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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Children's Stories (Chapter 18 & 19)

Chapter 18

Children were very dear to Sai Baba. He used play tricks with them and behaved like a child. Such children were very lucky I say. Although their childish mind did not understand the significance of Sai Baba’s company, they enjoyed being with Him. Sai Baba taught them many good things and thus drew them towards spirituality. Even He helped them in studies. Many incidents of such help have already been discussed in Sai Satcharitra. Here are few more.
Baba always said that we should do our duty fearlessly. It is for God to give us the suitable reward. When we fail, we blame God without realizing to analyze if we had put in the effort to succeed or not. If your intentions are good the result will always be good. God has made us capable to distinguish between good and bad. We, in our lives, also face the results of the Karmas of our previous birth. There is only one way to rid us of our past sins and this is to take shelter in God. For instance, a child might not achieve success even after working very hard. It is predestined for us to be born in a very poor family or in a king's house. But I strongly believe that a child who has left his fate in Baba's hands would always prosper spiritually and physically.
Before Sai Baba took Samadhi, parents and children used to go to Him to seek His blessings for success in their examination. Baba always gave the children His blessings to succeed in their endeavours. We are going to narrate a few such examples and hope that it will make you believe that with full faith in Baba you can expect success in every sphere of life.

On of Sri Sai Baba's staunch devotees, Shri Shevade, was pursuing Law. A few days before the examination, the students had a discussion on their subjects and it was unanimously accepted that Shri Shevade's knowledge of the subjects was not upto the mark and his success in the examination was doubtful. When all his friends and especially Shri Saptanekar made fun of him, Shri Shevade felt bad and said, "My success in the examination is definite as Sri Sai Baba has assured me. My Baba is the only person to give success to anybody/' Shri Saptanekar asked him anxiously, "Who is this Sri Sai Baba?" Shri Shevade told him that he was a Fakir who lived in a Masjid at Shirdi. Shevade said, "He is an extraordinary saint and only a lucky few can get his Darshan. I have full faith in Him. His words are always the supreme truth. He has promised me that I will achieve success in this examination' When the results came, it was observed that Shri Shevade had passed all the examinations and seeing this everyone was surprised.
Children! It may be true that Shri Shevade's preparation was not upto the mark but his firm faith in Sri Sai Baba made him succeed. It was also not possible to succeed if he had not prepared at all. Baba will only help you if you yourself make a genuine effort. I have experienced this myself in my life that Baba never lets His devotees down. On one occasion, Baba himself said, "When my devotee believes in me and makes me the only focus in life, I will always be there by his side in his every hour of need. I shall sacrifice everything I can, to fulfill my promise. My words will never be untrue”
Dear children! We will conclude by saying that Baba is present even now and is helping his devotees like He used to when He was in the human form. You yourself can experience it by displaying true faith in Him.
In 1913, when Kaka Saheb was in Shirdi his son was ill in Bandra. Dixit Saheb received a letter from Bandra in this regard and he ran to Baba to show him the letter and take permission to return to Bandra. Upon his reaching there Baba said, "Call the boy here."

Shri Dixit wrote back a letter asking for the boy to be brought to Shirdi. But a reply was received from there that the examinations were approaching and there was scarcity of medicines and study material in Shirdi and as such it was not a suitable place for the child's mental and physical health.
Baba still insisted, "It does not matter. Send for the boy”
As soon as the boy reached Shirdi, his health started improving. After some days a letter was received from Bandra that the date of examination was 2.11.1913 and they should send the child back soon.
Baba said, "Don't send the child”
Again, a letter was received stating that the date of the examination had been postponed from 2.11.1913 to 611.1913 and they should send the child immediately.
Baba again said, "Have patience. Let us wait for a while and see."
Once again a letter was received that the examination would finally commence on 13.11.1913.
This time Baba said, "Send him immediately."
The boy reached back and appeared in the examination and he fared well enough to clear his examination.

