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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Shirdi Diary by Shri G.S.Khaparde - Part 32

1912 February 22 Thursday

This morning there was Kakad Arti & we all attended it. The ladies of the Shirke family went away soon after the arti with their attendants. The Bombay dancing girl also went away with her men. She said she wished to go to Amravati. We held our Panchadasi class. After it I learnt that my wife had a dream this morning that Sayin Baba sent her a message by Bandu to go away today before 9 A.M. Sayin Baba also asked Dada Kelkar & Bala Shimpi whether I was talking of going away. There is note from Natekar (Hamsa) that I would be permitted to return to Amravati about the end of this month. All this raised the hopes of my wife but at the mid-day Arti time there was no mention of the matter made by Sayin Baba. Madhavarao Deshpande returned in time for the midday arti from Harda. His wife & children also came from Ahmednagar. After the midday meal I lay down for a while &then continued our Panchadasi class till nearly nightfall when I hastened to the Masjid saw Sayin Saheb & took Udi. At night Bhishma read Das Bodh &Bhagavat & had Bhajan. Mr Balasaheb Bhate, Mr Bapusaheb Abkari Inspector & some children of the latter came to see me at night and we sat talking for sometime on the usual subject of the wonders daily worked by Sayin Baba. Madhavarao Deshpande was also present then.

1912 February 23 Friday

I got up as usual, prayed & in the morning held the Panchadasi class. Besides our usual members, a lady from Nasik by name Mrs Sundarabai was present. We saw Sayin Baba go out & again at the Masjid after he returned to the Masjid. He told me a story, how when he was young, he went out one morning &suddenly became a girl & continued to be so, for sometime. He did not give many details. The midday Arti passed off as usual. Many people came to worship today. After the midday meal I lay down for a while &then continued our Panchadasi class. Madharao asked Sayin Baba today about my return and got a reply to the effect that times being very unfavourable to me, I would have to remain her a few months more. In the evening we went to see Sayin Baba at the evening stroll & then after the Wada Arti, there was Sheja Arti and later on Bhishma read Bhagavat & Das Bodh.

1912 February 24 Saturday

I attended the Kakad Arti & then held our Panchadasi class. We saw Sayin Maharaj go out & later on attended the Masjid for the midday Arti. Everything went off very much as usual, & after the midday meal I lay down for a while. Mr Sané Mamledar of Kopargaon and Mr Nanasaheb Revenue Inspector came with Balasaheb Bhate & sat talking for sometime. After they went away we continued our Panchadasi class but the progress was very slow. We saw Sayin Baba at his evening stroll and in the evening the Nasik ladies assisted in the Bhajan after the Wada Arti. They have good voices but they appear to be very weak &can make no sustained effort.

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