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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Shri Sai The Superman By Swami Sai Sharan Anand-Part 10

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Seekers of God rightly suppose that, if they use such supernatural powers as they have, their spiritual progress would, for ever, be retarded. Shri Sai Baba stands far above the category of seekers. He has already reached the goal. Not only He has realised God; He has by His constant meditation attained oneness with God. The idea that He is an entity apart from God has entirely left Him. He lives, moves and acts in God and when any of the super natural powers is being exercised or used by Him, he never thinks that He has been going anything extraordinary, the exercise of these powers being so natural to Him. We shall recount here a few of such incidents for the enlightenment of our readers.

Baba had all the eight great powers a Yogi possesses. He can become small, big, light, heavy assume any form, go and move without barriers, control, fire, air, earth, water rains, storms etc. Once he hung up to the worn out Masjid’s ceiling pillars a plank 2 Ft. long and 1/ 2 Ft. broad with rags. He appeared to be sitting on that plank with his head bent down or sleeping on it, with lamps burning both near the head and the feet. No one saw Him Climbing up or going down this plank and all wondered now He managed to pass His nights comfortably over that small plank supported only by thread-bare rags. Seeing that people crowded there to see Him aloft on the plank. He removed the plank and again started sleeping on the floor.

Shirdi people first came to know of this mad fakir’s super-natural powers, when shopkeepers untidily refused to dole out oil for his lamps and He kept the lamps at the Dwarkamayee burning for the whole night with water in place of oil. The shop-keepers and Shirdi people stood amaze and this new spread like wild fire in the whole of the Ahmednagar District.

Next time when hay stacks in a Shirdi field caught fire and the crops of Shirdi people, massed in that place, were in danger of being burnt down, at the earnest entreaties of the Shirdi farmers, Baba went there and drew round the burning hay-stack a circle of water, stating, the fire would not then spread beyond that line, the farmers found that Baba’s control of fire was unique for the fire stopped so soon as they hay stack marked by Baba was burnt down.

Thereafter people also marked that whenever Baba prepared some medicinal decoction. He dipped His hand in the burning liquid and nerve used a spoon for the purpose.

Another instance of His control over elements occurred when one day He was taking His meals at the Dwarkamayee and some persons were sitting by, He bawled out "Stop" and when after finishing His meals He had all His belongings removed outside the Dwarkamayi the ceiling cracked and at once came down with a crash, spreading mortar bricks etc. all over the Dwarkamayi.

More than once Baba at the request of people or for the safe retreat home of His devotees stopped the fierce winded ceaseless out-pouring of rains.

Thrice were devotees’ little girls saved from being drowned in the waterfull foundations of some Shirdi buildings.

When Baba gave permission for holding annual Ramnavmi Fair, water problem was the stiffest for solution and so when the management committee requested Baba to help them in the matter, He ask them to take away, after He had finished His meals the leaf-dish used by Him for His meals and throw the same in the dried up well So soon as that was done, water streamed into the well and since that day this well has been serving the needs of the people of Shirdi.


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