A resident of Mumbai, Shri Tarkhad used to give Roti/Chapati to the crow. One day Baba said to him, "I go to your house everyday and get Chapati.”
As we have already stated, Saints are born for a cause and leave their bodies themselves when the time comes, having done what they were born to do. Now the question arises, when God, Parmatma (The Supreme Being) is there and is formless and omnipresent then why is it necessary for Him to take human form in order to achieve any objective? He can do his work without any physical existence. When Saints adopt this materialistic world, they set an example for others by doing bhakti before their devotees. They help their devotees to attain moksha by following the righteous path. Sri Sai Baba, being a God Himself always used to say, "I am a servant of Allah. Allah will do good." He was the one who controlled the Universe but would always say that He was a servant of God. Whatever one demanded from Baba he got it. One day Baba was sitting in the mosque with someone called Bade Baba and the other devotees. Often Baba used to give money to Bade Baba and accompanied him half way to his home. At that time, a person entered the mosque and after greeting Baba said, "Baba, you had appeared in person in front of my house. Please do tell my friend that it happened so. Baba replied affirmatively. On hearing this, Bade Baba got angry and said, "I have been in contact with you for a long time, but you have never appeared before me and you appeared in front of this man” Baba said, "I give whatever one demands from me. He had asked for me to appear in front of him and I did so. You give more importance to money thus I give you the same”

A family used to live in Vikhroli area of Mumbai. All the members of this family were staunch devotees of Baba. In 1985, J.R Savant was only 15 years old and was studying in 10th class. Just one day before the examination Savant fell ill with high fever. He became extremely worried about his examinations and began to weep. Because of non-availability of the doctor at night, his condition became more serious. Smt. Savant was perturbed at her son's condition. She prayed to Sai Baba and applied Baba's udi brought from Shirdi, on the child's forehead and gave a part of it mixed with water to him. After taking the udi his fever abated and the next day he took his examination properly. After clearing this examination, he became a stronger devotee of Baba and always started reciting Baba's name.
Inspite of the unfavourable stars of Savant, Baba cured him and made him clear the examination. Such are the miracles of Sai Nath and we will never be able to pay back his debts to this world.

The Tendulkar family of Bandra was great devotees of Sri Sai Baba. Shri Raghunath Rao Tendulkar had also written a book named 'Shri Sai Nath Bhajan Mala'. His elder son, Shri Babu Tendulkar, was working hard for the medical entrance examination. He showed his horoscope to many astrologers, but everyone told him that this year his stars were not favourable. So he was told that it would be better for him to sit in the examination next year. Hearing this, Babu was disappointed and became tensed. After some time Babu's mother went to Shirdi to see Baba and there she told Baba about her son's disappointment. After hearing her difficulty Baba said, "Tell your son to have full faith in me. Tell him to throw away all the horoscopes and shun the predictions made by the astrologers and to practise his course-work regularly. If he works hard he shall definitely get through the examination”
Hearing Baba's message from his mother, Babu worked hard and cleared the written as well as the oral tests. In spite of his unlucky stars as per his horoscope, he achieved success in his examination. Children ! If we have full faith in Baba and try to achieve our goals with genuine efforts, we will always be successful.
Bow to Sri Sai – Peace be to all

Chapter 19

After many years of living in Shirdi, Baba started sleeping in a very special way. He hung a flat wooden piece on the walls of the Masjid and started sleeping on it. That piece measured about four hands long and one beeta broad and there were four earthen lamps burning on its four corners. Seeing Baba sleeping on that bed the devotees used to get surprised. To witness this, millions of people used to come everyday to the Masjid. Although Baba had many supernatural powers, he never misused them or showed them off. Thus after sometime he himself broke his bed.
Baba used to hardly sleep at night but would rather meditate the whole night and was always worried and concerned about his devotees.
Bow to Sri Sai - Peace be to all


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