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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Shri Sai The Superman By Swami Sai Sharan Anand-Part 7


Baba had been suffering from Asthma and He had a very severe attack of it in about the Decembers of 1885. He said to Mhalasapati, "I am going up into a superconscious state for a period of 3 days. Take care of this body exactly for three days, and if by the end of that period I do not return to bodily consciousness, then pointing to a place-a corner of the present chowk have Samadhi prepared, bury me there and put up two flags as a token of my being there. But till then do not disturb me; and do not leave me unguarded, unwatched Saying this, He drew up His breath up to the tabernacle and fell senseless, on the lap of Mhalasapati. It was 10 p.m. He had no breath, no pulsation, the whole body was functionless; people gathered together but finding Baba in a super-conscious state, none said anything at the time; two days after, some Molvi (Mohammedan Fakir), Appa Kulkarni, and Kashinath seeing that life had left Baba’s body entirely, proposed to have a Samadhi built for Him for His burial. Thanks to Mhalasapati he do not change his posture, nor budge an inch lest Baba should get disturbed for three days, without a break and simply heard out the proposals of His body asking them to wait till the time-limit fixed by Baba was over. Pending the discussion about the disposal of Shri's body, the time limit of three painful days had at last expired. On expiry of that period at 3 A.M. life gradually returned to Baba; His eyes also opened bye and bye; breathing started and the belly also moved. His face then appeared to be joyful, winking of the eyes started, stiffness of the limbs had gone and the whole body started working as if nothing had happened. But for Mhalasapati’s firm devotion. Faith in Baba’s words and his marvellous courage in adhering to the same in the face of people’s opposition, the posterity, nay millions of people, would have been deprived of the innumerable benefits that they derived and are deriving from Him.


"But for Guru, who can show the right path? Millions of Suns, Moons and stars may simultaneously put forth their best light. And yet the Darkness, the impenetrable Darkness will be there to block your path, if you have no Guru."

"Know Guru to be God, serve him with all your heart; then the fetters of worldly bonds will fall off and the fruit of absolution will be yours." "Surrender unto the Guru, meditate on God’s reality; obtain release-the all pervading joy" says Brahmananda.

Few seem too have even the faintest ideal of the immense powers of a perfect man, of a man who has by constant meditation wholly identified himself with Brahman. Scholars and Pandits. Teachers and professors of Indian Philosophy particularly of Brahma Sutra know this full well, but immersed in their own worldly affairs they seldom care to look up for a person fully answering the description of such a man.

The last chapter of this Brahma Sutra clearly states that a realised soul has the powers to assume any form he likes, that he may not, if he so wills take any form, that he can by his mere will not only assume one form but as many as he wants, that he will create and uncreated his own world, that by his mere will he will have all he wants, that he can move in the whole of the universe material and spiritual by that power and wherever he goes he will be adored and respected by people.

Sai Baba fully answers to the description of the perfect soul given by Brahma Sutra and this is and was the reason why He could manifest Himself in as many forms as he deemed necessary either to satisfy the loving hearts of His devotees or to show to the real aspirant that he is the same, in no way different from the God. Whom the aspirant worshipped. We shall quote a few experiences of the devotees in illustration of this.

A Sai devotee Mamlatdar was very friendly with a doctor who was a staunch devotee of Shri Ramchandraji. In 1909 Christmas the Mamlatdar informed his doctor friend that he had determined to spend his X’ mas at Shirdi and that he would be very happy to have his company if he could give it. The Doctor was a Brahmin, strictly adhering to the Mandates of scriptures and regularly discharged all the duties enjoined upon Brahimns therein; over and above this, be was staunch devotee of Shri Ram and would never bow to a Mohammedan. The doctor therefore said, he may give his company if he so desired but he would not bow to Baba. The Mamlatdar having assured him that none in Shirdi, nor Baba Himself would ask him to prostrate himself before Baba, the Doctor accompanied the Mamlatdar to Shirdi. On reaching Shirdi both the friends went to Dwarkamayee; the Mamlatdar as usual prostrated himself before Baba and offered Him fruits etc. The doctor stood witnessing all this. When lo! In place of Sai Baba the doctor saw his own deity Shri Ramchandraji. At once he prostrated himself before Baba; on coming out of Dwarkamayee, when Mamlatdar asked the doctor, why he had prostrated himself before Baba though none had asked him to do so, he at once declared that he prostrated because in place of Sai he saw his own deity Shri Ramchandraji. I was lucky enough to have my deity’s Darshan and that was the reason why I lay at the feet of Shri Sai Baba.


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