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Monday, May 5, 2008

Children's Stories (Chapter 30 & 31)

Chapter 30
This is a true experience of a boy named Suhaas who is four and a half-year old, and whom Baba has given His Darshan in person and saved his life. Suhaas's father, Shri Jaywant Pawar, was Vice Chairman in the Thane District Council. On 24th January 1981, it was observed that Suhaas was running high fever and his condition was serious. His father admitted him in Dr. Aggarwal's hospital in Thane, where he stayed till 13th February 1981. He became even more serious during these days. During the daytime he would be alright but at night, when he tried to sleep, he would have great difficulty in breathing and would have to sit up all through the night. He could not sleep properly and as a result he was becoming weak day by day. His father could not see his condition and prayed earnestly to Baba for his life. All types of medicines were given to him and all sorts of tests and x-rays were carried out, but all was futile. His condition didn't improve at all.
After finding out from a lot of people, Suhaas's father got his son's medical checkup done in the hospital of the famous child specialist, Dr. Merchant. The doctor did every test possible but could not determine the factual reason responsible for the child's severe condition. Due to this he did not even admit Suhaas in the hospital. Suhaas's father took him to his relative in Bandra. There they met Dr. Jayant Rao Jadav, who had been Suhaas's father's friend since many years. He went with them and admitted Suhaas to the hospital. This time when Dr. Merchant saw the child breathing loudly, he changed his mind and agreed to do the treatment. He told Dr. Jadav that if all the major tests had already been done, then the last test left to conduct was the bronchoscopy test. It was hoped that this might help Suhaas in receiving proper treatment. It was decided to conduct this test the very next day The next day the operation could not be done as firstly, Suhaas ate breakfast whereas the test was to be done on an empty stomach and secondly, Suhaas's father got stuck with some urgent work and could not be present. But on the night of 14th February 1981, in Wadia Hospital, Parel, Mumbai, Baba gave His Darshan to master Suhaas. It so happened that at about 3.00 A.M. Suhaas's condition suddenly deteriorated and he had to be given oxygen. His parents were watching him from outside because he was in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). But Dr. Jadav was with Suhaas. Suddenly Suhaas said to the doctor, "Doctor Kaka, get up from your chair and see, Sri Sai Baba has come. Let Him sit here. We must respect Him” Dr. Jadav thought that Suhaas was saying these words in his medicine induced semi-conscious state. He then asked him, "Son, what are you saying? Where is Sri Sai Baba? I cannot see Him anywhere around here?"
Suhaas replied very intelligently, "Doctor Kaka, Sai Baba is here only. He is standing right besides you. I can see him clearly. Why don't you offer your seat to Him." Dr. Jadav thought that since Suhaas was a very small child, it might have been possible that he had heard Baba's name from his elders and it might be in his subconscious mind. But Baba indeed blessed Suhaas and also saved his life as the very next day onwards his condition started improving considerably. Within a short time he was perfectly alright. The day after Suhaas received Baba's blessings, Dr. Karnik and Dr. Jadav did his bronchoscopy test, which was successful. In the test it was found that there was a piece of haldi, which was stuck in his throat, that is why he was having difficulty in breathing. The piece was removed and Suhaas could lead a perfectly normal life playing and running with other children. All this was possible due to Baba's blessings only.
Bow to Sri Sai - Peace be to all

Chapter 31

Respected Sri Shivneshan Swamiji, a resident of Shirdi is both, the writer and the motivator of this book 'Children's Sri Sai Baba'. The arrival of Swamiji in Shirdi has been explained fully in our book titled "Karunamai Sri Sai Baba". He came to Shirdi at the age of 17 years as per the instructions of Lord Nityananda of Ganeshpuri and lived there for about 40 years. Thinking of Sri Swamiji, one is automatically reminded of Baba's miracles, which he used to narrate in Shirdi from time to time. His only aim in life was to make the people aware of Baba's life and miracles. He used to narrate stories for hours together and informed the devotees about Baba's miraculous powers.
Today also his smiling face comes in front of me. He used to guide the new devotees in Shirdi. He used to advise them to carry out Dhwri Pooja, see the Khandoba temple and pray at Nanda Deep and Gurusthan. He himself used to take rounds of Nanda Deep and Gurusthan throughout the day and night. He used to fascinate everyone by singing Kabir's songs in Chavadi at 8.00 PM. Whenever I would talk about the worldly attractions, Swamiji would reply to me, "You devote yourself to the feet of Baba, He will accomplish all your tasks. Trust in Him. Whenever he takes hold of one's hand He never leaves it." Whenever I was in Shirdi, Swamiji would serve us lunch by offering the food which he had got as alms from the Shirdi village. After lunch, he did not even hesitate in picking up our soiled utensils. Children, Shivneshan Swamiji was a pious saint. Infact it is difficult to find a greater devotee of Baba than Swamiji. There is no doubt in the belief that Baba Himself sends such divine persons to guide us from time to time. Those devotees who have been able to meet Swamiji and receive his blessings can consider themselves to be extremely lucky.
Bow to Sri Sai - Peace be to all

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