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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Shri Sai The Superman By Swami Sai Sharan Anand-Part 15

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A mere prostration before Baba and the procuring of His blessings cured Chhotubhai Paralkar of 8 years old Dispepsia, and Mrs. R.A. Tarkhad of six years’ old bad head-ache. An agent’s prayer in the event of the patients’ disability to attend in person was also found to serve the purpose. This was seen in the case of Madhavrao’s brother’s wife, who had a plague fever with two bubos and so soon as Madhvrao informed Baba of this, praying for her recovery she recovered within twelve hours. A mere decision to come to Shirdi and starting for it cured one Mrs. Rangari of her inability to eat, drink etc. on account of her throat swelling. Bombay Law College Principal Shri Dhurandhar was cured of seven year’s old Asthma by one puff of Baba’s Chillam offered to him by Baba Himself.

Though Baba has cast off His mortal coil, even now His devotees are having such experiences One doctor kathe’s two years old son Vijay was unable to take even milk and emitted particles of stone through bladder. On their coming to Shirdi Vijay’s mother asked Vijay to take some of Shri’s food and to their wonder Vijay took that food with his own hand was able to digest it, and emission of bladder stones also stopped for ever.

An educated wife of an educated husband had been ailing from a disease which doctors, physicians and Hakims were unable to diagnose and cure. The lady would swoon, close her teeth tight and remain unconscious for hours together. At last the doctor’s father asked him to take his wife to Shirdi; "Just take a trial," he said. To satisfy the father both of them went to Shirdi but the wife would not go to Baba Samadhi temple; so with the help of a friend she was dragged to the Samadhi and made to prostrate herself before Samadhi. Baba’s sacred ash and Samadhi water were thrust into her mouth. On the second day’s evening after bowing before Samadhi she fell on the ground and the spirit within started speaking, "I had pounced upon the lady and possessed her while she was returning from her parental house and standing under a tree. I am a female Bhil ghost; the holy water and the holy ash sprinkled over me have vanquished me, so I am leaving this body for ever and going away." This ended the lady’s sickness; and she returned home safe and sound.

Nine years after Baba’s Maha Samadhi i.e. in the year 1927 a devotee’s wife was miraculously saved by Baba from the jaws of death. The husband and wife were returning home after celebrating Ramnavmi at Shirdi. The wife got down at Thana Rly. Station to fetch water and just when with a waterfull vessel she was boarding the train, the train started, and the woman fell down under the train. The husband and other passengers combined, shouted to the guard to stop the train; but the train having already started stopped only after it had gone some distance, the husband and the passengers had feared the woman must have been crushed under the wheels but when they ran up to the spot of the accident, to their utter amazement they saw the woman standing there unscathed, uninjured. In reply to the inquiry of all, the woman said, as soon as I fell, I remembered Baba; He at once appeared stood in front of me pressed me hard against the platform; what sort of body Baba had assumed to save this woman, one can hardly know, for usually there is no room enough to stand for two person between the train wheels and the platform; and yet what is impossible to a Superman like Baba?

So also Baba saved His devotee Nagesh Atmaram Sawant, a Police Sub-Inspector, from death in the year 1929 during the Bombay Hindu Muslim riots. While on duty Sawant had fever and bad head-ache; an European officer in his round seeing that Sawant was really ill, relieved him saying he would inform the Superintendent of this. Unluckily an hour after Sawant was relieved, the riot reached its highest pitch and the officer was killed in it. Had not Baba not inspired the European officer to relieve Sawant from duty probably death would have taken his toll and not the officer’s.

One Sakarlal Keshavram Bhatt, a shop keeper of Bombay, who had been lame by one leg, tried all means to cure his lameness without success; hearing of Baba’s wonderful powers, he came to Shirdi in 1911, prostrated himself before Baba and obtained His blessings. As a result thereof on his return journey as he walked a few steps in the sand to go up ferry (ship) the clogged up leg nerve loosened itself and to his surprise he was able to walk erect. His lameness had gone for ever. He was so pleased with this that he broadcast this news of Baba’s superhuman powers amongst all his customers and persons connected with him.


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