with dogs, an another incident where Sai Baba showered His mercy on animals.
One day Baba's devotee Shri Mhalsapati went to a nearby village and very badly hit a sick dog with a stick. When he returned to Shirdi, Baba was very angry and said to him, "Bhakt, there is a sick dog like me in the nearby village and everyone is torturing it”. Hearing the words of Baba, Mhalsapati realized his mistake and asked for forgiveness.
Once Shri Kaka Saheb Dixit asked Baba that since a snake can bite anybody, should one kill it if seen? Baba replied, "No. We should never kill it. Because, it will never bite us unless God wants it to do so. If God has decided that it has to bite, no one can save us “
In the month of Baisakh of vear 1917, a mad dog started fighting with the stray dogs of Shirdi. The villagers ran after the dog with the intention to kill it. The poor dog kept running around in the streets of Shirdi and at last entered Dwarkamai and stood behind Baba as if asking for help. The angry villagers also entered the Masjid but nobody could dare to touch the dog in the presence of Baba.
The villagers said, 'This dog is mad. Turn it out so that we can kill it."
Baba replied, "Oh! You foolish people! Get out of the Masjid at once. You cruel people want to punish this poor dog."
The embarrassed and ashamed villagers went away from Dwarkamai. This is how Baba saved the life of the dog. The dog stayed the whole night surprisingly the next day it recovered and began to live in Shirdi.
Trust in God! The intense faith in God always eliminates fear.
Shrddhavan Labhate Gyanam Tatpara Sanyatendriya,
Gyanam Labdhva Paraam Shantimchirkanssadhigachchhti.
Lord Krishna has quoted in the Shrimad Bhagwat Gita, "Hey Parth, these people who take shelter in me and believe in me and chant my name will always get salvation irrespective of their caste, creed and character. Those who are born in the Paap Yoni and come to me for help will attain the righteous path while those who born in the Uttam Yoni will get salvation in my shelter. Lord Krishna concludes by saying this :
Anityamsukham Lokmimam Prapya Bhajasva Maam
(The Gita, 9/33)

Bow to Sri Sai – Peace be to all

Chapter 15
Sai Baba never used to do anything with intension. So it is advisable that we should adhere to His words and proceed as it contained Sai Baba’s blessings. Here is an incident where a Brahmin not minding Baba's words repented in the end.
Offering food to the poor is considered to be the most divine form of donation. Baba also gave a lot of importance to this. Sometimes, He himself used to cook meat pulao and sweet rice and would serve these to his devotees happily. Baba had two Handees (cooking vessel), one of which was big and the other was small. (We will describe this topic in detail in the next chapter). Only the non-vegetarian people were served food cooked in the bigger Handee and other devotees were served food made in the smaller Handee. But sometimes Baba used to test his devotees' for their faith in him. According to Sri Sai Sat Charitra Chapter No. 38, once on the eve of Ekadashi, Baba ordered one of his devotees named Dada Kelkar to fetch meat from the market to which he agreed merrily.
One day Baba was sitting in Dwarkamai along with his disciples. Baba decided to cook meat pulao on that day. One of His disciples was busy cutting the flesh into small pieces in the courtyard of Dwarkamai. Having heard Baba's popularity a poor Brahmin came to see Baba from a village near Shirdi. It was obvious from his appearance that he was very poor. On seeing the man who was cutting the meat the Brahmin wandered and thought in his mind if Babe was actually a Saint. In reality, he was not aware of Baba's kindheartedness. On seeing the poor and aggrieved Brahmin, Baba said, "Give some pieces of meat to this poor Brahmin. His children will enjoy it." During that time (in 1912) people, especially the villagers strongly believed in racial and caste discrimination. Thus, hearing these words of Baba, the Brahmin started trembling in fear. The person who was cutting the flesh was also confused. He began to wonder that how this Brahmin would go back to his village carrying the pieces of meat. On seeing the Brahmin still standing there empty handed, Baba shouted angrily, "Do as you have been told. Put some pieces of meat in his bag and let him go.
Who could go against the Baba's wishes? As Baba ordered, some pieces of meat were put into the Brahmin's bag. The Brahmin took the bag unhappily and walked back to his village. On his way he kept thinking of the consequences if he was seen carrying the pieces of meat. He could easily be boycotted from his caste. About one and a half miles away from Shirdi, he saw a streamlet of water. He thought of throwing the meat in this streamlet. He thought that Baba had made fun of him and he could not think of a better way than this to dispose of the meat. Upon thinking about it, he emptied his bag into the water. But he was most astonished to see the meat that he was throwing in the water had turned to gold. Within a moment all the pieces of gold fell into the water and disappeared. When he put his hand into the bag, he found that there was some hard thing stuck there. It was a small piece of gold. Now the Brahmin was very sad. He immediately ran to Dwarkamai and narrated the sad story to everyone. When Baba saw him, he became very angry and ran after him with a stick. The Brahmin ran away out of fear. On returning to Dwarkamai, Baba took a deep breath and said, "What an unlucky fellow he is? His children were probably not destined to possess that gold'
Now a question arises that why did Baba give him meat instead of gold. It is clear that had Baba given him pieces of gold in front of other devotees, they would have become greedy and look up to Baba for material gain. Baba did not want his devotees to fall prey to this illusionary circle of wealth. The moral of this story is that we should have full faith in Sri Sai Baba and trust all his actions for he only thinks about the benefit of his devotees and their near and dear ones.
Bow to Sri Sai - Peace be to all


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