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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Shirdi Diary by Shri G.S.Khaparde - Part 35

1912 March 2 Saturday

I prayed & held our Panchadasi class in the morning. During it we saw Sayin Maharaj go out. When I went to the Masjid about 11 A.m. he said he was ill & complained of pain in the abdomen. There was a band which played today before the Masjid. It was engaged by a Marwadi for a wedding in his house The midday Arti passed off as usual. Today was Holi. So I invited Bhai, Keshava & Devaji to the midday meal. We had it in a sumptuous style. After it I lay down for a while & then continuing our Panchadasi class we finished The Tripti Deep and commenced Kutastha deep. We saw Sayin Maharaj at the evening stroll & after the Wada Arti, again at the Sheja Arti which passed off with great ease, Sayin Baba being in very good humour. Bhishma read Bhagavat & Dasabodh at night. Balasaheb Bhate came for Dasbodh.

1912 March 3 Sunday

I attended the Kakad Arti & Sayin Baba looked pleased and passed into the Masjid without any hard words. Abdulla in trying to remove a hanging lamp by accident, left it so as to drop to the ground & get shattered. I thought this might anger Sayin Baba but it did not. He took no notice of it. We held our Panchadasi class & sat in my room as it was very windy in the verandah. We saw Sayin Baba go out & again after he returned. He said that in a former birth I was with him for two or three years, and went into royal service though there was enough at home to live in comfort. I wished to learn further particulars but Sayin Saheb would not communicate them. The midday Arti passed off as usual and after the midday meal I lay down for sometime & then continued our Panchadasi class. In the evening we saw Sayin Saheb go out for his stroll and at night Bhishma had his Bhajan after the Wada Arti. Today one Dr.Ranadé practising at Dhulia has come. He says he is related to the Ranade who used to live opposite to Baba Maharaj. He adds that he met me at Sinhagad. There is also a Bombay gentleman Palsé by caste who says he visited me at Amravati, some years ago.

1912 March 4 Monday

I got up early in the morning, prayed and held our Panchadasi class. We saw Sayin Baba go out and about 11 A.m. I went to the Masjid as usual. Sayin Baba was in a very good mood & sat talking, but he told no story worth recording. The midday Arti passed off as usual. My wife was late in going to worship Sayin Saheb, but he very kindly desisted from his meal & let her worship him. In the afternoon we continued our Panchadasi class till dark when we went to see Sayin Baba at his stroll. After the Wada Arti there was the Sheja Arti. There was more music than usual & Sayin Baba was very quiet all through. At night Bhishma read Bhagavat & Dasabodh. Mr Balasaheb Bhaté was present during the reading of the latter.

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