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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Children's Stories (Chapter 10 & 11)

Chapter 10
Sai Baba not only read minds of His devotees, but could also understand what was going in an animal’s mind also. Lets now proceed to one of such story of two lizards who were sisters and Baba very well knew it. Once, Sai Baba was sitting inside the Dwarkamai and he noticed a lizard on the wall, making a peculiar sound. Out of curiosity, a devotee asked Baba, if the sound made by the lizard signified anything good or bad. Baba said, 'This lizard is very happy as her sister is coming here from Aurangabad today." The devotee could not understand what Baba implied, hence he kept quite.
After a while a person from Aurangabad came, on horseback, to see Baba. His horse was very hungry so the man took out a bag containing grams for the horse's food and dashed it on the ground to remove dirt. Just then a lizard came out from the bag and immediately climbed up the wall of the Masjid. Baba now asked the devotee to see all that happened carefully. The lizards (who were the two sisters) met each another and happily started climbing the wall of Masjid and started playing with each other merily.
This incident shows about Baba's omnipresence and omniscience. Blessed are the lizards whom Baba knew and loved.
Bow to Sri Sai – Peace be to all

Chapter 11
This is yet another incident where Sai Baba saved a bull and showed how king He was to animals also. Once, there was a bull in Shirdi who used to destroy the crops. Thus, collectively the villagers decided to leave this bull in Pinjra Pol (an animal shelter) situated at Yevala.
The villagers collected some money for this purpose and made Shri Bheeku Marwari, a resident of Shirdi responsible for this work. But Bheeku Marwari, out of greed, sold that bull to a butcher in Yevala for Rs. 14 and returned to Shirdi. That night, one of Baba's disciples, Shri Bayaji dreamt of Baba who told him in the dream, "You are sleeping soundly here and I have been handed over to the butcher to be killed.' Shri Bayaji told everybody about that dream. Everyone went to Shri Bheeku Marwari and he out of fear accepted his fault. For this, Shri Bheeku had to go to the jail also for 2 months.
As per Baba's instructions, Shri Bayaji went to Yevala himself and again bought that bull for the same amount of Rs. 14.00 from that butcher and left that bull in Pinjara Pol.
"Pashu-Pakshi Par Teri Lagan,
Pyar Mein Tum The Unke Magan.
Sab Par Teri Raham-Nazar,
Lete Sab Kee Swayam Hee Khabar."
The moral of this incident is that one should try and see God in each of His creations. This is also the message of the Upanishads and the Bhagwat Gita, that God is present in all creatures.


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