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Monday, March 16, 2009

Shirdi Diary by Shri G.S.Khaparde - Part 5

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Shirdi Diary by Shri G.S.Khaparde - Part 1
Shirdi Diary by Shri G.S.Khaparde - Part 2
Shirdi Diary by Shri G.S.Khaparde - Part 3
Shirdi Diary by Shri G.S.Khaparde - Part 4

1910, 13 December Tuesday


I & my son Baba got into the Punjab Mail, and secured seats in a compartment with some trouble by the help of a ticket collector. There were two Gujaratis going to Akola and an aiya who was accompanying an English lady going to Calcutta side. We had to sit up all the way up to Bhusaval which we reached about midnight & changed into the Nagpur passenger. We met Hiralal ticket collector there & stood talking with him for a few minutes. I & Baba lay down and slept up to Akola where we got down about 5 A.M. and drove to Vyankateshar Desai ’s Bungalow at Umbri. He has extended &made it very comfortable. He & his family, Mahipat, Narayan, & children were very glad to see me. Vyankatesh Hundiwala with his uncle Yashavantrao are also here & very glad to meet me. I had an early bath & lay down. Vyankatesh went to the Bar dinner which was held at the Indian Club. I had a late breakfast and lay down again after it. Towards evening Bapusaheb Phadke, Hatwalne, Dada Khunzode, Gupte, Paranjape all pleaders came to see me, & we all sat talking. I was very sorry to learn that Dada Soman & Madhavarao Vaidya are dead. They were very old friends. Hatwalne is a new L.L.B., now practicing. He is a Jahagirdar of Lupali in Malkapur Taluk. Wapudeo Narayan Joshi who is the chief constable here came to see me & enquired about the duration of my stay. It is only for a day. After they all went, I had some milk with Vyankatesh. We propose to retire early.

1911, 11 January Wednesday


From today the court are closed for nearly a week on account of the Moharrum & Sankrant holidays. Yesterday, Asnare, Palekar, Brahma Ganorkar & others went on a tour to visit Sherdi, Kedgaon, Poona, Alandi & if time permits, Bombay. This would be rather a full programme. I sent two coconuts & three rupees with Palekar as a present to Sayin Maharaj of Sherdi & for incidental expenses of fruits etc. Today in getting out of bed. I felt unwell, & my prayers were difficult to finish. To complete them I sat in the upper hall after my morning wash. The physician who is practising here came to see me. So did Karandikar & a few others. I sat on in the upper hall, for my usual office was full of Moharum Fakirs & Fakirnis and Gopalrao Dole, with Godbole & Durravi, sat there praying them. After the midday meal I lay down a while & then felt slightly better. V.K. Kale came & we sat talking about the new book “At the feet of the Master ” by Alcyone i..e. Krishnanandi then came Kurandikar Gokhale & others. About the time of their departure came Govindrao Khaparde. He is a cousin of mine, & lives at Savalaperi. He sat talking. I asked him to take his evening meal here & he excused himself of the ground of its being Ekadasi. He went away about 9 P.M.

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