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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Shri Sai The Superman By Swami Sai Sharan Anand-Part 4


(1) I manifest myself in every age, for the protection of the good destruction of the wicked and the foundation of religion. (Bh. Gita, Ch. 4-8)

(3) Little in stature, great in valour. Subdued terrible Cobra Kali, held aloft a week the Goverdhan Mount and saved people from the fury of God Indra. (Bhalan)

(4) Some are born Great.
"I was only eight years old when I left my parents and came to the Ganges (Baba always named the Godavari as the Ganges). Then I came to Shirdi," This was what Baba said (unasked) to the writer.

He continued, "I found my master in the Chawdi here. His calm, peaceful, Cheerful and meditative face attracted me, charmed me, almost bewitched me so much so that my eyes, were ever rivetted on his face and that even a moment’s separation from him made me uneasy. In his company I used to forget all my hunger and thirst. I served him with all my heart for years together for more than 12 years. The duties I had imposed on myself for him were very arduous. He never left his seat for any purpose, not even to answer calls of nature. Merged in meditation for ever, he entirely forgot that he had a body, mind etc. He ate, passed urine and stool etc. there and there on his seat. I fed him, changed his clothes, Swept and kept his seat always clean. As a reward of this he awarded me his blessings saying, "Wherever you are, here or even beyond the, seven sea’s, I will be ever with you to guard and protect you." Right at the start he had asked me to pay his fees; and on my asking what his fees were. He coolly said "his fees were only two pice", and these pice were not the government currency I had been using but his two pice fees consisted of two things Nishta faith-absolute faith and Saboori-patience. I readily gave him these two pice and though I was very eager to obtain from his holy mouth some holy spell or formula which I could go on chanting and repeating, he uttered nothing into ears. He simply said, "I shall ever be with you. Protecting you by my mere loving glance in the manner of a tortoise protecting his young ones by mere glance. The entire credit of all this glory of mine goes to this Guru master. It is the outcome of his blessing." On another occasion He said to this writer "My Guru’s (master’s) name is Roshan she Mian" When Baba uttered these words, I took them as advising me to take to the sun Worship, as I am by caste a Brahmin and Brahmins are by their scriptures required to worships the Sun, three times a day-at sunrise, at noon and Sunset and repeat the Sun’s Gayatri formula for at least 324 times a day. Subsequently Baba made me repeat this Gayatri several thousands times for expiation of certain sins committed by me in the past and also asked me to offer a few rise oblations in the fire and set apart certain portion for gods. guests cow, dogs etc. by performing "the Vaishwdeva ceremony before taking dinner. All this confirmed me in my belief that Baba’s intention in telling me the name of His Guru was to impress on me the necessity of performing the six duties enjoined on Brahmins by scriptures. Subsequently I marked that Shri Baba was from time to time also using the word ‘Roshan.’ He used it particularly when he told some parables. Then he had used that word in the sense of ‘light’ meaning knowledge as opposed to (the darkness of) ignorance. In the In Shrimad Bhagwat Gita, the Celestial Song of Lord Shri Krishna Gnan is described as "Jyotisham apitadjyoti" The light of all the luminous. And Upanishadic prayers also reads, "Tamaso ma jyotirgamay," "-Lead me to light from darkness" uses this word Jyoti or Roshan in the sense of knowledge, Applying the same sense to ‘Roshan in Roshan Sha.’ The name Roshan Shah would mean the Lord of Knowledge, the Universal Soul, self luminous, Self-evident, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient as the only Truth, the only Reality, the only (root of) knowledge properly understood, the world being Its evanescent reflection. Saints aspire to attain oneness with this Absolute truth or Lord God in order to be of some help to the suffering humanity and in their efforts to do so they even sacrifice their body. Sai Baba thus cast off His body to save Tatya Patil to whom He was indebted for the rendered by, him his mother and father. Jesus Christ’s and Lord Krishna sacrificed themselves to save the erring humanity from since. Thus Shri Sai Baba by His sacrificed taught humanity that the beauty of life consists in submitting or sacrificing the Lowerself for the Higherself. Latterly these words reminded me of what the Lord Shri Krishna said to His pet disciple Arjuna on the Battlefield of Kuru Kshetra (Panipat) embodied by Shri Vyas in Bhagvad Gita or the Celestial song of Shri Lord Krishna. The first line of the Fourth Chapter of that book says that the Lord taught this method of realisation to Vaivaswat, meaning the Sun. As the giver of light to the world Baba must have called him Roshan Shah. Lord Krishna recites in this line the geneology of the disciple and states the order in which He taught this way of realisation. The first to receive this instruction from Him was the Sun, He said, and as the Sun or the Roshan Shahmia was Sai Baba’s instruction (as in the case of the well-known Shri Yagnya Valkya) Sai Baba received all knowledge from lord Krisha through His first disciple the Sun.

We do not however mean to suggest by above interpretations that a person of the name Roshan Shahmia did not materially exist, on the contrary we, by these nterpretations desire to draw the attention to the peculiar characteristic of the life events of such a superman as Shri Sai Baba. This peculiarity is that all the events of Supermen’s life can always be interpreted metaphorically as well as literally. As examples of this we may draw the attention of the readers to the various biographies of Shri Ram and Shri Krishna, some of which have always shown the philosophical (metaphorical) significance (aspect) of almost all the incidents of the lives of these supermen.


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