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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Shri Sai The Superman By Swami Sai Sharan Anand-Part 16

© Online Shirdi Sai Baba Book Reading

Another cure of lameness was of a school mistress widow’s only son in the year 1956. The boy appeared for the S.S.C. Examination but when he returned from the Examination on the last day he was found to have a bad attack of fever. Proper medicine cured him of the fever, but he was not cured of the lameness of legs brought on by the fever; the boy had always to be lifted up for being taken to any place. All possible remedies were tried but when they proved ineffective, hearing of Shirdi Sai Baba’s powers, the school mistress took the son to Shirdi. On account of his lameness the boy felt so shy that rather than going to Baba’s Samadhi on the shoulder of a coolie, he preferred staying at the Shirdi Vada. The mother alone therefore had to go to Shri’s Samadhi to pray for her son’s cure for two days. She was to leave Shirdi on the third day; so she went to Samadhi Mandir to attend Arti and offered her last obesance before leaving. In the meanwhile Baba appeared before the boy and said, "Have courage." He then lent him his hand, led him to the temple pillar. On return from the Arti when the mother did not find the son in the room. She again approached the Samadhi and with tears in her eyes most piteously prayed for the recovery of the boy. When she was just returning from the temple her eyes fell on the boy standing against the pillar. She inquired of the boy how he had managed to come there; the boy how he had managed to come there; the boy narrated how Baba had helped him to come, but the mother would not believe it, However when she saw that with her support the boy was able to walk up to their room she was mightily pleased. The boy fully recovered within a month thereafter and was able to move and walk freely.

Non a few cases of the wonderful cure of blindness by Baba’s supernatural power may be cited. The grandfather of Shri Baba’s devotee Vithalrao Yashwant Deshpande pressed his son devotee to send him to Baba for His blessings; so Vithalrao arranged to send him to Shirdi with his son. Led by the grand-son the grandfather went to the Dwarkamayi, prostrated himself before Baba and sorrowfully said to Baba, "I am unable to see". Baba said, "You will be able to see". So soon as Baba uttered these words the grandfather had his eye-sight restored to him. He was able to see everything. Blindness left him entirely. Never was anybody’s prayer for relief granted so soon. All wondered at it.

Another blind devotee went to Baba and prayed to Baba, ‘I have lost my eyesight keeps me away from many undesirable things; all the same I am eager to see the human form in which you, my lord, have eyesight till I satiate my eyes by beholding your human form; and you may withdraw this grant of eyesight so soon as that is done." Baba at once granted this request; he saw Baba with his own eyes and then he lost vision and became blind. A stark blind man was found singing in the tune of his cymbals before Baba, the one sacred formula "Ramkrishna Hari" (names of incarnations Ram Krishna, Vishnu), in the 1913-15. The writer found the same man in Shirdi in 1942-43 reciting Chapters of Shri Bhagvad Gita of Lord Krishna and poems, verses from the well-known Maharashtra Saint Dnyaneshwar’s Amratanubhava. I asked him "When did you get your eyes?" He said, "Through Baba’s grace he had blurred vision during Baba’s time and thereafter a clear vision. Through His grace he is now able to read. Write and move about freely." To assure the writer of this he read out to the writer several verses from the said Amratanubhava that he had with him.

Even after Baba left His body, he has been wielding His Powers for the benefit of His devotees. Thus He gifted speech to the speechless daughter of His devotee R.S. Maniar of Kumbakonam, Madras The said daughter Rajkumari was dumb down from her birth; all possible means were tried to cure her of her dumbness, but when all of them proved fruitless Mr. Maniar took to Baba’s worship. Some days after, Baba asked him to bring her speechless daughter to Shirdi for paying her respect to His Samadhi. Maniar brought the daughter to Shirdi and made the daughter place for flowers etc. on Baba’s Samadhi and pay her respects to Him. As soon as she did this she started speaking "Sai Baba" "Sai Baba" and then she started speaking freely. Parents were naturally very much pleased to see the instantaneous cure of their daughter.

A Bombay (Andheri) devotee had a similar experience. His little daughter run over by a motor car, was saved; but was injured and took a fortnight to recover in the hospital. Though the hospital treatment restored her health, the speech she had lost was not re-gained; she became dumb and though several remedies, medicines etc. were tried all of them proved ineffective. At the last, the holy ash of Baba’s sacred hands was tried and she started speaking as soon as she took its first dose. All were startled at the powers the holy ash of Baba’s hands.


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