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Monday, April 21, 2008

Children's Stories (Chapter 8 & 9)

Chapter 8

Sai Baba saved the lives of many Sadhus
Sai Baba is a saint of all saints. But He descended on the earth for the sake of human beings, to protect, to save them and below are some incidents.
Sai Baba lived in Shirdi in Dwarkamai (Masjid) for about 60 years and during this period He only visited Neemgaon and Rahata outside of Shirdi. Sri Sai Baba specially blessed one of the resident's of Neemgaon - Nana Saheb Dengle. Baba used to go to meet him very often. Nana Saheb Dengle knew the language of birds. Once in Neemgaon, when Baba and Nana Saheb Dengle were sitting together some birds started chirping. Baba was omniscient, yet he asked Nana Saheb Dengle, "What are these birds saying?" Nana Saheb replied that, “These birds are saying that some Sadhus are going to die in Shirdi". They have gone for a bath leaving their meal uncovered which has become poisonous, as a lizard has fallen into the food. The Sadhus will die after consuming the poisoned food. Baba, at once, ordered Punja wrestler to go to Shirdi and throw the food. On reaching Shirdi, Punja wrestler did as he was told by Baba. Seeing this, all the Sadhus rushed to hit him with tongs. Meanwhile Baba and Dengle also reached Shirdi and on observing the situation told the Sadhus the reality. In this way Baba saved so many lives. Whosoever thinks and remembers Baba with true devotion is always under His protection.
Sai Baba protected Grains
Sai Baba had control over nature also. This we very well know from the incidents in Sai Satcharitra. Here is another incident confirming the same. One day a fire broke out in the godown (store house) of one of the villagers of Shirdi - Seth Bhagchand Marwari. Everyone ran to Baba and requested Him for help. Baba said to them,"When there is a profit, there is happiness and when there is a loss, there is disappointment. Why is it so? Why should we say that this is mine? After all, it is this "I" and "mine" which are the root cause of pride and egoism. In reality all that we have belongs to Allah and we all are his servants."
Then Bhagchand Marwari went to Baba to ask for help. Baba, accompanied by the villagers, went to the godown where all the food grains were stored. On reaching the site Baba sprinkled water around the food grains and said, "Now there will be no fire here!” Indeed such was Baba's power that none of the grain was destroyed by the fire.
Master Khaparde
One of Baba's staunch devotees' Shri G.S. Khaparde's sons -Shri Balwant Khaparde had a dream that Baba came to his house

and had food with him. Next day, to know about the truth, went to Baba in the Masjid. Baba, knowing his intention said, "Yesterday you served me food but did not offer any Dakshina (alms). Please give it to me now”
Hearing this young boy Khaparde, was surprised. Baba always surprised His devotees like this by reading their minds and narrating factual incidents. His intention was not to show off His power but to strengthen His devotees' faith in Him.
Bow to Sri Sai - Peace be to all

Chapter 9
Once Baba was sitting near the Dhuni, which was burning with full gusto. After some time, Baba stood up from his place and instead of putting pieces of wood in the fire, He started pouring water. On seeing this some devotees asked Baba the reason behind doing so. Baba replied, "In Nagpur, Shri Tajuddin's Dargah is engulfed with fire and I am putting it off by pouring water. This answer confused His devotees. After two days one of the devotees came from Nagpur to Shirdi and he informed the villagers about the fire in Sri Tajuddin's Dargah. He then mentioned that it was controlled in time preventing a major mishap. Children! Isn't this incident wonderful? This incident proves that all Saints are alike and have the divine powers, which they use to help mankind in some way or the other.
Bow to Sri Sai - Peace be to all


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