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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Children's Stories (Chapter 26 & 27)

Chapter 26
Sri Sai Baba loved children very much and was always worried and concerned about them. He helped his devotees all over the world, for example, he helped an Iranian girl who was suffering very badly. The Iranian family's younger daughter used to have convulsions every hour and as a result she would faint very often. When she got the convulsions, she would become unconscious and it was difficult for her to do anything. The girl's father tried every treatment, but it was of no use. Sri Sai Baba's devotees informed the girl's parents about Baba's powers and also about the divine healing effect of the Udi (ashes from Baba's Dhuni). They told him that he could get this Udi from Shri Kaka Saheb Dixit, a resident of Ville Parle. The Iranian man took the Udi from Kaka Saheb and mixed it with water and gave it to his ailing daughter.
After taking the Udi, the Iranian girl who initially got convulsions every hour would now get convulsions in intervals of 7-8 hours. A little while later they stopped altogether. Like this Sri Sai cured the girl by giving her blessings in the form of the Udi (ashes).
Bow to Sri Sai – Peace be to all
Chapter 27
As we have already described, Sri Sai Baba used to have very little food, which he got from the two or three regular houses he used to visit for Bhiksha. The whole food was collected and kept in a Kundi (a vessel of clay) from where anybody including the dogs, cats, crows, etc. could take the food. After some years, Baba started cooking the food in the Masjid. He used to go to the market in Shirdi with Madhav Fasle and buy grains, flour, salt, chilies, cumin seed and coconut. He used to grind the spices Himself. In the courtyard of the Masjid He made a Bliatti (a fireplace made of clay on which the food is cooked). Baba had two Handees, one a big one and the other a smaller one. In one Handee food was prepared for about 100 people and in the other for about 500 people. This Handee is still kept in the Samadhi temple. Baba sometimes prepared sweet rice, pulao and Chhachh (a cooling drink made from milk) and distributed it among the devotees. He always mixed Gur and sugar in food and sometimes put his hand in the boiling food in the Handee and stirred it. When food was ready, He first offered it to Allah, and then distributed it to the devotees who were present there. Those people were very lucky who got to have the food served by Baba Himself. It is believed that this food gave spiritual bliss to the devotees.
Sri Sai Baba always said that donation of food is the best form of donation. Whenever someone comes to you asking for food, give him your food also. By this Sri Hari will be very happy with you. Before you start eating, you should first serve the food to the poor, helpless and disabled people followed by the others around you and finally to your relatives. If you give anything to someone, God will repay you.
Protection of Children
Upon seeing a child one day Baba said, "We should take care of our children” After a few days, the same child was walking on a path filled with water due to the heavy rains. On one side of the path there was a five feet deep pit which was dug for constructing a house. Due to the heavy rain the pit was full of water and hence one could not know whether the pit existed or not. This child, who must have been about 3 to 4 years old, fell into it. He did not know how to swim and unfortunately nobody else was present there to help him. In such a situation it would normally be expected that the child would drown, but it was not to happen like that and he came up. By the time the boy was coming out of the pit, a crowd had gathered. Everybody present was shocked to see how this child could survive and they asked him that how did he manage to come up. He replied that upon falling in the pit he remembered Baba, who told him about the staircase that was made in one corner of the pit. He used that staircase to climb out.
There was a girl of 3 years of age, named Shanti Kirvendkar in Shirdi who used to call Baba her brother. One day her foot slipped and she fell into the well. All the people nearby rushed to the spot. When they reached there they were amazed to see that neither did she get any injury nor did she drown. She was holding a piece of the wall, which was protruding out just above the water. Everyone asked her that how did she come out of this without any injury. She replied that when she fell into the well, she called out to Baba and it was He who held her in His arms and lifted her up. There is absolutely no doubt that it had to be nothing else but Baba's protective shield that saved the girl.
There was a very famous advocate whose name was H.S. Dixit and he was a resident of Mumbai. Having given up the worldly matters, he was in search of spiritual enlightenment under Baba's guidance. To develop his inner consciousness one day Baba said, "Kaka, why do you worry? The whole responsibility is on Me." Shri H.S. Dixit nodded his head, but he could not make out what Baba meant. Why did Baba speak these words, especially, on that day? After some days, when he went to Ville Parle to see his wife and children, he came to know that on the day Baba had spoken these words, his 7 year old daughter met with an accident. The girl was playing near a cupboard filled with toys and it fell on her. Amazingly the girl was not injured except that her bangles broke and because of that her arm got slightly scratched. It seems that all that heavy weight which had fallen on her, was made light by Baba. Then Shri Dixit realized the true meaning of Baba's words spoken on that day.
One lady of Mumbai and her son were staunch devotees of Baba. One morning when the two of them were visiting Baba in the Masjid, He told them to come again at 2 O'clock in the afternoon. When they reached the Masjid, in the afternoon, Baba asked the boy to sit on the mat besides Him and not to move without His permission. At about 3 O'clock, one dangerous and ugly looking lady with flowing, unkempt hair jumped from the wall of the Masjid and came inside. She came near the boy and said, "I want to take him away” Baba said, "No". But she did not listen and ran to snatch the boy. Baba stood in front of the boy and hit her with His leg. She let out a loud cry and disappeared from the Masjid. Later on Baba told them that the lady was the Devi of cholera and had come to infect the boy with the germs. Thus Baba saved the child.
The devotees have had many experiences but it is difficult to narrate each and every incident. As long as it is possible we will try our best to explain them one by one. God makes us experience His divine interventions in our lives to strengthen our faith and make us strong. We should not indulge in trivial matters but should rather describe the mystical incidents among other devotees and those who are not aware of Baba. This is known as Shravan-Manan of God's divine activities. It is bound to be good for you. The function of the brain is to think and that of the body is to run. If the brain always thinks of God's divinity and the body runs to rest at the feet of Baba, it is as good as attaining salvation.


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