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Monday, May 18, 2009

Shirdi Diary by Shri G.S.Khaparde - Part 29

1912 February 14 Wednesday

I got up early, attended the Kakad Arti & was very much struck by the fact that Sayin Baba, on leaving the Chavadhi made passes with his short stick towards the East, north & South. Then he proceeded with hard words as usual. We held our Panchadasi class as usual, saw Sayin Baba go out and later on went to the Masjid as usual. Sayin Baba told two stories. One was that there was a traveller who was accosted in the morning by a demon (Rakshasa). The traveller looked upon it as a bad omen, but on proceeding further met two wells the sweet water of which slaked his thirst. When he felt hungry, he met a husbandman who on the suggestion of his wife, supplied food. He saw a field ripe with corn & wished to have Hurda. The owner of the field gave it to him. So the traveller felt happy & proceeded merrily smoking. In the forest through which he was passing he met a tiger, lost courage & hid himself in a cave. The tiger was very big & wandered about him. Sayin Baba happened to be passing that way instilled courage into the traveller, got him out & put him on his way saying “the tiger would not hurt unless you hurt him some way. ”The other story was that Sayin Baba had four brothers, one of whom used to go out, beg & bring cooked food, bread & corn. His wife used to give out just enough for their father & mother but starved all the brothers. Sayin Baba then got a contract, brought the money home & every one was supplied with food including the well-to-do brother. Later on the brother got leprosy. Every one shunned him. The father turned him out. Then Sayin Baba used to feed him & see to his comfort. Ultimately the brother died. The midday Arti passed off as usual & after it we had our food & I had some rest. Shivanand Shastri, & Thakur of Vijayadurga went away today. The Vyaki of the local master invited all to a meal today. I declined but all others went. Sayin Baba, at the evening stroll asked why I did not go & I told him the truth, that I could not manage two meals in the course of one afternoon. Sayin Baba looked immersed in care, gazed steadily at the East & West, & Dismissed us all with the usual words “Go the Wada.” At night Bhishma had his Bhajan and Mr Dixit read Ramayan.

1912 February 15 Thursday

I got up as usual prayed, and held our Panchadasi class with Upasani Shastri, Bapusaheb Jog & Mrs Laxmi Bai Kaulgi. We saw Sayin Saheb go out and continued our class. After it I went to the Masjid as usual & sat listening to what Sayin Saheb was saying. He was in a pleased mood & said that he had laboured very hard, had gone without food for months, fed on leaves of “Kula Takala ” Nimb, and other trees. He said God was very good to him, for, life never became extinct though all flesh got wasted & bones appeared to be in danger of crumbling away. The midday Arti passed off as usual & after it we returned for our meals. My wife & others wished to go to Kopargaon tomorrow for Shivaratri. Sayin Saheb thought it unnecessary, but they persisted and ultimately got a permission in a way. Today after the afternoon Puran, we held a class for Parmamrit for the benefit of Dada Kelkar. We did not progress much as it was the first day. We saw Sayin Maharaj at his evening stroll, and then after the Wada Arti, attended the Sheja Arti. Balasaheb Bhate attended it. He used to hold the Peacock tail before it came to me. So I tendered it back to him. I got a fan instead. Balasaheb Bhate has made considerable progress.

1912 February 16 Friday

I attended the Kakad Arti. Sayin Saheb exhibited great grace accompanied by hard words. We held our Panchadasi class in the morning after prayer. My wife & others could not go to Kopargaon as they could not get a cart. We saw Sayin Baba go out. Mr Morgaonkar has come & distributed a translation of Para-Puja. There is a Shastri from Kalyan -Bhivandi. He is staying with Bapusaheb Jog and is a very quiet nice man. We fasted today on account of Shivaratri. There was the afternoon Puran of Dixit & after it we held our Paramamrit class & made good progress. We saw Sayin Saheb at mid-day arti & also at the evening stroll. He was in a very pleased mood. After the Wada Arti, there was Puran & Bhajan as usual.

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