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Friday, May 8, 2009

Shirdi Diary by Shri G.S.Khaparde - Part 19

http://onlinesaibababooks.blogspot.com 1912 12 January Friday


I got up early in the morning, said my prayers ,and began the usual routine of the day when Narayan Rao ’s son Gondya & brother Bhausaheb came. They arrived at Amravati from Hoshangabad sometime ago & not finding me & my wife there, came here to see us. We were naturally very glad to see each other & sat talking. We began our Yogavashistha somewhat late as Bapusaheb Jog was away. We saw Sayin Maharaj go out & again after he returned to Masjid. He was very gracious & repeatedly gave me smoke out of his pipe. It solved many of my doubts, and I felt delighted. After the midday arti we had our meals & I had a few minutes rest. Dixit was delayed longer than usual at the Masjid. So we began Ramayan later than usual & we could not finish a chapter as it was both long & difficult. Then we saw Sayin Maharaj at the Masjid. He had music.

There were two dancing girls we sang & danced. Later on there were the Sheja-Arti. Sayin Maharaj was very kind to Balvant, sent for him & let him spend the whole of the afternoon with him.

1912 13 January Saturday

I got up early in the morning &attended the Kakad. Sayin Maharaj did not say a word today & did not even throw the glances which he usually does. The Tahasildar of Khandwa has come here. We saw him when we were reading Ranganathi Yogavashistha. The book does not appear to sustain the impression it makes at first. We saw Sayin Maharaj go out and again he returned. Yesterdays singing women were there. They sang a bit got sweets-meats for their reward and then went away. The midday arti passed very pleasantly. Megha is not yet quite well. Bapaji brother of Madhavarao Deshpande was invited to breakfast with his wife. The Tahasildar of Khandwa appears to be a cultured man, has read Yogavashishta. He says he has been brought to grief by designing persons for his devotional tendencies. After a little afternoon rest, Dixit read Bhavarth Ramayan. The chapter is a summary of Yogavashistha and is very interesting. We saw Sayin Maharaj again as he strolled out. His mood was changed and one would think that he was angry which he really was not. At night there was Bhajan & Ramayan as usual.

1912 14 January Sunday

I got up early in the morning finished my prayer &s at to read Ranganathi Yogavashistha with Bapusaheb Jog, Upasani & Ram Maruti. We continued it after seeing Sayin Baba go out. I went to the Masjid after he returned & found that he was arranging for a bath. So I returned and wrote two letters & went again. He was very kind to me & gave Tilgal brought for him by Bapusaheb Jog. He gave it to Balvant also. The midday arti was a little late as Megha is not well and it being Til Sankranti the Parosas were late. By the time & we returned and had our midday meal it was 4 P.M. Then Dixit read Ramayan, but we did not make much progress. In the afternoon when I went Sayin Baba did not admit any body so I took a turn by Bapusaheb Jog ’s quarters and went in time for evening namaskar. The Tahasildar of Khandwa is still here & gradually falling into the routine of the place. One Mr Gupte has come with his brother & family. He says he is distantly related to my friend Baba Gupte of Thana. I sat talking with him. In the evening there was Sheja Arti, Bhishma ’s Bhajan and Dixits Ramayana. We all celebrated the Sankranti on a small scale.

1912 15 January Monday

I got up early in the morning prayed and attended the Kakad arti which was a little later than usual as Megha having been unwell could not get up in time to blow the conch-shell. Sayin Maharaj did not say a word as he got up & left the Chavadhi. The Tilgul of which I ate a little yesterday appears to have affected me injuriously. Upasani Shastri & Bapusaheb Jog did not come soon. So I sat writing letters. When Sayin Maharaj went out he asked me how I spent the morning, which was a mild rebuke for not having read & contemplated. I went to see him again when he returned & he was very kind. He commenced a long story and kept on as if speaking to me, but I felt sleepy all the time & did not understand any thing of the story. I was told afterwards that the story was a very thinly veiled recital of the events that actually happened in the life of Gupte. So he said. The mid-day arti was late and it was 3 P.M. by the time we returned and had our meals. I lay down a bit & then attended Dixits Puran. Later on we went to the Masjid but were told to salute from a distance, which we accordingly did. Sayin Baba came for his stroll & we saluted as usual. Dixit had an illumination of Masjid yesterday & repeated it today also. At night there was the usual Bhajan of Bhishma & Purana of Dixit.

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