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Monday, May 4, 2009

Shirdi Diary by Shri G.S.Khaparde - Part 16

1912, 2 January Tuesday

I got up very early in the morning. Upasani’s brother who came yesterday went away before day break. After I finished my prayer Kaka Mahajani, Atré & others went. More went later on. C.V. Vaidya went after midday Arti, with three other gentlemen Nanasaheb Chandorkar held a Dhanurmas, and all were invited. After meals it was that C.V.Vaidya went. Mankar, Mamledar of Kopargaon & Deva, Mamledar of Dahanu, also went then. Later on after sunset Nanasaheb Chandorkhar went with all his family. So the wada, which during these few days used to look full & very pleasant is comparatively empty now & we miss company. We saw Sayin Maharaj when he came out for a stroll, & again at Sheja-Arti. My son Baba & Gopalrao Dole came this morning to take me to Amravati. I said my departure depended on the permission of Sayin Maharaj. They saw Sayin Maharaj & said there was no difficulty about the permission. Bhishma is not well today So there was no Bhajan. Ram Maruti wished to go away today but Sayin Baba detained him. There was Ramayan & Bhagavat read at night.

1912 3 January Wednesday

In the morning I got up early, attended the Kakad Arti and finished my prayer. My son Baba & Gopalrao Dole went to Sayin Maharaj & asked for permission to return to Amravati. Sayin Maharaj replied that all my return. So my son Baba & Gopalrao Dole returned in great joy. They told me So I went with Madhavarao Deshpande & Sayin Maharaj confirmed the permission but as we were returning he overtook us near the Khind Khind & said that we may start tomorrow. I saw him when he was going out & again after he returned to the Masjid. Madhavarao started the subject about my departure & Sayin Maharaj replied that I had my houses both here & at Amravati & I may stay where I like and I may never return to Amravati. That settled the matter, so it appeared to me & I told my son Baba & Gopalrao Dole to return to Amravati. So they made ready & went to say “goodbye ” & receive the blessing of Sayin Maharaj when the latter told them to go tomorrow. In the afternoon he said he would give all of my family, permission to return tomorrow. Megha fed some Brahmans today in completion of his Anushtana of Gayatri Purashchamena. We had our meals with him. The meal was served in Sathe’s Wada. In the afternoon I saw Sayin Maharaj, both at the Masjid & when he came out for his usual stroll. He was in a very pleased mood and laughed & abused in one & the same breath. At night there was the Bhajan of Bhishma & Dixit ’s Ramayan of which two chapters were read .Tatya Patel ’s father died in the evening.

1912 4 January Thursday

I got up early in the morning, prayed, and wished my son Baba & Gopalrao Dole to go to Sayin Maharaj and obtain permission to return to Amravati but my wife intervened saying it was Pausha Paurnima & therefore a day sacred to our family deity. So no endeavour was made to obtain the permission required. I saw him go out as usual, & went to the Masjid after he returned, spending the interval in read Ramayana. We returned after the mid-day Arti, and after meals I sat talking with Bapusaheb Jog & then resumed Ramayan. After 5 P.M. I went to Sayin Maharaj in the Masjid and found him walking about in the compound. My wife also came there. After a time he took his usual seat & we sat near him. Dixit and his wife also came. Sayin Maharaj then told a story. He said there was a Princess living in a palace. A “Mang ” sought shelter with her. Her sister-in-law who was there also, refused it to the Mang. So the Mang with his wife was returning disconsolate to his village when he met Alla-mirya on the way and told his story, how, stricken with poverty he sought shelter & was refused. Alla-mirya advised him to return with his wife & seek shelter once more with the same princess. He did so & was admitted & treated like a member of the family. The Mang stayed enjoying all the comforts for over six months and then coveting gold, murdered the princess with an axe. The people round about assembled in large numbers & held a panchayat. The Mang admitted the offence. When the matter went to the King in due course, Alla mirya advised him to let the Mang go. The King obeyed. The princess murdered by the Mang came to be born of him as his daughter, & he came once more to the palace and was permitted to stay there in affluence & ease for twelve years. Then Alla-mirya inclined the King to avenge the murdered princess and the Mang was killed in the same way in which he had killed the princess. The Mang’s widow returned to her village, accepting the Mang ’s fate as just. The princess who was born as daughter to the Mang, came to the place, took possession of what belonged to her in the former reincarnation and lived happily afterwards. Thus was the work of God done and His justice vindicated. There was Sheja- Arti at night, then Bhishmas Bhajan & Dixits Ramayan. Ram Maruti today embraced Sayin Maharaj when the latter was going in procession to the Chavadhi for the Sheja-Arti

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