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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Shri Sai The Superman By Swami Sai Sharan Anand-Part 11

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Hindu metaphysics states that a human body has in it everything that the universe has; this seems to be true in the case of soul who has been in unison with Brahman or God. When Das Ganu asked Baba for permission to go on a pilgrimage to Singaba for a bath in the holy Godavari, Baba did not permit him saying, "the Godavari is here". But Das Ganu could not feel so. Hence Baba asked him to draw near and to hold out his joint palms near His feet. So soon as he did this, water trickled down Baba’s feet and within a few minutes, his palms were filled overflowing with water. He was over-joyed, he sprinkled this water on his head and on the heads of those other who were there, and composed a song narrating this incidents. This incident clearly indicates what the body of a realised soul is or contains.

At times Baba gave to his devotees dreams the veracity of which the devotee could not doubt. Thus being pleased with the devotion of a childless woman, Baba appeared in her dream, blessed her and banded her a coconut saying, "Take this, eat it, and you will have a child". On waking in the morning, she found the coconut on her bed and was very pleased to eat it. As per Baba’s words she had a son within 12 months thereafter. Another devotee Megha was in his bed one morning half awake, half asleep, when he saw Baba throwing rice grains on him and asking him to draw a Trident on the wall of his temple. He was wondering as to how Baba could have entered his premises when all doors were closed; but then his eyes caught the rice grains scattered on his bed. This convinced him that Baba had actually come and ordered him to draw the Trident in precedence of the Shanker he was to receive from Baba the next day.

Baba wanted His old pupil Abdul to come to Him and so He appeared in his Guru’s dream, gave him two mangoes and asked him to send Abdul to Him immediately. The Guru found the two mangoes on his bed. He therefore called Abdul to him, delivered the two mangoes and asked him to go to Baba.

There are numerous instances of persons having had a comfortable journey home when they strictly followed Baba’s directions when leaving Shirdi and also of persons who had suffered on account of their failure to do so. Even in the mater of the Court cases, office leaves, etc. persons obeying and overstaying the periods fixed by courts or of leaves and departing from Shirdi on the days fixed by Him have never suffered.

Simply through Baba’s grace numerous devotees have obtained male issues though their wives had long since passed child bearing age and doctors had declared its impossibility. The names of a few out of the many such devotees are:- Nana Saheb Dengle, Gopalrao Gund, Damodar Savlaram Rasne, Rao Sahed H.V. Sathe, Sakharam Aurangbadker, Narayan Govind Shinde of Harda, Rao Bahadur Moreshwerrao Pradhan, Saptnekar Vakil and others.

But the greatest of all great supernatural powers Baba had was the one of restoring to life a dead persons He exercised this power in the case of the late Mrs. Malanbai the late D. R. Joshi Devgaonkar’s daughter and a close relative of V.S. Ratanjanker. She suffered from T.B. but all medicines having failed, she insisted on her being taken to Shirdi. When brought to Shirdi Baba asked her to lie down on a blanket and take nothing but water. She carefully followed these instructions but after a week or so she died one early morning. Baba was then in the Chowdi; and for the first time in Shirdi history Baba did not leave Chowdi though it was past 8 A.M. The daughter’s parents, with heavy hearts were preparing for the funeral when Malanbai appeared to breathe opened her eyes and looked round about, as if much frightened. Then she said, "A black person had been carrying me away; very much frightened, I cried out to Baba for help; Baba took His staff and gave him good cudegelling, snatched me away from his hand and carried me to Chowdi." Without seeing Chowdi she gave a correct description of the Chowdi. Just at this time Baba left His Chowdi bed bawling out, striking his staff against the ground and came shouting to Dixit’s Vada where the girl had put up. Seeing Malanbai restored to life there was joy all round.


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