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Monday, April 28, 2008

Children's Stories (Chapter 20 & 21)

Chapter 20
Sai Baba had said that He would run across seven seas to save my devotees. This has proved to be true, as when Baba was alive He would come in any form and save devotees from calamities. Now also many of us have experienced this. Sai Baba knows past, present and future and therefore he gave timely alarms to his devotees to be careful. Sometimes, His words were rather incomplete and many devotees could get the exact meaning of His words. So they neglected Baba’s words and acted accordingly. Due to this many times, they faced difficulties. But how can any calamity harm to a person on whose head Baba had placed His hand. Some devotees who were clever enough could get what Baba meant and thus were cautious. We can get this from the following incident.
In 1913, when Shri Sant Ram Nachane came to Shirdi, Baba said to him, "We should not trust a mad man." Hearing these words Nachane thought, that Baba had warned him about some impending danger and it so happened. In 1914, when Nachane, who was the head cashier in Dahanu, was worshiping, a mad man named Ramkrishna Panse was standing next to his place of worship. He had to do that very often and had never hurt anybody in the past. Nachane noticed him, but he remained busy in his daily routine of worship. Suddenly, that man came inside and grabbing Nachane's neck and said, "I will kill you” Nachane's mother reached there timely and set him free from the mad man. Nachane became unconscious for sometime, but then he recovered soon. After this incident, when Sant Ram Nachane went to Shirdi, Baba said to Anna Chinchikar pointing towards Nachane, "If I had been slightly late this man would have died. A mad man choked his throat and then immediately I ran for his help. But what can be done? If I don't protect my own children, then who will save them?
Bow to Sri Sai – Peace be to all

Chapter 21
In the year 1913, the younger son of Shri Raoji Balkrishna Upasani, a resident of the village of Dhooliya was running very high fever. All the doctors gave up hope for his survival. Shri Upasani then prayed to Baba. Baba appeared in front of him at 2 O'clock at night and while applying Udi to the ailing boy said, "Now there is nothing to worry. In next two hours, he will be better and he will be absolutely alright by morning. After he gets alright bring him to me in Shirdi”
In the morning Raoji found that his son's condition was stable. On 8.3.1913, Shama wrote a letter to Raoji from Shirdi, "Baba has said, I went to your friend's house in Dhooliya. I (Shama) asked Who was that friend? Baba said Upasani Balkrishna Raoji and I have been visiting his house everyday. It will be nice, if you write a letter to him. Thus I am writing this letter to you."
Fifteen days later, when Raoji and his son were going to
Shirdi on a horse cart their driver was taking a lot of time on the way. In Shirdi, at the time of Aarti (prayer), Baba said to Shama, "Shama! Wait for a while before starting the prayer. Your friend from Dhooliya is coming. The horse cart driver is taking a lot of time on the way” At the time of offering Prasad both father and son reached Shirdi.
Baba looking at the boy Baba said, "When you were ill, I came to Dhooliya. Do you remember?"
Bow to Sri Sai - Peace be to all


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